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Christmas Toys Gift Ideas - Gifts For Girls


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Christmas Toys Gift Ideas - Gifts For Girls Gift Ideas For Girls for Christmas 2012

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Christmas Toys Gift Ideas - Gifts For Girls

  1. 1. PDFaid.Com #1 Pdf Solutions 2012 TOP 1 0 FREE G I R L S X M A S TOY S WE WILL MAKE THIS HOLIDAY CONVENIENT FOR YOU… Gifts as special as the ones we are giving them to Buying gifts can sometimes cause a lot let you sit down and pore over the list Whatever you decide to wrap for her - of stress in your part because finding we have compiled for you and teach whether toys, clothes or other items, the right present which our little girls you how to identify ones that will you have to ensure that it will be will like is not an easy task. perfectly fit the personalities of your something they will find engaging, little princesses. constructive and useful. With the myriad of options available, you want to be sure that you are We all know that marketing gimmicks Check the list we have on this brochure choosing one that will definitely paint a can falsely lead you to purchasing a so you will know just how much effort smile on their faces. present that will not only be left we put into compiling a list of gifts that unappreciated but, worse, may give are worthwhile and appropriate for Instead of just carelessly buying items them a wrong impression of the values them. off from shelves because of the hustle you want to impart. and bustle this time of the year, we will DOLLS HOUSES EXCITEMENT DOLLS & MORE
  2. 2. The Monster High Ghoul Spirit Action FigureThe Monster High Ghoul Spirit Action Main AdvantagesFigure is the perfect gift for your over-6 The extreme attention to details,year old that likes to play with dolls and noticeable in the outfits and accessories THE GANGfigures. included in the set will help your makeIf your child is fascinated by the original your child get in game, this assembly of dolls will The set of accessories will allow yourallow him to fill his play dates with little one to improvise on stage, alongexcitement and fun, which will with the characters, and to createultimately develop his creativity. stories, stimulating his ingenuity andThis is not just a doll set; it will be a attention to details.source of magical moments, of constant As a collector, you should be proud toentertainment and of joy for all kids display these dolls, as they representand for any passionate collector that HOWL EEN WOLF the heart, soul and the overall spirit ofstill keeps the childhood spirit within. the video game they were inspired by.Features of the SetThe Monster High Ghoul Spirit ActionFigure comes within a set of dollswhich includes the three “fear-leaders”dolls, one having the pompons, another THIS IS NOT JUST A DOLLone holding the microphone and the SET; IT WILL BE A SOURCEGhoul, wearing the fashionable redglasses and the fan glove. OF MAGICAL MOMENTS, OF CONSTANT ENTERTAINMENTThe set also comes with three other AND OF JOY O P E R E T TAfeatures which include a foam finger,the school banner and the stylish gymbag. TO R A L E I S T R I P E ABBEY BOMINABLE
  3. 3. Main Drawbacks of the SetThis is a great set which reveals the fierce, wild and trendy spirit of the original video game,bringing it into real life, so it leaves little room for improvements.However, the small accessories are not suited for infants under the age of 3 years, due to thechoking hazard.Also, this set is designed more for girls, but it is appreciated by both genders and any child whoenjoys video games will smile instantly upon receiving this great present.Customer ReviewsAll the customers that acquired this set are pleased with the overall quality of the dolls, the detailsaccuracy, the excellent price, and highly recommend it as a gift for children and collectors.In conclusion, do not waste another moment before ordering this lovely band and turn the initialvideo game into reality for both yourself or for your little one.The Monster High Ghoul Spirit Action Figure will not disappoint you! For more reviews and to see the product In more detail CLICK HERE
  4. 4. With the Lalaloopsy - Jewels Sparkles Your DaughterWill Be More than ThrilledThe Lalaloopsy - Jewels Sparkles is not This doll is the symbol of grace,your ordinary little doll or gift. If you leadership, dancing and overall glitter.have a daughter that you want to Its dimensions are impressive, namely LALALOOPSYimpress, if you are a collector looking 7.2x5x13 inches, doubled by a weight offor a special piece, or you are simply a 1.7 pounds, making it the bestdoll passionate and you wish to bring to companion for your otherwise lonelythe surface the little girl within, then offspring.this is the perfect choice.Features and Main Advantages ofthe Lalaloopsy - Jewels Sparkles Main Drawbacks of the SetJewels Sparkles, the wonderful and cuteLalaloopsy doll is waiting, more The manufacturers recommend thisbeautiful than ever, together with her product to all children over the age of 6 FA NTA S T I C PAC KI NGfriendly pet, to help you start your own years, and advise all parents not to givecollection of lively dolls, some more this doll or any of the ones in theadorable than others. collections to children under 3 yearsIf you are looking for a gift to impress a old, as they include small parts – such as the crown or the pet, that can belittle girl, then you must choose theLalaloopsy - Jewels Sparkles, easily swallowed.accompanied by her pink Persian cat, asno one can resist its beautiful pinkoutfit. JEWELS SPARKLES YOURIt looks like a short princess dress, DAUGHTER WILL BE MORE L OADS O F CO L O Rcolourful and glittery, matching the THAN THRILLEDhaircut and the big eyes of the cutedoll perfectly. L OT S O F F R I E N D S HAVING FUN
