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9 frame analysis


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9 frame analysis

  1. 1. This close up shot that is being used in the opening scene to the movie of ‘Se7en’captures the shot of a book turning pages, in which uses a title sequence toinform the audience of who the producers are within this particular film, in thiscase, the producers of Se7en are New Line Cinema.The next scene shows a close up of hands, in which the composition of one sideof the shot is darkened, unlike the opposite side of the shot which is a lot lighter,this makes the shot looked shadowed in particular areas. Shadows are what givea thriller the enigma and mystery for the audience and are a common piece oficonography associated with the thriller genre because they build fear within theaudience. From the titles being used within this shot also, the audience canidentify the director of the film, in which is David Fincher.
  2. 2. In this part of the opening sequence, we see an extreme close up shot being used,which captures the shot of fingertips and razor blades, in which he is removinghis fingerprints. The iconography of razor blades being used within thissequence, are a typical symbol along with knifes, that are associated with thethriller genre as they have connotations of blood, death and pain.This shot uses an extreme close up, which shows a hand and a writing pen, inwhich this scene uses continuity editing when the character is writing on thepaper in this shot. From this particular shot we know that the main charactercould be very intelligent by his writing, and by previous scenes when theycapture the shots of iconography such as books.
  3. 3. This shot uses a close up which captures the shot of a faded face. Thecomposition used through this shot, shows darkened/shadowed areas of thecharacters outline of the face, which makes the audience focus on this particularpart of this shot. The red background, which is also used in this scene, hasconnotations of blood and death, which creates suspense and fear within theaudience.This shot again uses an extreme close up of a hand, which is looking through oldphotographs. The reason why the extreme close up has been used within thisparticular scene of the opening sequence is to get the audience to focus on whatis going on in this shot and gives the viewers also a clue of what to expect furtheralong into the film. By using mise-en scene, through using old photographs inthis shot, this gives the idea that the character might be looking back orreminiscing the past.
  4. 4. This part in the opening sequence, is using a close up shot of a photograph, fromthis photograph we know that it is olden/dated, in which the main characteragain might be trying to solve a mystery or reminiscing back to the older times.The composition, which is used within this, shot, blocks out the rest of the shotby darkening the background area’s, but puts a spotlight on the photograph inwhich this makes you focus on the picture. Also in this part of the scene, it usestitle sequences, in order to tell us the casting of this film; in this case the castingwas by Billy Hopkins, Suzanne Smith and Kerry Borden in ‘Se7en’.In this screen shot of the opening sequence, it uses a close up of a hand holding aphotograph, in which the photograph looks blurred to give it a dated look. Thecomposition of the red in the background links to the thriller genre as it hasconnotations of blood, which is a common symbol of thriller films.
  5. 5. This is the last shot used in the opening sequence of ‘Se7en’ which is a titlesequence that tells us the director of the film, in this case the director of thisspecific film is David Fincher.