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Violent Crimes - Against the Family

This is a study of violent crimes specifically as they relate to family including Ohio Revised Codes, statistics and sources as well as an example

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Violent Crimes - Against the Family

  1. 1. Family-Related Crimes By: Beth Schoren VIOLENT CRIMES
  2. 2. LEARNING THE CYCLE OF ABUSE DOES NOT MEAN YOU WON’T BE A VICTIM OF IT Tension l Escalates l Releases l Restarts
  3. 3. • Murder or Non - negligent Manslaughter- willful killing of one human by another • Forcible Rape - Carnal knowledge (have had sexual intercourse with) of a female forcibly against her will or attempts or assaults to commit rape • Robbery - Taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody or control of a person • Aggravated Assault - Unlawful attack by one person to another with the purpose of inflicting severe bodily injury WHAT ARE VIOLENT CRIMES- THEY ALL INVOLVE FORCE OR THREAT OF FORCE
  4. 4.  Legal Guardian  Step-parent  Adoptive Child  Step-Child  Step-Sibling  Step-Grandchild  Step-Adoptive-Grandchild  Step-Grandparent • Step-Adoptive-Grandpa  Spouse  Parent  Biological Child  Sibling  Grandchild  Aunt  Uncle  Nephew  Niece • Any In-Law FAMILY VIOLENT CRIMES ARE OF THE CURRENT OR FORMER OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:
  5. 5.  11% were against the children  58% of family murder were of females  8 of 10 family murderers were male  83% spouse murderers were male  79% family offenders were white  62% family offenders were age 30+  49% were against a spouse  0.5% of family violence was murder  73% of family victims were females  84% spouse abuse were of females  74% of family victims were white • 65.7% were between 25 - 54 BETWEEN 1998 AND 2002 11% OF ALL REPORTED AND UNREPORTED VIOLENT CRIMES WERE AGAINST FAMILY MEMBERS WHICH ACCOUNTED FOR 3.5 MILLION CRIMES WITH 1.4 MILLION NEEDING MEDICAL ATTENTION
  6. 6.  United States Sentencing Commission  Supplementary Homicide Reports (SHR)  Federal Bureau of Prisons  Federal Justice Statistics Program  Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities  National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)  National Incident-Based Reporting System  State Court Processing Statistics  Administrative Office of the United States Courts • Survey of Inmates in Local Jails BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS *60% OF FAMILY VIOLENCE WAS REPORTED *THAT WAS 2.1 MILLION VICTIMS *36% OF THE OFFENDERS WERE ARRESTED *84% OF THOSE OFFENDERS HAD PRIOR ARRESTS OF SOME NATURE *22.6% FEMALE FAMILY OFFENDERS VS 16.4% FEMALE NON-FAMILY CRIME STATISTICS THE BUREAU USES ARE FROM:
  7. 7. • Impact long term • More chronic pain • Difficulty sleeping • Poor physical health • Poor mental health • Limited activity levels • Heterosexual or same-sex couples • 1 in 5 women raped sometime in their life • 35% of adult women were also raped as a minor • 1 in 59 men have been raped sometime in their life • 28% of males were raped before the age of 10 • More violence with same sex partners • Divorced or separated women are more at risk • Women are repeatedly raped by the same partner 4.5 times over and average of 3.8 years CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION ON INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE (IPV) THIS IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE BECAUSE OF LONG TERM NEGATIVE HEALTH IMPACT ON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES
  8. 8. • 2903.01 – aggravated murder – purposefully with prior calculation and design cause the death of another or unlawfully terminate a pregnancy or to do so while committing a felony; or to do to one under the age of 13; or to cause the death of a law enforcement officer • 2903.02 – murder - purposefully cause the death of another or unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy • 2903.09 – aggravated vehicular assault – unlawful termination of a pregnancy (means to cause the death of an unborn homo-sapiens from fertilization till live birth except when such pregnancy is planning to be terminated • 2903.12 – aggravated assault – when a person has a sudden passion or fit of rage brought on by the victim that causes serious physical harm to another or an unborn; or by use of a deadly weapon • 3109.42 – No Court will issue custody of a parent convicted of killing the other • 3109.43 – No Court will allow visitation rights to a parent convicted of killing the other parent OHIO REVISED CODE (ORC)
  9. 9. • 2907.01 – rape • any sexual conduct with another who is not the spouse; • or is the spouse but living apart; • who administers drugs or intoxicants by force or threat of force or deception to prevent resistance; • Who the other person is under the age of 13 even if the age is not known; • When the other is substantially impaired by mental or physical conditions or advanced age; • Or anytime the offender uses force or threat of force to cause the person to submit OHIO REVISED CODE (ORC) CONT.
  11. 11. CASE STUDY CONT. WIFE #1 DIES IN FREAK AUTO ACCIDENT – IT IS RULED AN ACCIDENT $300,000 life insurance policy with Harold as beneficiary Car falls on wife while she retrieves a lug nut while he changes a tire
  12. 12. • Had google searches for getting away with homicide • Claimed his wife fell taking pictures • Lied about working • Lied about phone conversations • Lied about her having binoculars • Pink X on a map in his car that marks the location of her fall • Contacted insurance company on next business day after death • Attempted to harm her before in a freak accident • Claimed to fly for business • Hid assets after her death MAY 2015 HAROLD HENTHORN FACES MANDATORY LIFE IN A FEDERAL PRISON WITHOUT POSSIBLE PAROLE ALSO WITH POSSIBLE DEATH PENALTY AND FINE OF UP TO $250,000