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Microsoft Secrets: hidden gems


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Microsoft Secrets: hidden gems

  1. 1. Easter Eggs in Microsoft Products Can you spot them all?
  2. 2. Microsoft BearWindows 3.1 & 95 1. Hold Ctrl-Alt-Shift 2. Go to the Help menu of Program Manager > About Program Manager 3. Double Click the Windows logo > OK 4. Repeat several times. You should eventually get the bear
  3. 3. Microsoft Bunny• Windows 95 Type ILOVEBUNNY32=1 under the [WINDOWS] section of WIN.INI
  4. 4. WordPerfect Monster• Word for Windows 2 Tools > Macro Name macro “Spiff” > Edit. Clear the page > close. Help > About > click on Word logo
  5. 5. Random Quotes • If you do your best, whatever• Office 4.3 / 96 / 97 happens will be for the best. • Things that go away by themselves View the Help file. can come back by themselves. • Plaid shirts and striped pants rarely make a positive fashion statement. • You should never dive into murky waters. • Its never too late to learn to play the piano. • You can hurt yourself if you run with scissors. • You should never look directly at the sun. • This is the last tip.
  6. 6. The Hall of Tortured Souls• Excel 95 1. Open Excel 95 2. Go down to the 95th row 3. Select the whole row 4. Tab over to column B 5. Go to Help > About 6. Hold down Ctrl-Alt- Shift and click on the tech support button 7. A window appears called "Hall of Tortured souls"
  7. 7. Word Pinball• Word 97 Type the word "Blue" Format > Font, change to bold and change colour to blue >OK Add a space after the word Blue Help > About Microsoft Word Hold down Ctrl + Shift and click the Word icon
  8. 8. Magic 8 Ball• Access 97 Create a blank database Macros > New Press space Close the dialog box Click Yes Save as "Magic Eight Ball" View > Toolbars > Customize and check macro design Drag the macro to the second toolbar
  9. 9. Dev Hunter• Excel 2000 File > Save as web page Selection:Sheet > Add interactivity > Save Open the file Scroll to WC2000 and click on 2000 Hold ctrl+shift+alt and then click on the Microsoft logo
  10. 10. Utah Teapot• Windows 95 3D Pipes Screensaver settings: Pipes needed to be multiple and standard style, joint type must be multiple and texture solid
  11. 11. Minesweeper Cheat• Windows 2000 & XP At the start of a game type xyzzy and press Enter
  12. 12. Anti-piracy Gallery• On the Vista CD are faces of the anti- piracy team
  13. 13. Blue Screen of Death• Internet Explorer 5 In the address bar type about:mozilla
  14. 14. Hover• Windows 95 On the installation CD
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