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Powerpoint logos

  1. 1. MAKING MY LOGOSTEP BY STEP By Beth Rowling
  2. 2. MY SKETCHThis was my first idea which came from the ‘DreamWorks’ logo. I liked theidea of everything being surreal, I liked the clouds which gave me theidea of the thought bubble, and ‘the only way is up’. In this sketch I havemade the thought bubble blue, but I am thinking about making a plainblack logo, to see if I like this better.
  3. 3. This is my first finished logo, I am going to discuss how I made this, andwhy I chose to make a logo like this. I will be making more than onelogo, so that when it comes to having my animation lesson, I canchoose my favourite logo to animate.
  4. 4. STEP ONEFirst I used the ‘shapes’ tool on PowerPoint, to create a basic thoughtbubble. I wanted to use a thought bubble because it resembles acloud, which fits in with he idea of ‘UP’ which is the slogan for myproductions. If I was to animate this logo, I would make the 3 smallerbubble appear one after the other.
  5. 5. STEP TWOThen I changed the colours and the thickness of the lines, to make theshape suitable to what I wanted it to look like. I want to keep my colourpalette simple so I have just used two different shades of blue and mylogo will consist of black writing. Looking at professional logos, their colourpalette is very simple, which is the reason I want to keep mine simple.To resemble a real logo.
  6. 6. STEP THREEI then saved the shape as a JPEG which I then opened up in Photoshop.Where I Added my basic text. I chose a font that I think is suitable for acompany logo. I had to ensure that my ‘U’ and ‘P’ were on differentlayers so I could carry out the next part.
  7. 7. STEP FOURI ensured that both the ‘U’ and the ‘P’ were on separate layers so I couldjoin them together (as shown above) I did this to create a moreeye-catching and unique logo. I know that film companies often have a lessdetailed version of their logo on the credits, which I could use the ‘UP’ for.
  8. 8. STEP FIVEThis is the final product, this is the logo which I would use at the start ofthe trailer. All I have done here is added the company nameunderneath in capital & bold letters, to ensure that people read thecompany name. This logo will only be on screen for a few seconds,which is why I didn’t want it to be too detailed.
  9. 9. CREDITS LOGO I like this logo better than the original version because although it is not as eye catching, I think it looks more professional, mayb e if I made the thought bubble just a black outline, the other would look professional.I decided to make a different version of the same logo, to go at the endof my trailer, if I decided to put credits on. I have taken the ‘UP and justsimplified the logo by taking away the cloud. I mentioned earlier that IWould use the ‘UP’. I think it looks very effective.
  10. 10. MY SKETCHI based this idea around animation. I was thinking of ways in which I couldanimate my logo. I thought of using a train because the movement andanimation is obvious. I don’t think this logo relates directly to any oneprofessional logo, but I wanted to keep it simple and small like manyprofessional logos.
  11. 11. This is the second logo which I decided to make, I will now discuss how I made this logo and why I chose this logo. I don’t think that this is the logoThat I will choose to animate, but at least I know I have a few to chooseFrom.
  12. 12. STEP ONEI found an image on Google of an animated train which I liked, I thenopened this up in Photoshop, ready to add my production title. I did try usingA few different pictures of trains, but I think this one is the best, it has a spacePerfect for the text to fit in.
  13. 13. STEP TWOI then simply just added in some text, in a font which I liked, and thinklooks professional and suitable for a logo. I decided to just stick with plainBlack, mainly because when I created my first logo, I used colour but thenPreferred the simplified version, which was all black.
  14. 14. MY SKETCH – PARADISE PRODUCTIONSI got the idea for my paradise productions logo from the ‘Columbia’logo. I liked this logo because I like the way it is a full screen logo, I likethe sunset, which is what I searched when I was looking for my logo. Thislogo has a centre piece which is obviously the woman, I chose a picturewith a centre piece also, which in my case is the boat.
  15. 15. This is my final logo idea, this is the most detailed logo. I have based thisidea on the idea of the ‘Columbia’ logo, which is a whole screen picture.I like the colours of this logo and think that an animation would look reallyeffective.
  16. 16. STEP ONEI found this picture of a sunset on Google, I then opened it up inPhotoshop and resized it to the correct size for my logo. I like this picturebecause, as it is coming up to my animation lesson I think it would be agood idea to animate the water, a ripple effect or even to move theboat. I think this logo would be the most effective.
  17. 17. STEP TWOI did try black writing on this logo, but I decided that the white stands outa lot more and makes the logo a lot more bright and clean cut. I amusing a large ‘P’ and am going to fit the other text in, for this reason Ihave ensured that each piece of text is on a different layer.
  18. 18. STEP THREEI added the work ‘Paradise’ I chose to put this in capital letters toemphasise to quality of my ‘productions’ I think the white looks veryeffective.
  19. 19. STEP FOURThis is the final logo, this is my favourite logo, I think this is the logo I amgoing to animate. I did try to cut out the water on this picture, to add aripple effect when it comes to my animation lesson, however this was toohard. I think that when it gets to my lesson I may have to select a differentpicture, but of a similar nature.
  20. 20. ANIMATION
  21. 21. CREDITS LOGOSince this is the logo I have decided I am going to use and is the logo Ichose to animate – I have made a credits logo, I have just simply take theorange colour of the sunset glow and made a very simplistic logo.