  5. 5. Customer ReviewsThe clients who have purchased this doll are pleased with its high quality and its accessories, aswell as with the fact that, besides great looking, it is also very resistant.Many reviewers appreciate the easiness in changing its clothes, namely the incredibly beautifuldresses, as opposed to other famous dolls on the market.Almost all buyers were impressed with the safety playing with this doll involves, as it not made ofplastic or anything hard that could cause injuries to the delicate children’s hands.It is therefore no wonder that it became the favorite doll and a long lasting play friend for girls allover the world.Final ThoughtsSo, stop thinking about it and surprise your daughter with the Lalaloopsy - Jewels Sparkles, as thischoice will not only bring a smile on her face when she receives it, but it will brighten each of herdays until she grows up. Fantastic fun for little girls for more reviews and to see the product In more detail CLICK HERE
  6. 6. Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony Figure - Bringa Smile on Your Kids FacesThe Baby Butterscotch My Magical direction of the person caressing it andShow Pony Figure is the perfect pet for cuddles showing love and appreciation.your children and the best toy to spice It can turn a little moody, responding to BUTERSCOTCHtheir universe with happiness and the sound of the voices it hears, so itentertainment options. can be used to teach your children how to treat animals and what using aFeatures and Main Advantages of the certain tone when speaking may cause.Baby Butterscotch My Magical ShowPony Figure Highly recommended for ages over 4 years and up, it makes an excellentThis little electric figurine can sit, stand choice, not just as a simple toy but alsoor even lie down in various positions, as an educational material, being a greatresponding to touch by moving, whining source of entertainment and a greatand making pony like sounds. support in lessons regarding behaviorThe set comes with a special carrot F O OT A N D A H A L F TA L L towards animals, responsibility and notthat, when fed to the pony makes it only.reveal its joy through specific chewingand munching sounds.With the included brush, your sprout BRING A SMILE ON YOURcan also groom and pet the little baby KIDS FACES THE TOY IS ALLpony, taking care of it just like he or THE MORE REALISTIC AS ITshe would take care of a true animal MOVES ITS EARS ALONGcompanion. WITH THE HEAD AND ITThe toy is all the more realistic as it MAKES SOUNDS VERYmoves its ears along with the head and SIMILAR TO THOSE MADE G R E AT F U Nit makes sounds very similar to those BY REAL PONIESmade by real ponies.When caressed, it turns its head in the F U RREAL F RIENDS HAVING FUN
  7. 7. Main Drawbacks of the Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony FigureAlthough adorable and attractive for children of any age, it is only recommended for those abovefour years, as the children younger than that may swallow the small parts, such as the carrot andthe brush.Customer ReviewsMost of the customers are thrilled with the fact that it resembles a real pony, especially throughthe sounds it makes and through the way it responds to touching and talking.Many reviews appreciate it as a great toy for both boys and girls, interesting, useful and unique,unlike most other toys in its category available on the market.The Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony Figure can be considered a great choice for parentswho would like to teach their children the responsibilities and joy that come with owning a petwithout having to actually put up with one. Great for teaching kids to care for animals, for more reviews and best prices CLICK HERE
