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Parsha Presentations: Parshat Toldot


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Parsha Presentations: Parshat Toldot

  1. 1. Birthrightor soup… hmm
  2. 2. One day, when Aisav was out hunting, Rivkaand Yaakov made a plan that Yaakov wouldcover his hands and neck with goat skin sothat he would feel like Aisav.Then they would prepare a small dish to giveto Yitzchak. Then Yitzchak would think thatYaakov was Aisav. You look just like your brother!!!
  3. 3. As planned, Yaakov received his father’s blessing forthe dew of the heaven, the fat of the land, and rulingover his brother.When Aisav returned home, all Yitzchak could do forhim was predict that he would live by his sword andwhen Yaakov falls, he will forfeit his power over tohis brother. Yaakov Aisav
  4. 4. Yaakov then lefthome to escape Aisav’s fury. I’ve got to get out of here!