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How to burn fat 2013


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How to burn fat

Published in: Health & Medicine
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How to burn fat 2013

  1. 1. How to burn fat
  2. 2. How to burn fat fast? You need to speed up yourmetabolism and exercise in addition to having the rightfood intake. Here are some tips:•Increase your intake of high fiber foods. It is a fact thatthe necessary amount of fiber is lacking in most of our dailymeals. Fiber aids your fat burning process significantly andin addition, promotes an overall general health. Saladscontaining leafy greens are great sources of fiber.•Do not let yourself starve nor get too stuffed. Heardabout "the golden mean"? The old greeks knew it. Imtalking about moderation. The timing of your meals shouldbe so that you always eat before you start to starve. If youfollow this simple rule, youll keep the metabolism intactand burn fat as well as eating less. Take a look at the wildanimals; are they fat? No! What can we learn from them?To stop eating when we are satisfied and not eat until weare so stuffed that we can barely move.•Do what it takes to build your muscle mass - that willburn your fat. We know that muscles are much more activemetabolically than fat and other tissue. Therefore your jobis to do some resistance training daily, thus adding more
  3. 3. muscle, which in turn will boost your metabolism and burn fat. The more lean muscle mass youhave, the more calories and fat your body will burn - even when you rest.•Stay away from poor quality carbohydrates before you go to bed. These carbs are thosecontaining sugar or carbs that are highly processed like most cereals, breads, snack foods, candies,and even fruits and juices. Eating these foods just before bedtime will likely result in increased fatdeposit and will actually prevent your body from maintaining a sufficiently high fat-burning mode.If you have to eat, eat vegatables.•Increase your cardio training to burn fat. A smart way to do this is to split your cardio trainingsession into two small sessions rather than one long period. Research shows that people who do 30minutes of morning cardio and then 30 minutes of evening cardio lose more fat than those doingjust one 60 minute session.Follow these tips on how to burn fat fast, and youll see the results yourself: fat loss.Article Source: youre really serious to Burn Fat then you need to check this
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