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Cross Functional Team Communications


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Communicating in a cross functional team can be challenging at best. Learn what to look for and how to improve team performance.

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Cross Functional Team Communications

  1. 1. introducing Cross Functional Team Communications Beth A Miller, CMC Presented to APICS Atlanta
  2. 2. Agenda Communication Components Cross Functional Teams Table Discussion @SrExecAdvisor
  3. 3. @SrExecAdvisor 3 Communication Components 1. Data 2. Thoughts 3. Feelings
  4. 4. @SrExecAdvisor Cross Functional Teams 1. Diversity 2. Language 3. Location 4. Size
  5. 5. @SrExecAdvisor Table Discussion 1. Individually answer the questions on the handout 2. Focus on data: language, diversity 3. Commit to one action item 4. Discuss with table the action item
  6. 6. » Start with data first, understand how emotions impact your thoughts » Goals, Experience, Language » Focus on key relationships first Key Ideas @SrExecAdvisor
  7. 7. Cross Functional Teams Glenn M Parker From Cross Purposes to Cooperation Emilio De Lia Resources @SrExecAdvisor
  8. 8. Beth Miller 404.451.3726 @SrExecAdvisor