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  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. Front coverMy target audience for my magazine are both malesand females who enjoys mainstream chart music. Amagazine of the same genre of my magazine that has asimilar target audience is American music magazineBillboard.When producing my magazine I took into accountsome of Billboard magazines conventions and usedsome of their conventions in my magazine.I was inspired my Billboard magazines front cover mainimage of Taylor Swift as she is in the same position asmy model but is wearing a different outfit to go withthe magazines chosen colour scheme.For my music magazine I used a red and blue colourscheme as they are colours suited to both a male andfemale audience as they arent to girly or masculine.The sell lines were on the left side of the page aspeople subconsciously read from left to right so Iwanted my sell lines to be on the left side so theywould catch peoples attention. The sell lines usedrelate well to the genre of the magazine and are what Ibelieve would make my target audience want to buythe magazine so they could read about these articles.
  3. 3. Contents pageI carried on the red and blue colour scheme forcontinuity throughout my magazine as I this made mymagazine appear more professional. I was againinspired by Billboard magazine for the layout of mycontents page. I had a weekly chart featured on mymagazine contain the current top 10 as my magazine isa mainstream chart music magazine so my targetaudience will be interested in what is going on in themusic charts. I included images on my contents page tomake it more visually attractive and not to simple andboring, however I didn’t want to clutter my contentspage as I don’t think it really goes with my targetaudience and other magazines of the same genre suchas Billboard and Blender don’t have cluttered contentspages, there contents pages are also clear and simpleto read so this is how I wanted my contents page to beset out.
  4. 4. Double page spreadMy double page spread features a new mainstream girl group who release popmusic, fitting with the mainstream chart music genre. I tried to make my double pagespread look as professional as other magazines by using columns for my article andappropriate heading and I also carried on the colour scheme of red and blue becausealthough it is a girl group featured I know males are still my target audience so I didn’t wantto make the article to colour my using colours such as pink or purple. I included images ofthe featured artists but I wanted the images to be relatable to my target audience and notto over the top or ‘editorial’ as I want my target audience to be able to relate with thefeatured artists to make the article more appealing to read as they will feel like they canrelate to the girl group.