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  1. 1. SCRIPT Intro- Today I am here to present my pitch for my final major project. I have chosen to make a horror movie film trailer. The main reason for choosing to do this is because I have experience in making horror film trailers and enjoyed making the last one I did. Synopsis- The synopsis of my idea is based on two students who are making a documentary for a college project on how to run a business. The students have chosen to do their documentary on how to run a pub. One night after the last customers have been kicked out we see Denni (the protagonist)filming the landlady locking up and asking her questions on how she runs her pub. That’s when they realise they are not alone. That’s when weird things start to happen. The doors start to slam, lights start to flicker and things start smashing. That’s when the landladygoes missing, leaving the two students alone, this is when they have to decide whethersearch forher or escape. They decide the best thing to do is to search for the lost landlady, and obviously things won’t run as smoothly. Target Audience- The target audience is going to be both male and female young adults. The reason I have gone for this is because the film will include blood and strong language, therefor having a rating of 18+. This target audience can relate to this because the majority of that generation like to go out to pubs and bars. And mixing that with in a horror film would be a good element. This audience like to watch horror films for the thrill and the rush that horror films give. The trailer won’t give away the ending of the film and it will start off with slow cuts and gradually get faster to increase the intensity. My aim of the trailer is to make the target audience want to go and watch the movie. Needs- The needs of this target audience are to feel thrilled after watching the trailer. They have to be left feeling hooked with what is going to happen in the film. To do this I have to leave the trailer on a cliff hanger. The audience should feel like they have an enigma to solve. To meet the needs of my target audience I must not give too much away with the trailer. I have to leave them guessing on what is going to happen. To do this I will have to use quick cuts and thrilling music to catch the audience’s attention. I will also use typical codes and conventions, such as; blood, gore, low key lighting, weapons, creep locations, eerie music and quick cuts. To meet the need of there being an enigma I will only show short clips of the crucial moments in the film. I will show the shocking parts. Although at the beginning of the trailer I will be showing clips of the characters to introduce them to the audience. This will allow the audience to identify the characters.
  2. 2. Techniques- Throughout the pre-production, techniques I will be using will be a lot of Microsoft office and the internet. Cameras will be used to take photographs of locations and power point will be used to create and present my pitch. Within the production I will use high quality cameras to film my footage. Finally, for the post production I will use Illustrator for adding credits or titles, After Effects to add slow motion or colour editingand premier to edit all the footage together. I hope I have gave you a clear understanding of my idea, do you have any questions?