  8. 8. The Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk and GiggleDollIf your daughter keeps asking for a little doll responds to touches with over 60sister, if you feel she lacks a friend or phrases and songs, randomized fromyou simply want to give a realistic touch “Tickle me!” to crying and from LITTLE MOMMYto her play of being a mommy, the Little laughing to “Bottle momma?”. She evenMommy Real Loving Baby Walk and clearly asks for help to get up if laidGiggle Doll is the perfect choice. completely on her back, through an irresistible “Help me up mama!”.Features and Main Advantages of theLittle Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk This toy is guaranteed to keep yourand Giggle Doll daughter busy taking care of her baby by feeding her the bottle, giving her theThe most striking feature is the perfect pacifier or her favorite blanket.resembling of the body parts, facialfigure, hair, clothing, and especially the The doll can also stroll with her littleinteractive sounds and speech with the wheeled puppy, by holding it in a leash. NURTURING FUNreal life elements. This wonderful doll The blanket can be used to play Peek-a-walks and talks, plays and giggles like Boo by covering the dolls eyes.any normal kid would. Your little toddler can also help herIt was conceived not only as an learn how to take her first steps,interesting and adorable play encouraging and developing nurturecompanion, but also as an educative behavior, generosity and friendliness.tool in teaching and developinglanguage and sociability, all wrapped upin an impressive dose of entertainmentfor the little girls. THE PERFECT LITTLE SISTER FOR YOUR PRETEND-AND-PLAYThe set also includes a baby suit for DAUGHTERthe little doll, a little puppy that needswalking, a pacifier, a feeding bottle anda blanket. Once turned on, the little G I G G L E S , A N D P L AYS HAVING FUN
  9. 9. Main Drawbacks of the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk and Giggle DollThe doll uses six AA alkaline batteries that are not included in the set, so you need to purchasethem separately.Also, since it includes small parts, it is only recommended for children over three years or older, inorder to avoid choking or other injuries caused by inappropriate usage.Client FeedbackMost of the clients are impressed with the accuracy level of the details, from the speech to theactual independent moves. Some of the customers mentioned that the batteries run empty quiteeasy and they need to be changed constantly frequently, but they all agree that it is a small price topay for the happiness of their daughters.So, taking their word, the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk and Giggle Doll promises to be awonderful companion for your little girl and should be added to your shopping cart without delay. Fantastic interactive fun for any little girl, for more reviews and best deals CLICK HERE
  10. 10. The Digital Blue Barbie Karaoke – Setting the Premisesfor a Singing CareerIf your little girl dreams of becoming a dance and have fun, all she needs to dosinging superstar, the best way to help is to play her favorite CD.her begin her career is to get her the The karaoke machine can also be B ARBIEDigital Blue Barbie Karaoke that will powered both on AC and with 6 C sizeallow her to practice from a young age. batteries (which need to be purchasedFeatures and Main Advantages of separately as they are not included inthe Digital Blue Barbie Karaoke the set).This karaoke set is compatible with This will allow your child to singalmost all types of CDs (CD+G/CD/ outside as well, in the garage, the atticCD-R/CD-RW), it has built-in speakers or wherever she feels like it, withoutand comes with two microphone inputs worrying about plugging her equipment.that allow you to sing duets andchallenge your friends and family G R E AT F U Nmembers to singing contests.The Echo and Auto Voice Control haveseparate microphones and controls formaster volume, turning this item froma simple toy to the real deal! THE KARAOKE MACHINELight effects are included as well, CAN ALSO BE POWEREDcreating the premises for some of the BOTH ON AC AND WITH 6 Cbest parties. SIZE BATTERIESThe colourful pink and light bluehighlights are bound to make your EAS Y TO O PERATEdaughter feel like a Barbie princess.Whenever your little girl is not in themood for singing, but she still wants to EASY S ETU P MUST FOR B ARBIE FANS
  11. 11. Main Drawbacks of the Digital Blue Barbie KaraokeThere were no negative reports regarding this incredible product, the only minor setback referringto the fact that it can only be used by children over 4 years.Client FeedbackAll of the customers were impressed to discover that the Barbie Karaoke can be connected to theTV and surround system etc) and that it can be used by both kids and adults, representing theperfect opportunity to bring the family. One or two customers reported minor issues regardingthe CD player, but, overall the toy got a 4.6 star rating out 5 possible stars.Is your little girl dreaming of being a singing superstar? Is she using your hairbrush or the remoteas a microphone, humming and singing all over the house all day long?The Digital Blue Barbie Karaoke is the perfect gift to show her that you believe in her dream andthat you support her initiatives. Great fun for sleepovers, for more reviews and best discounts CLICK HERE
