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Technology Plan Ppt

  1. 1. EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PLAN Entity: Philadelphia School District Address:440 N Broad Street N. Philadelphia, PA 19130 Phone Number:(215) 400-4000 Contact Name: Blair Thallmayer
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Phase 1: Prepare to Plan Phase 2: Communications Phase 3: Current Status Phase 4: Strategic Goals & Objectives Phase 5: Action Steps Phase 6: Action Plan Development Phase 7: Budget Phase 8: Monitoring & Evaluation
  3. 3. PHASE 1: PREPARE TO PLAN School District & Community Demographics Location District: The School District of Philadelphia 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19130 Region: East, 2603 N 5th St. Phila. PA 19133 School: William H. Ziegler School 5935 Saul St. Phila. PA 19149 H St Phila Diversity, Demographics & Socioeconomics 1,406,415 population Ethnic Composition: 53.4% African American, 25.7 % Latino, 12.7% p , , Caucasian, 6.3% Asian American & 1.9% other 75% receive free or reduced-price lunch 14% are in Special Education Programs & 2.4% Gifted Program Breakdown Breakdo n of the Schools 180,000 students in over 270 public schools 12 regions Parent & Community Involvement Support and active part 10 organizations
  4. 4. PHASE 2: COMMUNICATIONS Mission The mission of the School District of Philadelphia is to provide a high quality education that prepares, ensures, and empowers all students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential in order to become lifelong learners and productive members of society e be ociet Vision The Ziegler School vision has been created over time. The principles are implemented through our instructional practices and efforts to build a school climate that expects quality and decency As part of our educational academic vision goals decency. vision, begin in kindergarten, with our Kindergarten is Key meeting, we stress the importance of reading and parental involvement. At Back to School Night, the principal and teachers convey Ziegler's vision and speak about how crucial parental involvement and support is in helping us attain our goals. Community Communication C i C i i Telephone Calls, Voice Machines, Text Messages, Emails, District Website, School Website, Wikispace Partnerships & Community Linkages Public Libraries UGO Philanthropy library & Free Library of Philadelphia Higher Education University of the Arts & University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Businesses B i Best Buy & Staples Community Organizations YMCA & The Schuylkill Center for Environmental in Philadelphia
  5. 5. PHASE 3: CURRENT STATUS Success of Previous Plan 33 Intel iMacs, Fast ForWord, new digital cameras & video cameras, Promethean Board, projectors and G4 iBook Curriculum & Student Achievement; Student & Staff Technology Skills, Knowledge and Usage Promethean board, PowerPoint, Word, Kidspiration, Appleworks, iLife Suite Technology Support Services Maintain support through the school district’s help desk Staff Development Teachers will be trained in the use of Schoolnet, using email, using the Promethean board and taking Benchmark tests online. They will learn to use online resources to enhance the core curriculum and for differentiated instruction. Current Technology Budget Analysis Due to the drastic budget cuts, money for technology is not written in for this academic year. We will try to have fundraisers, through the Home and School, year fundraisers School to bring in money for technology. We will try to write grants to also bring in more technology.
  6. 6. PHASE 4: STRATEGIC GOALS & OBJECTIVES 4.1 CURRICULUM AND LEARNING Goal: The school district will integrate technology at all levels throughout the curriculum curriculum. Objective: Teachers will use technology in one lesson in each curricular area per week Goal: The h l di t i t ill train teachers about G l Th school district will t i t h b t NETS. Objective: Teachers will effectively model and apply NETS as they design, implement, and assess th d i i l t d learning experiences for students. Goal: The school district will integrate technology using NETS throughout the curriculum. S Objective: The students will become proficient in skills taught from NETS.
  7. 7. PHASE 4: STRATEGIC GOALS & OBJECTIVES 4.2 ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT Goal: The school district will use technology to instruct professional development sessions. Objective: Administrators will use technology to promote staff development in areas of greater need: internet, email, spreadsheets, presentation software and i f d information t h l g ti technology. Goal: The school district will use technology to initiate online resources. Objective: T Obj ti Teachers will b t i d in S h l t h ill be trained i Schoolnet, Nettrekker and Promethean Planet. Goal: The school district will use technology to promote employment employment. Objective: The school district will post employment opportunities on the district website.
  8. 8. PHASE 4: STRATEGIC GOALS & OBJECTIVES 4.3 4 3 COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION ACCESS Goal: The school district will update the district website to promote communication and information access. Objective: The school district website will display important updates about access to online resources and web based tools. web-based tools Goal: The school district will update the school hardware, software and network capabilities. Objective: Th school district will equip schools with Obj i The h l di i ill i h l ih airport hubs which will give a wireless internet connection. Goal: The school district will repair, maintenance and network support needed to the school. Objective: The school district maintain support through the school district’s help desk so that problems are repaired in a timely manner
  9. 9. PHASE 5: ACTION STEPS Action steps were created for each objective to p j purposely state details for: Curriculum and Learning Administration & Management s a o a age e Communication & Information Access
  10. 10. PHASE 6: ACTION PLAN DEVELOPMENT Developed to determine the action to each step and a time line of events for Hardware Network Facilities Software Staff Development Technology Staff User Support Miscellaneous
  11. 11. PHASE 7: BUDGET Three Year Budget Items Product Item Description Website Quantity Item Cost Total Cost Wireless Connection Apple ® AirPort Hubs pp Best Buy y 800 $180 $ 144,000 Email Accounts Collaboration Center 12 $1,000 $ 12,000 HTML Software FileZilla 12 $1,500 $ 180,000 NETS S Technology Curriculum h l C i l NETS S 12 $3,500 $3 00 $ 42,000 42 000 Support Desk Region Help 12 $40,000 $ 480,000 Schoolnet Training per Region 12 $50,000 $ 600,000 Nettrekker Training per Region 12 $65,000 $ 780,000 Promethean Planet Training per Region 12 $20,000 $ 240,000 Total 824 $ $181,180 $ 2,478,000 , , , Funding Source Universities, Libraries, Stores, Community Organizations , , , y g Grants, Sponsors, Fundraisers
  12. 12. PHASE 8: MONITORING & EVALUATION Monitoring g To monitor this technology plan to meet all of the goals and objectives we plan on having a Technology Committee in which educators per region will be able to meet twice a year for the next three years. Meetings will be arranged using www doodle com . In the meetings, these educators meetings will come together for the purpose of discussing the educational technology plan, often in a formal setting. In addition to coming together physically, communication lines and equipment will also be set up to have a discussion b h di i between people at diff l different l locations, e.g. a conference i f call or an e-meeting. At each meeting an agenda will be preplanned, using Google Docs, to discuss, in order, topics of concerns to stay on task. Evaluation To evaluate the plan for success the school district will submit a survey to collect quantitative information about polling and questioning individuals about the educational technology plan. The surveys will be emailed to staff members twice a year for the next three years using il d ff b i f h h i . In addition, after training sessions, the staff will also be surveyed on the trained just completed. Careful planning is essential for a successful survey, meaning careful attention to detail and usage of procedures will enhance response. Results from surveys will be discussed at the Technology Committee meetings to converse about progression.