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Chloe N. '18 tells the story of how Yosef is sold into slavery and ends up in Egypt.

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  1. 1. Yosef was Yaakov’sfavorite son. Toshow how differenttheir relationshipwas, Yaakov gaveYosef a beautifulpiece of clothing.
  2. 2. In Yosef’s first dream,Yosef and hisbrothers weregathering sheaves. In Yosef’s secondSuddenly, Yosef’s dream, the sun,sheaf got up and the moon, and 11 starsbrothers’ sheaves bowed down to him.bowed down to his.
  3. 3. And youCommentaries: were all stars andWhy would Yosef tell his brothers bowingthese dreams? down to me.Yosef was immature. He thoughtthat if he convinced his brothersthat his greatness came fromHashem, they would like him.Yosef hoped that the brotherswould one day depend on himand know that it was unwise tohate him.
  4. 4. While thebrothersoriginallywanted to killYosef andblame a wildanimal, theyended upthrowing himinto a pit.
  5. 5. A couple of Inside: merchants Yosef Please bought send far away Yosef and brought him to Egypt.What was Yehuda’s reasoning forchanging their decision about what todo with Yosef?Yehuda’s reasoning was that there wasno benefit that they werent gainingfrom simply sending him far away.
  6. 6. How do we know that the brothers acted with a clearconscience?We know that they acted this way because the brothers wereable to sit down and eat while thinking that they may havekilled their brother and would never see him again.
  7. 7. Why didYehudaseparate fromhis brothers?Yehuda left hisbrothersbecause helost respect forthem.
  8. 8. Yehuda’s first two sons Tamar, the woman whogot married and then was going to marrydied because Hashem Yehuda’s third son,did not approve. His dressed up in a costumethird son was going to so she could try to trickget married, but Yehuda into marrying her.Yehuda stalled the Rashi:wedding. Why did she do it? She wanted to have children in Yehudah’s family. Tamar was almost burnt and killed because of her sins.
  9. 9. In jail there was aPotiphar’s wife cupbearer and a baker. The baker’s dream waswanted Yosef, The cupbearer’s dream that there were basketsand Yosef was that there were on his head with food forrefused. She grapes blossomed on a pharaoh and birds werewas so mad vine; then the cupbearer eating the food.she told squeezed the grapes Yosef said that thispeople that he and gave them to meant that he would becommitted Pharaoh. Yosef said that hung in three days.adultery, so this meant that he wouldPotiphar put be reappointed as thehim in jail. king’s cupbearer in three days and Yosef told him to tell Pharaoh to let him out.
  10. 10. The cupbearer was The baker was in jailin jail because a fly because there was awas in the wine pebble in the breadwhen serving it to that Pharaoh wasPharaoh, and he eating, and hethought that the thought that thecupbearer was trying baker was trying toto poison him. kill him.
  11. 11. Mizrachi and Radak:Why were the punishmentsdifferent?They where different becausethe fly could have just flown in,whereas the pebble in thebread must have been thereall along from the beginning.Unlike the fly, the pebble couldhave killed Pharaoh. This showsthat the baker was careless,while the cupbearer is carefulbut just had bad luck.