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Laminate Flooring Installation Tutorial: How to Start Your First Row


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Laminate Flooring Installation Tutorial: How to Start Your First Row will walk you through the process of installing the first row of laminate flooring. This is a great guide for any DIY'er and anyone new to laminate floor installation.

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Laminate Flooring Installation Tutorial: How to Start Your First Row

  1. 1. Laminate Flooring Installation Tutorial • How to install your first row
  2. 2. Step 1: Materials Needed • Underlayment • Tape • Laminate Planks (5% -10% extra) • Scissors/Utility Knife • Laminate Installation Kit • Hammer • Pencil • Measuring Tape • Saw • Find installation tools and kits here: can find laminate installation kits and tools by clicking here.
  3. 3. Step 2: Subfloor • Check the subfloor for damages. The subfloor should be smooth, intact and clean before beginning an installation.
  4. 4. Step 3:Underlayment • Install the proper underlayment for your surface. • For more tutorials on selections underlayment and installation instructions, go to ons Find tutorials on how to select and install underlayments here!
  5. 5. Step 5: Expansion Gap • After you install your underlayment, gather your spacers. • With floating laminate floors, an expansion gap is extremely important to keep floors from buckling. • Tip: Allow for a ¼” gap between the wall and plank. If you have a length longer than 30 ft., allow for a ½” gap.
  6. 6. Step 5: First Plank • Starting in a corner, place your plank in the corner and add your spacers. • Install plank so it is snug and there is no gap between the plank and spacers
  7. 7. Step 6: Second Plank • Connect the plank to the first locking it in tightly. • It is easier to add the spacers after the plank is locked into place with the previous plank.
  8. 8. Step 7: Continue Installing • Follow the previous steps plank by plank until you reach almost the end of your first row
  9. 9. Step 8: Almost to the End • When you are almost to the end of your first row you will see there is not enough room for a full plank.
  10. 10. Step 9: Measure Space • Line your measuring tape up with the last plank and measure to the wall. • Tip: Remember to add in your expansion gap to the measurement!
  11. 11. Step 10: Mark Plank • Measure and mark the plank you will be trimming with the measurement just taken. • Draw a straight line across the plank as a cutting guide.
  12. 12. Step 11: Cut The Plank • Use a saw to cut the plank with the decorative side up. We recommend using a jigsaw or table saw. • Jigsaw: Use a laminate flooring blade, which has a medium tooth, downstroke blade. • Table Saw: Use a medium tooth carbide blade with upside down teeth.
  13. 13. Step 12: Last Plank • Click the trimmed plank into place with the previous plank.
  14. 14. Step 14 – Second Row • Begin the second row with the other end of the trimmed plank and continue installing.
  15. 15. Learn More! • Find more DIY tutorials at ons Click Here!
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