Parsha Presentations: Miketz


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Nate D. tells the story of Yosef's change in fortune, from a prisoner in Pharoah's prison to the second in command in Egypt.

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Parsha Presentations: Miketz

  1. 1. Parshat Miketz By: Nate D. ‘18
  2. 2. Yosef was about 30 years old and had been in prison fortwelve years. His father, Yaakov, was 120. (Yitzchak who died at this time was about 180)
  3. 3. Two Years Later Pharaoh Had A DreamHe dreamt that there were He then had another7 big cows in a field. dream that had 7 luscious ears of corn.Then 7 scrawny cows came Then 7 bad ears of cornand ate the bigger cows. ate the luscious ones.
  4. 4. Pharaoh wanted someone to interpret his dreams so he went insearch of all the wise men of Egypt. Pharaoh’s cupbearerremembered Yosef’s successful dream interpretations in prison.Pharaoh called upon Yosef to interpret his dreams. Hey Yosef wanna interpret my dreams?
  5. 5. Yosef said The 2 Dreams Were 1.The big cows meant that there would be seven years of aplentiful supply of food in Egypt.The skinny cows meant that there would be seven years offamine in Egypt.Yosef recommended that Pharaoh store up during the sevenyears of plenty.
  6. 6. Pharaoh realized Yosef’s great wisdom and placed him in charge of Egypt.
  7. 7. Yosef put a tax on the people forthem to pay 20% of the grain instead of the usual price 10%.
  8. 8. For the next seven years, Yosefcollected enough grain not just tofeed all of Egypt but also forsurrounding areas and countries.
  9. 9. Yosef then had two sons. EphraimMenashe
  10. 10. The famine hit hard everywhere, soeveryone had to come to Egypt to buybread.
  11. 11. In Israel, Yaakov heard that there was food inEgypt, so he sent his sons to get some.He sent all ten brothers because there was a lawthat you can only take whats needed for onehousehold.He didn’t send Binyamin because he was afraidsomething bad would happen to him. What’s That? Food?
  12. 12. The brothers entered through ten differentgates, because they knew the people theysold Yosef to were there.When the brothers saw Yosef, they bowedto him.Yosef quickly recognized his brothers. Those are my brothers
  13. 13. Yosef accused his brothers of being spies.The brothers said they were not spies,and at length explained that they werethere just to buy food. They told Yosef thatYaakov was back home waiting for them.Ralbag: Yosef sneakily gothis brothers to mention thatthere was another brotherwith Yaakov to take care ofhim. His purpose was tomake sure they hadn’t doneaway with Binyamin as well.
  14. 14. To prove themselves, Yosef told thebrothers they had to leave a brotherbehind in prison and go fetch Binyamin.
  15. 15. Yosef overheard his brothersspeaking of their guilt at what theydid to Yosef and Yosef cried.And then put Shimon in prison. Yosef had them sent back home with food for the journey and he also secretly packed money in their bags.
  16. 16. When they saw the money they panicked.When Yaakov heard what happened he was terribly distressed.
  17. 17. Yaakov was afraid to send Binyaminbecause he feared he would go missingtoo.But the famine got worse, so Yehudaguaranteed Binyamins safety. MISSING Yosef and Binyamin Reward
  18. 18. When the brothers arrived in Egypt withBinyamin, Yosef sent Shimon to be withthem, and planned for them to have afeast with him.Binyamin’s portion of the meal was largerthen the other brothers’ portions. Binyamin Other Bro’s
  19. 19. When they finished eating, Yosef told hismen to place a silver goblet in Binyamin’sbag!The brothers continued their journeyhome. Yosef sent his men to overtakethem and accused them of being thieves. THIEFS!
  20. 20. Yosef emptied the bags and found thegoblet in Binyamin’s bag. Yehuda beggedfor him to take all the brothers as slaves,not just Binyamin.But Yosef sent them home and kept onlyBinyamin.
  21. 21. MOOOOO! The End Thank you for watching.