Haviva G's career plans


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Haviva G's career plans

  1. 1. My FutureThe keys to a successful career Haviva G.
  2. 2. Interests and Values• Some of my interests includecooking, sports, art, traveling, meeting new people, andlearning new things• I have many important values. Some are: Giving back tothe community; keeping your family and friends close; andeducation is extremely important
  3. 3. Goals• I want to go to Columbia University and double major in business andeconomics• I eventually want to live in Chicago and own a small business• I want to become a popular entrepreneur so that people will come to mybusiness• I want to be married and have kids
  4. 4. Savings Plan / Paying for College• If you work for Johns Hopkins University, one benefit you get is a tuition grant foryour dependants. At Hopkins that grant pays for 50% of college tuition at anyaccredited college for 4 years. If both parents work at Hopkins they each get thisgrant for a total of 100% of college tuition for 4 years for each of their dependantsincluding step-children.• I am lucky enough to have both my mother and my stepfather work for JohnsHopkins University• My parents put away money so that I can pay for things like room and board,textbooks, and travel, which are not included in the grant
  5. 5. College Life / Degrees• I expect to get a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Columbia University• After graduating from college I will go for my Masters of BusinessAdministration also at Columbia University• While studying at Columbia University I plan to take classes in CulinaryArts and have a part-time job for the experience and for extra money
  6. 6. College Life Style• I plan to live in a dormitory on campus with one or two room mates• I want to join many different clubs or extra curricular activities likesports, art, or book clubs in order to get to know other students at Columbia• I would love to travel abroad for a semester, perhaps in my junior year, inorder to see the world and be exposed to many cultures
  7. 7. College BudgetAllowance = $500 per month Part Time Job = $350 per month (10 hours per week; $8.75 per hour)Item Amount/SourceTuition $47,246/JHU tuition grantRoom and Board $11,496/College SavingsBooks and Supplies $2,807/College SavingsFood and Entertainment $150 per week/ Allowance and Part Time JobClothing and household items $200 a month/ Allowance and Part Time JobUtilities (cell phone) $50 a month/ Allowance and Part Time Job
  8. 8. Career Lifestyle• I envision being the owner of a small business in Chicago, perhaps a small café in the city• I would likely have six or seven employees, including, waiters, cooks, and a supervisor• I would keep the store open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm and split the time with the supervisor and myself
  9. 9. Business Budget (as owner of small business) Business Lone From Bank = $13,500 to start up the business with furniture and equipmentMy Total Income = $232,236 per year Gross Profit = $1,350,500 Expenses = $1,118,264Item Amount/SourceRent $20,456 a yearFood and Supplies $1,032,000 a yearPaychecks and Benefits for $689,691 a yearEmployeesLoan Payments $19,344 a yearInsurance $10,273 a yearMarketing $129,770 a yearUtilities (electric, water, and phone $43,097 a yearbills)
  10. 10. Personal BudgetMy Total Income = $232,236 a year Taxes are not includedItem Amount/SourceFood and Entertainment $30,000 a yearClothing $10,000 a yearHome/Rent $50,000 a yearDurable Goods $15,000 a yearEducation for kids $60,000 a year for 2 kidsInsurance and living expenses $25,000 a yearTravel $10,000 a yearUtilities (electric, water, and phone bills) $10,000 a yearCollege savings plan for kids $15,000 a year
  11. 11. Summary• Throughout this presentation I have planned my educationaround my career and the financing around both. I tried toincorporate my values, goals, and interests at every stage andthrough my planning and learning I hope to have a successfulfuture.
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