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Web Page Evaluation

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Web Page Evaluation

  1. 1. Blair Thallmayer MCOM536 Week #3 Topic 4: Web Page Evaluation Since my experience in PDS and student teaching involved special education and inclusionary classrooms I found it pertinent to evaluate the website of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). The site, which can be found at http://cec.sped.edu, is not entirely perfect but it definitely accomplishes what it sets out to. My standards when evaluating a web site begin with its content. After all, I need to know exactly what the web site is dealing with, what type of information it hosts, and how that information is delivered to Internet users. The content here was perfect, as there were no instances during which I did not know or understand what I was looking at. The links were descriptive, or titled in ways to avoid confusion, like ‘About,’ ‘Membership,’ ‘News and Issues,’ and ‘Policy and Advocacy.’ Every time I thought of something pertaining to special education or the CEC, a link or description was quickly found. Additionally, the featured links offer a paragraph summarizing its specific contents. The contents were extremely accurate and gave the impression of being well-researched, as well. Another top point of the site is its layout, which is not overwhelming at all, but packs plenty of punch in the space it occupies. The combination of gray space in this case, graphics, appropriate font size, and different color coding for separate sections of the CEC make viewing this site a very pleasant experience aesthetically. For instance, the main links at the top are maroon, bordered with white, to stand out; below that, to the left, the CEC Communities section, and the Teaching and Learning section, each of which house their own links, are separated by different color schemes, to show viewers they are, in fact, different. The graphics also tell a consistent story on each page, without being overdramatic or hogging up too much space. The layout does have somewhat of a flaw, if you can call it that, in that the links at the top of the site seem to have been updated without full correction. What I am referring to is the use of rollover links, links that when the cursor hovers over, will change to another graphic or another word. The ‘Publications’ link is still a rollover link
  2. 2. while the others have been changed to stay still. Unfortunately, when you roll over this link, it changes to ‘Professional Development’ which is the link directly to its left. This is not a huge deal, but a website such as this should be flawless in layout and design. As simple as something like this is to fix, it still has not been fixed, which is problematic. Other than the error with the link, however, the spelling, grammar and punctuation are top notch. Even if errors do exist that escaped my probing eyes, they were not so blatantly obvious to cause a reader to stop and question its credibility. Still, on a site whose job is to assist exceptional children, all spelling and grammar should be perfect. As far as this observer can tell, it reaches that goal. The only real issue with the site is its load time. My Internet is not the fastest in the galaxy, but it is still a cable modem, and each link took approximately 6-12 seconds to load. On my same computer, similar websites take 1-4 seconds to load, meaning that something with regards to the compression, graphics, or contents of the website is slowing everything down. Since the graphics are not tantamount to the understanding of this site’s contents, they could probably compress them a bit more and develop faster loading times. Despite this, the navigation system is tremendous, as the color coding always lets you know where you are on the site, as well as where certain desired sections can be found. Lastly, the copyright and contact information is appropriately placed at the bottom of the site, separate from all other text, to avoid cluttering. The copyright also lists its compliance with the W3C-AAA standards, and the contact information includes a phone number, e-mail address, and physical address. Overall, the site would earn a 29/32 based on my rubric, only losing points due to the link flaw in the layout and the load time issues. The layout flaw is a very simple fix and one that the web designer likely overlooked in haste, but the load time definitely needs to be taken into account to make visiting the site a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience.
