Final Assessment in MCOM 536


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This Final Assessment Paper was created as a reflection piece on the assignment completed in MCOM 536 Internet for Educators.

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Final Assessment in MCOM 536

  1. 1. Thallmayer 1   MCOM 536 Internet for Educators- Final Reflection Blair Thallmayer East Stroudsburg University
  2. 2. Thallmayer 2   Topic 1 Email Exploration The purpose of Email Exploration is to be sure that I am acquainted with the basics of email: the kinds of things one should be able to do to be a “power user” of email. The only problem is that people use different email programs so learning how to do certain tasks is unique to the client being used. Therefore, using the help screen or contacting the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email client for help with some tasks is normal. Having basic emails skills, like receiving and replying to messages, and forwarding messages, is something that all educators should be knowledgeable about in today’s society. All of the information to teach myself how to use an e-mail client was built into the help and options pages in the actual e-mail client, making my life much easier. As the first assignment of the year, I found all of the instructions to be worded perfectly, easy to follow, and great to serve as an ice-breaker of sorts. Topic 2 Forums/listservs, Wikis, Blogs Evaluation The task for topic two involved subscribing to at least two educationally related forums or listservs; monitor at least two educationally related blogs; and monitor at least one educationally related wiki. At first, I was unsure as far as what these terms meant, but through search engines online, the definitions became easier. Reading forum posts and blog articles are very valuable to my understanding of the usage of the web in teaching because they allow teachers an outlet to exchange ideas or discuss their opinions. Wikis go even further by combining plenty of ideas and lessons and definitions on a single page. Learning e-mail basics was a good first step, and moving onto posting online seemed like a logical next step.
  3. 3. Thallmayer 3   Topic 3 Information Searches Searching for information on the internet can be one of the most difficult tasks, or it can be fairly easy, depending on how it is gone about. Using the various types of search tools and search functions, information should familiarize teachers with new tools never used before, and allow completion of an Internet Treasure Hunt. Using the search tools to complete the treasure hunt of eleven questions was far from difficult. Given the search tools and search functions beforehand made the assignment simple with clear directions because the information was presented and available already by using familiarized tools with correct information. Topic 4 Web Evaluation Rubric & Evaluation Every web page must be evaluated based on a variety of criteria. The task was to become acquainted with various evaluation processes, and apply those valuation techniques to your own evaluations of web pages. Viewing web pages on a daily basis was a standard routine for me. I understood that there must have been a set of guidelines that web designers have to follow in order to create an appropriate and creative web site. However, I was never really sure of the variety of criteria until this project. Now that I can identify the various evaluation processes, I can apply those techniques to evaluating web pages. This will also benefit me when creating web pages, as well as appropriately viewing websites for my future students. Topic 5 Acceptable Use Policies The task involving the Acceptable Use Policies included the parts of an AUP, and highlighting responsibilities in the administration of the policy. Becoming familiar with the AUP is another focus that educators should have obtained knowledge about. Currently I am not
  4. 4. Thallmayer 4   teaching in a classroom; therefore I created an outline to what I would teach to my students if I were in a class about AUP. Personally, I always learn better by teaching others, so this task improved my background on AUP as well as creating an outline on how I would teach others on the topic. When I begin teaching, I will remember the outline I created, as well as researching and collecting the schools AUP for future assignments and projects within the school. I did not really understand, though, how this applied to learning from the Internet, other than that the AUP can be accessed on the web. Topic 6 Create a HTML page & FTP it to a student web space Topic 6 was a terrific way to introduce and begin working with HTML pages and FTP servers. Before this assignment, I had never created either a HTML web page, nor turned that into FTP into a student web space. Having taken small steps with this first HTML assignment , I felt extremely prepared for future HTML assignments. When embarking on new assignments with unfamiliar software and directions, it is often frightening and challenging to recognize and repeat until the practice is no longer necessary. Students, like myself, need to go beyond their comfort zone, and discover as well as be assigned new experiences to develop growth as a student. Topic 7 Create a Web Page & FTP it to a student web space Topic 7 is the continuation of Topic 6, in the sense that Topic 6 was the introduction/ basic skills lesson on using HTML and FTP and now Topic 7 is to reinforce those skills using individual creativity to display what a teacher web page should come across as. Having a sample teacher-created home page that followed the same directions gave a clear visual for what the
  5. 5. Thallmayer 5   assignment was asking for. I like viewing sample projects before completing my own product, due to my visual learning style. I need to see the final product of another to piece together my own creation. This assignment was a great starting tool when creating teacher web-pages. I will carry on the information from this assignment as well as continuing to learn more information that will develop my own personal teacher web-page when I have my own classroom and am teaching full time. In short this was overall the most interesting, valuable and enjoyable topic for me during this class. As a teacher, I could create a teacher web-page for my students and parents to keep as a communication tool outside of the classroom. I would post all assignments, projects, academic/curriculum standards, classroom/school/district calendar of listed events, field trips, educational resources, photos (if given permission) and the list goes on. In addition, it would be visually appealing and written at the appropriate level of my readers. Topic 8 Create a WebQuest WebQuest format and assignment is something that I am very familiar with from my undergraduate courses at East Stroudsburg University in the elementary and special education departments. In the past my projects were created in Microsoft PowerPoint, so it was new to learn an alternative way to creating something I already knew about. Developing a WebQuest on a web-page was a new and fun experience. I enjoyed coming across many online resources for building up Topic 8. There is just so much information on the web that you really need to make sure it is correct. Topic 8 is another task that I will continue to develop on in my own learning as a professional, as well as using it in my classroom when I begin teaching in addition to graduate school course assignments. Not only did I take pleasure in learning some new information on a recognizable theme for me but also benefited from fresh experiences.
  6. 6. Thallmayer 6   Topic 9 Collaborative Project Design Collaborative Projects are very appealing and a motivating idea that I wished I completed as a younger student. As the teacher I think conducting this would be even better. Collaborative Projects are a great way for students to broaden their knowledge of their own environment and world. Children, starting at a young age, begin making sense of the world around them. Connecting educational content areas to a fun and global project will make students make more bonds to their world. The directions for this topic were clear, however coming up with the actual project proved to be more difficult than I initially thought. Still, the end result was a great example of how students from different backgrounds can come together for the greater good of learning. Topic 10 Presentations & Links* The purpose of this assignment was to create a list of websites that would be beneficial for students that you teach or educators/peers. Topic 10 was a wonderful way to create a classroom list of web-sites links that everyone could benefit from. It is always good to discover things on your own, but it is also nice when others have the correct information you need. This assignment will assist everyone in utilizing the internet for educational and professional development purposes. Instructors can only do so much, that it is often useful to learn from peers. Extra Project Add a Web 2.0 Component to your WebQuest. The purpose was to create a structure for students to use it. The purpose of this Web 2.0 is a blog for students to continue on with the
  7. 7. Thallmayer 7   WebQuest I created as an alternative assessment. I created this Web 2.0 from, and I found it from another class I am currently taking (MCOM 510). This was a great way to develop another type of assessment using the same goals and objectives. Using forms of alternative assessments is something that I will be frequently doing in the classrooms. Knowing how to use the internet and the online resources available will make it easier to develop assessments for all students. Summary Overall, I really enjoyed my experience in this course, as not only was the material important to me as a teacher, but it was also fun to learn. We live in such a technologically advanced country that to stay behind the new developments would be irresponsible, especially when my job is to mold the minds of younger students. Of the topics throughout the course, I would have to say that learning how to create a teacher webpage was my favorite. I had no prior knowledge of building websites and now feel that I can create them for others.