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  • What implications…developing leaders. How to get Gen Yers up to speed quickly?
  • Discuss the key points in history that influenced each groupHistorical vs personal events
  • Notes: Pass out Generational Preferences Handout
  • Assessments
  • Notes/Handout: This requires a group with at least two generations represented. Create pairs of employees from two different generations. Have individuals review the generational preferences that represent their generation and determine whether they agree or not with the general statements.
  • Notes/Handout: This is delivered to a group of no more than 15. Ask them to answer these questions individually and not share with others in the group. Then split into groups by generation and ask the group to discuss their individual preferences. You are invited to join a new team because of your expertise. You are introduced to your team members and then asked by the team leader to draft the notes of the meeting.  How would you draft the notes? What would you plan on doing with the notes after the meeting?
  • Notes: Pairs comprise representatives from two different generations. Then identify one preference that each person can mentor the other in to strengthen the individual as well as team. Identify a project. -technology is an area that Gen X’ers and Y’ers can mentor the older generations-communication is an area that Boomers can mentor younger generations
  • Notes: Look for success stories in your organization where the multi generations work effectively by leveraging their differences.
  • I’ll be around the rest of the day
  • Multi generational workforce new

    1. 1. Multi-Generational WorkforceBeth Miller, Executive Velocity
    2. 2. AgendaThe GenerationsTailoring ManagementTeam Impact @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    3. 3. Generations in the Workplace (in millions)Gen Y or Millenials (1980-2000) 80 Gen X (1965-1979) 55 Baby Boomers (1946-1964) 1 77 Traditionalists (<1946) 0 20 40 60 80 @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    4. 4. Key Points in HistoryWhat influenced thegenerations? @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    5. 5. Historical Events Traditionalist- Great Depression, WWII, FDRBoomers- civil rights, Vietnam War, space travel, television Gen Xers - Berlin Wall, AIDS, Desert Storm, MTV Gen Yers - internet, school violence, Clinton affair, 9/11 @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    6. 6. What events havecontributed to yourfilters as a leader?How could theyimpact yourleadership style? Leadership @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    7. 7. Generational Preferences Performance ManagementCommunications Leadership Styles Work ScheduleRecognition Values and Purpose Learning Styles @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    8. 8. What assumptionsmay you make aboutspecific generationsthat could lead toteam conflict? Leadership @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    9. 9. Individuals vs.GenerationalPreferences @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    10. 10. Tailoring Your Management Communications Performance Management Recognition Rewards @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    11. 11. Common Areas of Conflict Choosing when and where to work Communication among team members Planning and scheduling Accessing information and learningHarvard Business Review @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    12. 12. … the Generations to Increase Team Performance @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    13. 13. FindingConnections, Similarities Pairing different generations to explore similarities @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    14. 14. Valuing DiversityExploration scenario: Designed to explore communication and technology preferences @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    15. 15. Bridge Gaps Create mentor pairs @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    16. 16. Identify Best Practices Success stories within organization @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    17. 17. Key Ideas» Generations are groups, not individuals» All generations need attention» Generations can learn from each other @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    18. 18. ResourcesUnlocking Generational CodesAnna LiottaGenerations Inc: From Boomers toLinksters- Managing the FrictionBetween Generations at WorkMegan Johnson and Larry JohnsonGeneration Blend: Managing Across theTechnology Age GapRob SalkowitzHarvard Business Review Blog - variousarticles by Tammy Erickson @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl
    19. 19. Beth Millerbeth.miller@executive-velocity.com404.451.3726 @SrExecAdvisor @shrmatl