Ezra S's career plans


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Ezra S's career plans

  1. 1. By Ezra S.
  2. 2. • I love debating with people and coming up withsolutions.• Also, my Dad is a lawyer so I get a lot ofknowledge from him on being a lawyer. I thinkit is very interesting.• In addition, I like working with people.• I am very interested in business and bybecoming a lawyer I might also get to work withlarge companies.• Finally, I enjoy learning about the law.
  3. 3.  I value my family very much. I also value education; it is important for me to go to a good school. Also, my Jewish religion is very important to me. I value my tradition. I know that it is my obligation to give charity as a Jew.
  4. 4.  My goal is to first go to The University of Maryland. Next, I want to go to Michigan Law school and hopefully pass the bar exam. I will become a professional labor and employment lawyer. I will start a family in Baltimore. I will work as a lawyer for 40 years.
  5. 5.  To pay for college, my parents will contribute some money; I will use some of the gift money from my Bar Mitzvah. Also, I will work part time for the company Radio Shack. A part time employee there makes $10 to $12 an hour. The tuition for Maryland per year is $17,278. To pay for Michigan Law School, my parents are going to contribute a lot of money. Also, I will get some student loans. To make some more money I will work part time helping out around a law firm. The tuition for one year is $48,212.
  6. 6.  At the University of Maryland, I will set aside $2,000 (from my $9,000 salary working at Radio Shack) per year to deposit in the bank. I will also invest in companies to make some extra money which I will add to my bank account. I will also have insurance on my car so that in case I get in a accident I am covered.
  7. 7.  At Maryland, I hope to get a degree in business. Later, at Michigan Law School, I hope to get a law degree. Afterwards, I will take the bar exam.
  8. 8. Average costs per year* – at The University of Maryland Income: $9,000 Loans and Parent Money: $20,598 Total Funds: $27,598Tuition: $8,909Room and Board: $9,893Books and Supplies: $1,130Entertainment: $1,500Charity: $100Clothing: $500Food: $2,000Car Insurance: $1,566Car: $2,000Total Costs: $27,598, Savings: $2,000 *Note: Not including taxes.
  9. 9.  I will live on campus at Maryland. I will purchase supplies and necessities using the money I earn working part time at Radio Shack. I will try to keep my variable expenses low so that I can save. At Maryland I will study hard so I can get a degree in business.
  10. 10.  After college, I want to work full time as a labor and employment lawyer in Baltimore. Lawyers make about $112,760 per year. The demand for lawyers in the U.S. is dramatically rising giving me a good chance to land a job in Baltimore. Lawyers represent individuals, businesses, or government agencies on legal issues. They advise clients, present facts, type legal documents, or interview the opposing side to win a case. Lawyers argue and apply the law to issues in order to help their client win the case.
  11. 11. Average costs per year* Income: $112,760 Total Funds: $112,760Mortgage: $27,600Food: $8,000Clothing: $1,300Car Insurance: $1,566Car Insurance: $1,566Car: $3,000Car: $2,000School Tuition: $16,250School Tuition: $16,250Charity: $6,000Entertainment: $6,000Total Costs: $89,532, Savings: $23,228 *Note: Not including taxes.
  12. 12.  I will start a family in Baltimore with two children. I will cut back on variable expenses so I can start to save for my children’s college tuition. I will work as a lawyer for the company Jackson Lewis for 40 years. I plan to buy a decent size house in Reisterstown. I hope to send my children to Beth Tfiloh.
  13. 13.  Every year I will put $23,228 in the bank. I will put most of this money towards my children’s college tuition fund and my retirement. The rest of this money my family will have in case of an emergency.
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