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Ideal Classroom


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As a pre-service teacher, I have a number of ideas on how I would want my future classroom set up.

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Ideal Classroom

  1. 1. Thallmayer- Ideal Classroom 1    Ideal Classroom Assignment Blair Thallmayer East Stroudsburg University
  2. 2. Thallmayer- Ideal Classroom 2    Ideal Classroom We must continue to change classrooms to meet the needs of students, rather than change students to meet the needs of our classrooms. Schools around the country are containing a student body consisting of those with and without learning disabilities; this is referred to as an inclusionary classroom. Teachers should know that all students have different learning styles and have the awareness that all students can learn regardless of style or disability. Technology can be a wonderful way of incorporating integration into the classroom, but it is only effective when considering the learning objectives and views of the learners. The learning environment involves teaching, learning and technology. First, the teacher has a message that is taught through instruction to the learners. The learners will gain knowledge through activities and technologies. Once the message is taught, the teacher will evaluate the students’ progress. Progress is referred to as feedback for the teacher, on instructional content, teaching strategies and technologies. With the feedback the teacher will reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Integrating technology within the curriculum can occur through a variety of different ways based on theories and practices associated with designing, developing, managing and evaluating the teaching-learning process and the technological resources used to implement that process. Computers made interactive, individualized instruction possible (Lever-Duffy, 2007). Classrooms employ the use of mini lesson and small group work. Classroom teachers employ the use of flexible grouping. Classrooms are structured with the expectations that learners come to us at different levels of readiness, and our job is to meet the learner where they are and move them as far as we can in the time that we have them. The use of multiple level
  3. 3. Thallmayer- Ideal Classroom 3    materials is very effective within the classroom compared to single level. Lastly, the curriculum should go way beyond textbook use for resources. In fact, abandoned textbooks will have more successful achievement rates with your students (Salend, 2007). There are many ways of creating classrooms, however when I develop my ideal classroom I plan on developing something that is suitable for student needs. The layout of my classroom would involve a desk and chair per student creating groups and/or tables instead of rows. As these groups/tables are developed students will be put into flexible groups, instead of ability grouping. These groups will also change once a month to give students a variety and chance to learn with others within the classroom. In addition to these groups, the classroom will be a student-center learning environment in which conversation, discussions and collaboration talk place among the students. The teacher is not the only voice within the classroom. I plan on using differentiated instruction and curriculum as a means of getting the most out of the groups. Not all students learn the same, so instruction and curriculum should be different to meet the needs of all students. Identical assignments will not have a positive achievement and success rate. In addition, I want each student to have their own laptop for class provided by the school district. Make laptops available for each student will promote NETS within the curriculum, as well as reach many learning styles. It’s not about special education. It’s about general education and it’s about teaching and learning. Implementing ideal practices and technology effectively requires time to understand, learn about and reflect on what the item involves and entails.
  4. 4. Thallmayer- Ideal Classroom 4    References Lever-Duffy, J., & Mcdonald, J. B. (2007). Teaching and Learning with Technology (with MyLabSchool) (3rd Edition) (MyLabSchool Series). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Salend, S. J. (2007). Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices (6th Edition). Alexandria, VA: Prentice Hall.
  5. 5.                           Per Student                                                                                                              Guided                                Reading  Table 
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