  3. 3. Web Site Design : Web Page Evaluation Teacher Name: Miss Blair Thallmayer Student Name: ________________________________________ CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Content The site has a well- The site has a The purpose and The site lacks a stated clear clearly stated theme of the site is purpose and purpose and theme purpose and somewhat muddy theme. that is carried out theme, but may or vague. throughout the site. have one or two elements that do not seem to be related to it. Layout The Web site has The Web pages The Web pages The Web pages an exceptionally have an attractive have a usable are cluttered attractive and and usable layout. layout, but may looking or usable layout. It is It is easy to locate appear busy or confusing. It is easy to locate all all important boring. It is easy to often difficult to important elements. locate most of the locate important elements. White important elements. space, graphic elements. elements and/or alignment are used effectively to organize material. Spelling and There are no errors There are 1-3 There are 4-5 There are more Grammar in spelling, errors in spelling, errors in spelling, than 5 errors in punctuation or punctuation or punctuation or spelling, grammar in the grammar in the grammar in the punctuation or final draft of the final draft of the final draft of the grammar in the Web site. Web site. Web site. final draft of the Web site. Load Time The pages typically All pages typicially One Web page Web pages load very quickly load reasonably typically takes typically take a (10 seconds or quickly (10-15 more than 15 more than 15 less) on a 54k seconds) on a 54k seconds to load, seconds to modem due to modem due to but the others load download due to small graphics, small graphics, quickly. large graphics, good compression good compression animations, of sounds and of sounds and sounds, etc. graphics, and graphics, and appropriate division appropriate division of content. of content. Navigation Links for navigation Links for navigation Links for navigation Some links do not are clearly labeled, are clearly labeled, take the reader take the reader to consistently allow the reader to where s/he expects the sites described. placed, allow the easily move from a to go, but some A user typically reader to easily page to related needed links seem feels lost. move from a page pages (forward and to be missing. A
  4. 4. to related pages back), and internal user sometimes (forward and back), links take the gets lost. and take the reader reader where s/he where s/he expects expects to go. A to go. A user does user rarely not become lost. becomes lost. Copyright Fair use guidelines Fair use guidelines Fair use guidelines Borrowed materials are followed with are followed with are followed with are not properly clear, easy-to- clear, easy-to- clear, easy-to- documented OR locate and locate and locate and material was accurate citations accurate citations accurate citations borrowed without for all borrowed for almost all for most borrowed permission from a material. No borrowed material. material. No site that requires material is included No material is material is included permission from Web sites that included from Web from Web sites that state that sites that state that state that permission is permission is permission is required unless required unless required unless permission has permission has permission has been obtained. been obtained. been obtained. Graphics Graphics are Graphics are Graphics are Graphics seem related to the related to the related to the randomly chosen, theme/purpose of theme/purpose of theme/purpose of are of low quality, the site, are the site, are of the site, and are of OR distract the thoughtfully good quality and good quality. reader. cropped, are of enhance reader high quality and interest or enhance reader understanding. interest or understanding. Content Accuracy All information Almost all the Almost all of the There are several provided by the information information inaccuracies in the student on the Web provided by the provided by the content provided site is accurate and student on the Web student on the Web by the students OR all the site is accurate and site is accurate and many of the requirements of the all requirements of almost all of the requirements were assignment have the assignment requirements have not met. been met. have been met. been met.
  5. 5. Summary 1. Standard/Outcome: I.B 2. Demonstrate Mastery: (1) Researching and evaluating existing and emerging technologies. (2) Use of learner developmental levels as related to technology resources. (3) Access and use information sharing. 3. Artifact Benefit: As the technology person for a school/district being aware of the existing and emerging technologies is part of the role. To do that, technology coordinators, in collaboration with administrative and technology staff, must explore emerging technologies and find the appropriate place for these new modern technologies within education. Reflection In MCOM 536, Internet for educators we developed web evaluations. Since my experience in PDS and student teaching involved special education and inclusionary classrooms I found it pertinent to evaluate the website of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). The site, which can be found at http://cec.sped.edu, is not entirely perfect but it definitely accomplishes what it sets out to. My standards when evaluating a web site begin with its content. After all, I need to know exactly what the web site is dealing with, what type of information it hosts, and how that information is delivered to Internet users. Being able to evaluation a website is important information for the technology coordinator. Educators using the internet and web as resources for learning activities need to be aware of the audience and objective of the website. Making sure that it is an appropriate site for students will benefit everyone in the long run. Every web page must be evaluated based on a variety of criteria. The task was to become acquainted with various evaluation processes, and apply those valuation techniques to your own evaluations of web pages. Viewing web pages on a daily basis was standard routine for me. I understood that there or must have been a set of guidelines that web designers have to follow in order to create an appropriate and creativity web site. However, I was never really sure of the variety of criteria until this project. Now that I can identify the various evaluation processes, I can apply those techniques to evaluating web pages. This will also benefit myself when creating web pages, as well as appropriate viewing websites for my future students.