  12. 12. The Barbie 3-Story Dream TownhouseThe Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse house your best choice when trying to This townhouse comes to life due tomake your daughter happy, as with it, the various realistic sounds that can be TOW N HOU SEyou give her the possibility to build her heard in it, like, for example, the doorown ideal word, you stimulate her bell or the kitchen timer. Everyone isimagination and you help her impress bound to love the relaxing cracklings ofher friends. the fireplace, and there is no reason toFeatures and Main Advantages of stumble upon someone in thethe Barbie 3-Story Dream bathroom since the shower can beTownhouse heard running and so can the flush of the toilet.The new and improved town housecomes with freshly pink painted All the lights from the chandeliercolumns and real life wall paper downstairs or the tiki lights next to the ROARING FIREPLACEpatterns, for a touch of luxury and hot tub surround the house in a magicstyle. light, turning every evening into a fairytale, both for the dolls and for theIt is three stories high and organized in girls playing with them.several rooms. At the first floor, wehave a dining area and the kitchen. Theliving room, with a movable TV andfireplace, along with the glamorousBarbie style bathroom are located onthe second floor. TRICE THE FUN FOR YOURThe third floor shelters a posh LITTLE GIRL AND HERbedroom suite with a balcony attached FRIENDS ULTRA-LU XURIOUSand a luxurious outdoors hot tub. Thehouse also has an elevator, so that thelittle Barbie dolls can move around the EASY S ETU P PERSONAL ELEVATOR
  13. 13. Main Drawbacks of the Barbie 3-Story Dream TownhouseThis house is no fun without the dolls, and they do not come included, so, make sure your little girlhas the appropriate dolls to play with or buy them separately.The sets also includes over 50 pieces such as a laptop, remote control, dishes, trays, bedroomdecoration items that may represent a choking hazard.Client FeedbackAll the clients were pleased with the doll house and mentioned that it is very easy to assemble.Their daughters seem to have enjoyed receiving it as a gift and play with it all the time.The Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse is wonderful for pajama parties and family play sessions andmakes an excellent addition to any little girl’s bedroom, from the age of three to as late as ten ortwelve years old. Must have for any Barbie fan make a little girl happy this xmas, for more reviews and great prices CLICK HERE
  14. 14. A Doll for a Doll – The Fisher-Price Dora the ExplorerWe Really Did It Dora DollIf you want your daughter to learn to daughter learn words in a newsing, to dance and even to speak language, in this case Spanish.Spanish, then the Fisher-Price Dora the The realistic details of the hair, eyes, DORAExplorer We Really Did It Dora is the face and clothing help the doll toperfect way to motivate her and offer resemble the real Dora perfectly andher the necessary support at the same make the interaction with your littletime. girl even more interesting andFeatures and Main Advantages of the entertaining.Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer We Main DrawbacksReally Did It Dora Unfortunately this smart dolls has aInspired by the movie Dora’s Birthday limited set of knowledge to share withAdventure, this doll celebrates her 10th your little girl, but what she lacks inanniversary with a new dance and ROARING FIREPLACE knowledge, she compensates in the waysong. It is the perfect interactive toy, as she moves and looksit can be set to follow instructions,learn new things and perform presetactions.The first mode is Teach Me, in which SHELL HELP YOU LEARN THEyour little girl can teach Dora new MOVES TO HER NEW DANCEwords. AND WILL ALSO PLAY AThe second mode enables Dora to sing BILINGUAL DANCE GAMEthe “We Did It” song and dance at the AND FREEZE DANCE WITHsame time. In the third mode, your YOU TOO!daughter gets to learn some interesting ULTRA-LU XURIOUSdance moves.Last but not least, in the fourth mode,“Say It Two Ways”, Dora helps your EASY S ETU P PERSONAL ELEVATOR
  15. 15. Client FeedbackAccording to most of the reviews, all the girls were thrilled with the doll, copying its moves andrepeating its lines. It often made the thrill of the entire family, attracting adults in the games of theirdaughters and making it easier for theparties to bond.One customer complained about the doll being a bit too loud and not having an option to lowerthe volume, but the problem can be easily solved with the switch button.Different from all the other dolls on the market, backed up by an attractive story, with a friendlyface and irresistible eyes, the Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer We Really Did It Dora will make awonderful companion for your little daughter, not just during playtime, but also during the singing,dancing and Spanish lessons any bright child should take. Great interactive toy for any little dora fan, for more reviews and great prices CLICK HERE
