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Donate Life Poster Contest


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created by Hannah Porter

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Donate Life Poster Contest

  1. 1. Donate LifePoster Contest 2013
  2. 2. The contest… It’s a Sem-wide contest to create a poster which will promote organ donation during Donate Life Month (April)! Anyone can submit a poster!
  3. 3. Where will it be used?On the Unyts website homepage!
  4. 4. SIZE of DIGITAL FILESDigital files should be 740 pixels wide by 350pixels high. Non-digital files should beproportional to those dimensions.(Approx. 10.28” wide & 4.86” high, 20.56” wide & 9.72” high…)
  5. 5. DIGITAL FILE FORMATDigital files should be: •.pdf •.ai •.psd •.jpg Jpg files should be saved to high resolution. Any other digital file should be packaged with fonts, layers, and images. (Prefer to be able to edit if necessary.)
  6. 6. NON-DIGITAL FILES *Non-digital files can be any format – a drawing, painting, collage – anything you want!*Digital files can be saved on a CDor thumb drive. Both physical anddigital submissions will be given toUnyts by Mrs. Hopkins.
  7. 7. POSTER CONTENTFollow this link to the Unyts websiteto find digital resources to aid yourposter creation:
  8. 8. POSTER CONTENTWe will also link to the Donate LifeAmerica website where they provideDonate Life Month specific graphics.--------------------------------------The next few slides, we’ll showsome key things to remember whencreating a poster:
  9. 9. Upstate New YorkTransplant ServicesUnyts
  10. 10. You’ve Been Giventhe Gift of Life.Give It Back.It Does Matter.
  11. 11. The color RED.Blue & Green
  12. 12. Deadline for submissions is Friday, MARCH 22 nd @12:46PM (end of 2 nd lunch).Please submit your posters via email or in person to Mrs. Hopkins!
  13. 13. PRIZES!*For the first five postersubmissions, each girl will receive a$5 Cafe Aroma gift card!*For the poster that wins the Sem’sschool wide DL contest, a MYSTERYgrand prize will be given out!
  14. 14. This informationalpowerpoint will be postedon edline for anyone’saccess to the specific detailsof making a poster.Happy creating!