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  1. 1. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Beth Turner
  2. 2. The production process• When producing a media product such as a magazine you have to got through a ‘production and publication phrase’ which consists of five main steps…1. Thinking up the initial ideas for your magazine, what genre will it be? What will it look like?2. Research other magazines that are out their which are similar to the magazine you want to produce as these will be your magazines ‘competition’3. Produce flat plans for your magazine as a visual aid to use when you are actually creating your magazine as this will make the production a lot easier as you know what you want your magazine to look like.4. Construct the product on an industrial size5. Distribute your product to its specified target audience
  3. 3. Publishing• My magazines target audience is both males and females in the 16-24 age group who enjoy mainstream chart music. Due to this target audience the only magazines that are currently out there that are similar to my magazine are Billboard, Q and Blender. These magazines are all distributed on a large scale to a wider audience in comparison to a more niche magazine, so my magazine would have to be published by a bigger publishing company such as Bauer media who distributes similar magazine Q.• As my magazine is going to be targeted towards a large target audience my magazine would be distributed to supermarkets, selected HMV stores and WHSmiths.
  4. 4. Who would distribute my product?• Bauer media is a publishing institution that I think would be interested in publishing and distributing my magazine as they are a publishing and distributing company on a large scale and have many magazines that they already publish from many different genres, they also distribute other types of magazine such as fashion and sport, not just music magazines. They distribute similar music magazine Q so they could use they distributing techniques that they use for Q on my magazine as they are similar in genre. Bauer media could also help me during the publishing of my magazine as they are experienced in publishing and distributing and would know how to make my magazine industry standard and how to get it out there to buyers.
  5. 5. Advertising my product• It is easy for magazines such as Kerrang to be advertised as they have corresponding radio stations and TV shows and websites that there target audience will check so they can advertise on there. Many other magazines rely on social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter.• As my target audience is mainstream I would advertise my product on social networking sites such as Facebook because this advertising is free and guaranteed to be seen my thousands and Facebook is a incredibly popular form on social networking. I would also advertise my magazine on television adverts, on more mainstream music channels such as ‘the box’ and channels 4’s music channel.
  6. 6. Distributing my product• As my magazine target audience is mainstream and between the ages of 16-24 I would distribute my magazine to stores such as WHSmiths, ASDA, Tescos and other supermarkets.• I would also provide a subscription service for my magazine that people could order online or by phone for the regular readers of my magazine. This would also contain a appropriate post and packaging price for the buyer but it would mean the magazine would delivered to their home and they would be guaranteed the magazine.