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Music video analysis


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Music video analysis

  1. 1. The Hoosiers-Worried about Ray Analysis<br />The first shot of the music video is a close up shot of the drum, with the band name on it. This enables the audience to see which artist’s the video is easily. The shot is only for a couple of seconds before a jump cut edit to a close up of the band members instruments, this is before the music actually starts, and acts as an introduction to the song. <br />This long shot leads from a jump cut edit. The lighting is natural, but has an emphasis of the lighting on the ‘set’. The long shot acts as an establishing shot and the mise-en-scene shows the band to be playing in what looks like a student flat which suggests that the band are playing for fun in their own home and given the indication that they are of late teens. The clothing is casual and very on trend and quite scruffy image suggesting again that the band are acting as students. They all show happy expressions suggesting they are enjoying playing music together indicating that they are close friends. <br />
  2. 2. A slow pan edit moves from the band to Ray who is on his own, and this mid shot suggests that he is outcast from the rest of the group and not fitting in. In contrast to the rest of the band his outfit is more clean cut and therefore not fitting in with the stereotypical ‘student’ look and he is in a separate frame again indicating that he is an outsider now. His facial expression suggests he is not comfortable playing music with his friends. <br />This mid shot and again shows them to be in a student kitchen, the mise-en-scene shows the decoration to be very minimal and on the table they are all drinking wine except for Ray who has a flask of tea. Again this shows him to be different from the group. The band members are all engaged in conversation, except Ray who is set back from the rest suggesting he has nothing in common with them anymore. <br />A slow zoom through a door which says ‘KEEP OUT’ shows Ray to be doing science and making a monster, this suggest that the keep out sign shows him to be a very private person and intelligent. He seems to enjoy himself while doing something academic while the other band members enjoy drinking which is stereotypical student behaviour. The lighting is very dark with only the desk light on highlighting what he is doing and could suggest that the others see him as in a ‘dark place’. <br />
  3. 3. This close up shows the monster and the band member coming face to face in the fridge, this shot suggest that whenever he does something the thought of Ray is always in his mind. The mise-en-scene shows the monster to be near some beers which suggests that Ray would disapprove of him drinking. <br />This shot is over the shoulder of the monster creation which suggests that it is seen as an actual person to Ray and this is indication when it comes alive. The mise-en-scene shows Rays room to be very dark and messy with his own creation, his image looks like a mad scientist image which is how the band now see him. <br />This shot is very surreal and shows the monster to be chasing the band, which could be a suggesting that Ray is finally affecting them. The monster is very large on the frame and the people look small indicating how they feel. In contrast to the shot the lighting is very natural. A long shot has been used to set the scene of where this is happening. <br />
  4. 4. This long shot shows the monster to have been defeated this could be a representation of the band cutting ties with Ray. Again the lighting is natural and the mise-en-scene shows the building behind to be worn down, again linking to the fact that, that is how the band members felt about Ray.<br />This three shot of the band members suggests that they are reuniting for the last scene and have had to cut ties with Ray. The camera angle is pointing up towards the members suggesting that they are victorious together. The lead vocalist is in the centre of the frame. <br />The lyrics in the song say ‘I'm treading on my tippy toes’ this suggests that Ray was very out casted and hard to talk to and they felt they couldn't act themselves, this links into image 6 where they go to get a beer and are greeted by the monster face-a hint that Ray would disapprove. <br />The lyrics say ‘I’m so tired of being worried about Ray’ this is the end line in the song and therefore matches the end scene when they cut ties with Ray (through destroying the monster) and there rein victorious and the line ‘I'm worried about Ray’ is repeated throughout so the worry has been lifted. <br />