Primary audience research


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Primary audience research

  1. 1. What genre of music is this magazine?-Mainstream Pop / RNB-Mainstream Pop-Mainstream Pop-Mainstream Pop-Pop music / mainstream-popWhat stands out to you on the cover?- The red colour font and the red, blue and yellow in the title- The main image contrasting with the simple colour schemes-The main image follows the colour scheme of the front cover-The title and the border-The good use of black on white with red outline- The the colour scheme and how main image overlaps the mastheadDo you like the layout of the cover?-yes, its simple and easily recognizable- The sell lines around the artist- Yes I like how the artists is in the middle of the page standing out surrounded bysell lines, it isn’t too squashed and easy to read-Yes you can see the image clearly and all of the text is as well.-Yes its very good , the artist is in the middle with lots of info around it
  2. 2. Do you like the layout?-No it looks to squashed-Looks like too much information on one page and difficult to read-There is too much detail in this for a contents page-No , to much info &details , not enough space , images andColour-Cramped and hart to read.Do you like the fact the chart is featured?-Yes it gives the latest and the most popular songs out-Yes it is good information for the read especially if they are interested in musicmagazines-I suppose if you are into the charts and mainstream music.-It’s a good feature but not for the contents , it would be better suited on the next page-It should have its own page to free up some room on the contents pageDo you like the colour scheme?-Plain blues and grays, suggest its dull and not very interesting-No it looks to plain-I don’t think the grey works well with the other colour, it’s too boring-There isnt enough other colours like red to make it stand out-No , its too dull-
  3. 3. Do you like the colour scheme?- Yes as the main figure of the magazine stands out- Yes it is very simple but in the good way, not too boring- Yes, the red, white and blue of the ‘Florence Welch’ all relate tothe USA flagYesYes its good ( eye catching )-yes, attractive and spaciousDo you like the font used?- Yes as it looks very contemporary- Yes the bold font contrasts well with the feminine font that hasbeen used-Yes the font is simple but adds a touch of feminine style to it.-Yes-Yes its very snazzyDo you like the layout?- Yes as it is not packed with information and there are imagesused-Yes the main image is interesting for the reader to look at andis a simple layout, not too squashed- Yes, the page is not cluttered and makes it interesting for thereader to look at.-The page is set out well-Good image on the left text on the right layout.