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  1. 1. Evaluation 4 How did you use new mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Throughout the course I used many different media technologies in each stage of the course. These technologies were vital in helping me to create my work and without them my work would not have been successful, I have learnt a lot from thesetechnologies when using them throughout the course.The three different parts of the course were research and planning, creating the product and evaluation.
  3. 3. Apple MACThroughout the course we used Apple MACcomputers. Before media I had never usedMacs before so I learnt a lot throughout thecourse by using them.It was better to use Macs instead of normalcomputers as Macs come with a lot ofsoftware pre-installed which we needed to useto successfully complete the course, such asFinal Cut, Garage Band and Photo booth.All of these different softwares made the way Ipresent my work varied and more interesting asI had a choice of many different programs topresent my work on that I wouldn’t have had ifwe werent using the Mac’s.
  4. 4. Blogger• I used blogger throughout the whole of the course as this is where all of my work has been stored.• I could embed all of my YouTube videos and PowerPoints onto my blog, and could also create blog posts to document my progress along the course.• Blogger has been vital throughout the course to help keep me organised and present my work in a organised clear way.
  5. 5. Firefox/safari/Google• I used the internet (Firefox/safari) throughout the entire course as I needed the internet to find information during my research and planning, product production and evaluation.• Without the internet I wouldn’t have been able to find many of the information out that I did so my products in the end wouldn’t have turned out as good as they should have as I would have had nothing to compare them with.• I also used the internet to store my work on blogger.
  6. 6. PowerPoint/Slide Share• I have created many PowerPoints throughout the course, especially in my research and planning as it is a easy way to group together and present my research and findings.• I could then use online media technology such as Slide Share to post the PowerPoints online so I could then embed them into my blog so I could keep all my work stored together in the correct order.
  7. 7. Final cut express/ YouTube• I used Final Cut a lot in the course and learnt a lot in doing so, at the start of the course we worked in groups to film and edit a trailer, then later on in the course I filmed and edited my trailer on my own and when you compare the two trailers you can see that my final trailer is a lot better then the previous ‘practice’ trailers as I learnt a lot from creating these ‘practice’ trailers and drafts which helped me make my final trailer to the best it could be.• I learnt how to do various things on Final Cut such as how to change the effect of my footage such as how to make it blue so it was more ‘CCTV’ like, how to add text to the footage, and how to do various effects with the footage such as ‘Bad TV’ which I used a lot in my trailer as it gave me the desired effect I needed to make my trailer look as realistic and professional as possible.• I could then easily export my completed trailer onto YouTube easily using QuickTime movie conversion which changed the trailer to a .mov file which was easy to upload onto YouTube, which I could then embed into my blog.
  8. 8. Final cut helped me a lot during the course as itwas one of the easiest programs to use to editmy footage and put my trailer together.I could import all footage, sounds effects, soundtracks and voiceovers into one sequence thenedit them all to how I wanted and place them allonto the timeline in the correct order.I could also layer the sounds and voice oversonto the footage.It was also easy to add my pre-made inter titles,Film title and release date information ontoFinal Cut which I had previously made on PhotoShop.Final cut also helped as I could preview mytrailer whenever I needed to see how it wasgoing and see what else I needed to do.
  9. 9. I uploaded all of the videos Iproduced throughout the course ontoYouTube so they were all stored inone space.This helped me as I could thenembed the videos into my blog andonto online programmes such asPrezi easily.
  10. 10. HD video camera/tripod• I used the video cameras to record the trailer in my research and planning however this then helped me later on in the course as I went on to use these cameras in the creation of my final trailer. The cameras helped me as I learnt how to focus and blur the camera when necessary and various other techniques.• The tripod also helped me as I could fit the camera onto it so my footage wasn’t shaky, my trailer however did use a lot of handheld footage as this is the style of footage that I thought worked well in my research and planning which I completed before starting to produce my trailer.• The combination of the camera and tripod helped me as I had the choice of having still footage that wasn’t shaky, and then using the camera handheld to make it more realistic.
  11. 11. Digital cameras/ SLR camerasI used the SLR cameras to take photosfor my print products and also mypractice shots.By using the camera to take practiceshots I could practice different elementsof camera taking such as manuallyfocus, adjust shutter speed and aperturesettings.This helped me, as when it came totaking my final shoots for my printproducts they were the best they couldbe after taking all of the practice shotson the cameras previously and learningwhat looked best.
  12. 12. Practice shots: Final shots:
  13. 13. PHOTOBOOTH... I used photo booth to record videos as its streamline and the videos save directly onto the computer so you save time as you don’t need to import the videos from other devices. I could then simply open the videos onto Final Cut then export them onto YouTube and embed them into my blog.
