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Video game presentation pro formacnfg


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Published in: Education
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Video game presentation pro formacnfg

  1. 1. Beth Geldard
  2. 2. • My game is called groovy and the genre is music • Synopsis/Storyline: What you have to do is, you become an avatar and you are able to choose male or female character. What you have to do in the game is; music notes will start to drop when music starts playing and when this happened you have to quickly get under the notes. Going under these notes you gain points to go to the next level. Each time you get under a note you bob. The note are different each time and they don’t give you the same amount of points and you can tell this by the colour of what that you have be provided with example, purple will be the best colour. By getting the best one it will increase your chances on getting to next level. If you miss 3 notes or more in a row then the game will end and you will have to start again and the music starts to become quieter and you can hear the audience booing. When you go up in levels you then start to unlock you songs and outfits for your character.
  3. 3. Artwork The is what my app look likes. I placed the title In the middle on the page as its clear and visible for the readers. I chose to do this font because it creates a 3D effect. I gave my font a glow as it looks like lights are shining on it which gives of that dance feeling; Furthmore it creates a positive outlook on it as well. I chose to do the font in blue because it connotates fresh and because it’s a new game people may think its going to be different and unique. Blue is quite a bold colour so might make the player feel confident. I decided to do a black back ground because it doesn't’ take your attention from the title and black suggest mystery to show that they don’t know what type of music and what type of music game they are going to be providing you with. i placed music notes around the title as, it creates I clear view of what genre it is.
  4. 4. I have created a male and female character, by doing this I will have a better circulation of who plays my game. I have dressed the male character in an orange outfit because its bright and bold. I have dressed the women in white as it shows power. Each of my characters dance across the dance floor to get notes that are dropping down when they go underneath a note they bob. Characters
  5. 5. At the start of the game the mastehead groovy starts to fall down from the top. I have done this as it grabs your attention and it’s a way that you wont forget the games name. Play is underneath it and when you press on that it takes you to another page which is difficulties which you have to chose between easy, medium or hard. After that you are able to chose your character. I have created a difficulties page so you are able to chose if you want the song to be easy, medium or hard. What this does is change the speed of the song and increases the speed on the dropping notes. I have done this so, it helps different ages of my audience to go up in levels. Furthmore I have created a character page so you are able to chose a female or male.
  6. 6. These are items that I have added to the game to make it more dramatic and makes it look more realistic for my game. I have created music notes as, that’s what you are needing to get when they start dropping down. Power bars for when you are gaining points to get up to the next level. The pause button
  7. 7. Audience Research
  8. 8. Audience Profile • Who is your Target Audience; My audience is for both genders female and male aged 13-17; the social status is middle class. My game will appeal to this audience as, I am going to be aiming a range of different music genres because this will an widen my circulation of people playing and finding out about my game. By having a range of songs, it will be introducing my audience to songs they might have not heard of before. The types of songs I will chose on the game will be suited to my audience like rock, pop and R&B; this is what they asked for and this is what will appeal to my audience
  9. 9. Summary
  10. 10. Final Summary People should buy my game because my unique selling point if by having a range of different music choices. It creates an advantage of a range of different target audience playing my game because their favourite song might be on the game. Another thing is that the game is visually appealing, its bright and colourful which creates a positive vibe for people to play the game.
  11. 11. Questions?