  14. 14. GrabGrab was vital throughout the course as ithelped me to document my progressthroughout by ‘grabbing’ screenshots andselections off my screen which I could thenupload onto my blog.This helped me to keep track of how far along Iwas in the course, and what I still needed todo.The screenshots also counted as evidence thatI was doing the work such as when I tookscreenshots throughout the process of mysoundtrack creation.
  15. 15. Photoshop• I used Photoshop a lot throughout the course and once again this was a programmed that I hadnt really used before starting media.• I didn’t really have any knowledge of how to use Photoshop before this course however by the end I now feel confident in how to use Photoshop and I feel like it helped me a lot in this course.• I used Photoshop to edit my chosen images and to create both my film poster, and magazine cover.• I used a lot of different parts of Photoshop when producing these print products…• I edited the images under the ‘adjustments’ drop down using the ‘brightness/contrast’, ‘hue/saturation’ and also the ‘black & white’ options.• I also used the text tool, shape tool and fill tool on both products.• Something that helped me a lot when creating my products was the ‘stroke’ effect that you could add to text as when creating my products I kept coming across the problem were my text would blend into my image however by adding the stroke effect to my text I feel like it helped it stand out a lot more against the image which helped avert the problem.
  16. 16. Creating my magazine cover... Final product
  17. 17. Creating my poster... Final product
  18. 18. Photoshop also helped me to create my productionlogo which would be included in both my trailer andfilm poster.I looked at other production companies logos on theinternet during my research and planning whichhelped me when creating my logo as I now had abetter idea of what worked and what didnt.I downloaded different ‘brushes’ for Photoshopusing online brush downloading websitewww.brusheezy.com which I then opened onPhotoshop.I downloaded a grey background and blood as theseare in my horror genres repertoire.The middle image is my first draft of my logohowever I didnt think this worked so I changed thebackground to plain black and centred the bloodand text as I think this worked best and looked themost alike to the actual professional logos I hadlooked at during my research and planning.
  19. 19. www.DaFont.com• DaFont.com helped me a lot when creating all three of my products as it gave me a wider variety of text to implement into my products.• The website has a vast variety of text so I knew there would be something that would be suitable for my products.• When I eventually found the font I wanted it was very easy to download and them open into Photoshop to use on my products.
  20. 20. I downloaded font ‘Anothertypewriter’ from DaFont.comwhich I used as the font for mytrailers inter titles as this was themost similar I could find to thefont used the professional trailerI used as inspiration so I knew itwould work.I also downloaded fonts...Primma handmade,plane crash,And universal accreditation
  21. 21. Word• I didn’t use word a lot throughout the course however it was necessary to complete my call sheets and model release forms which were vital as without them I would not have been able to submit my coursework.• I also used word to complete my shooting schedule as this helped to keep organized during films and make sure I got each and every shot I needed.
  22. 22. Shooting schedule...
  23. 23. Garage Band• Garage band is another program that I had never used before starting the course however by the end of the course I again felt confident in using the program.• Garage band helped me a lot in creating my product as it enabled me to create a soundtrack to go along with my trailer which would make my trailer more professional and make the footage stand out more if it had a corresponding soundtrack.• I used orchestral strings in my soundtrack and only used two different sounds throughout, this gave me the desired ‘eerie’ soundtrack I needed for my trailer.• I also used garage band to crate sound effects for when my inter titles and titles were shown.
  24. 24. Voice recorder/Phone• A lot of my trailers narrative was shown using voice overs as sound bridges to the rest of the trailer.• To create the voice recordings I used the voice recorder app on my phone and then I exported the files onto the computer and used a online website converter to convert them to a MP3 file, which I then opened in Final Cut and added to my trailer.• This helped me a lot as it was a easy way to get the voice recording which were a necessity to my trailer.
  25. 25. www.partnersinrhyme.com• I needed a lot of sound effects in my trailer to make the footage more effective and www.partnersinrhyme.com helped me a lot with this.• The website contains a lot of different sounds effects which you can download to your computer free of charge.• I downloaded numerous sound effects from the website and used a lot of them in my trailer.• An example of this is when in my trailer a glass needs to be smashed, however instead of actually smashing a glass I instead just downloaded the glass smashing sound effect which worked just as well.• Also I found that many of the ‘screams’ in my trailer that the actors had to do didn’t sound as real and sounded to forced and didnt really work, so instead of just editing on the screaming I instead added a scream sound effect on top which I think worked better then the actors actual screams and gave me the desired effect.
  26. 26. Selection of sound effects... Downloading the sound effect... After downloading the sound effects I then opened them in Final Cut and added them to my trailer where necessary.