  16. 16. The Vtech - InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet - Pink IsWhat Your Daughter Really WantsIf your child is a bit technical savvy, but have that settled, the young users canstill too young for grown up gadgets, personalize the tablet with their ownthen the Vtech - InnoTab Interactive wallpapers, avatars and greetings. THE VTECHLearning Tablet – Pink is exactly what The built in rotating camera allows thehe or she needs in order to develop his user to take pictures or shoot videosor her skills and have fun at the same and if the tablet’s memory is nottime, without breaking anything. enough to store them, the SD card slotAfter all, combining learning with supports memory cards of up to 16playing is the best way to ensure his or GB.her intellectual and social development. The e-reader and the microphone makeFeatures and Main Advantages an excellent addition to the educational resources, helping the user with schoolThe Vtech-InnoTab comes with a 5 inch projects, learning languages, singing or INTERACTIVE E-BOOK Scolor touch screen providing the even recording documentaries.perfect size and clarity for your child toenjoy games and fun drawings alike.The tilting sensor will help your childuse the tablet in any position he or she EACH E-BOOK ALSO COMESfinds comfortable, while the included WITH A STORYstylus will turn browsing, playing, typing DICTIONARY. THEand editing into a simple but DEFINITIONS MAKE ITmeaningful gesture. EASY FOR CHILDREN TOThe tablet supports up to four users, UNDERSTAND THE WORDso it is perfect for families with several AND THE CONTEXT OF THE F U N A N D E D U C AT I O N A Lchildren, remaining for you to make up STORY.the schedule for them to use it, asthere is no doubt the part aboutsharing will lead to a war. Once you SOFTWARE C ARTRIDGE S BRING READING TO LIFE
  17. 17. Main Drawbacks of the Vtech - InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet – PinkThe tablet is recommended for children between 4 and 9 years old, but that is just the label.A lot of parents use it with success and it is an excellent tool in tracking the evolution of thechildren in school.All the applications, games, e-books and other resources have to be downloaded.The batteries are not included in the set, so you need to add 2 sets of 4 AA batteries to yourshopping cart.Client FeedbackThis product got a 5 star rating as a proof of its overall quality, damage proof components, andnumerous usage alternatives.Given the technical details, the feedback received and the numerous possibilities it offers, the Vtech- InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet – Pink makes an excellent choice for any family with children. Take learning to the next level with your little ones, for more reviews & best prices CLICK HERE
  18. 18. The Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch Tablet – Getting inTouch with TechnologyIf your child is highly interested in for acquiring the fundamentals in Math,gadgets and electronic devices, then he Science, English and Social skills.or she will definitely enjoy the Fuhu As parents, you can monitor and verify THE FUHUNABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch Tablet, a your children’s progress andproduct bound to help him or her get performance using the online reportfamiliar with the world of technology at card that allows you to analyze thea young age. metrics and analyze the time spent, theFirst, let us take a look at the features activities covered and the results yourof this wonderful item that promises to child achieved.combine last hour technology with the Since learning should be fun, the tabletfun and entertainment any device in its abounds in fun game apps, videos, andcategory should offer: other accessories meant to make theScreen size of 7 inches; process more pleasant. AC ADEMIC LEARNIN G1.3 GHz Tegra 3.0 processor; There is no doubt that the console HD quality gaming option, the possibility toAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich listen to his or her favorite music oroperating system; watch videos online will conquer your1 GB RAM; child’s attention in no time.Wireless connectivity;1 USB 2.0 port; CHILDREN CAN ALSO LEARN01 Lithium Ion battery included. TO PLAN THEIR ACTIVITIES,Benefits of the Fuhu NABI TO PRIORITIZE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES, AND SPINLETS+ MUS ICGiven the above listed EVEN SYNCHRONIZE THEIRcharacteristics, it is hard to believe TABLET WITH THE FAMILY’Sthat this is a kids’ tablet, the onlyclues to its intended use being the COMPUTERFooz Kids University learning system F U N I N T E R AC T I V E G A M E S SYNC WITHOUT WIRES
  19. 19. Main Drawbacks of the Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch TabletThe main setback of the product is that it is fully Nabi dependent, meaning that most of the appsand software have to be compatible with this platform, even if the tablet works with the Androidoperating system.Client FeedbackMost of the customers were pleased with the product and stated that their children learned a lotusing it.It comes with an affordable price and it can be customized to meet the user’s expectations, so itlives up to the promises of any product in its category. It may not make such a great gadget foradults, but the children are usually thrilled with it.To conclude, you just have to give the Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch Tablet a chance! Great way to teach them with fun, for more reviews and best deals going CLICK HERE
  20. 20. The Graco 3-in-1 Deluxe Travel System – The PerfectCombination between Fun and ResponsibilityThe Graco 3-in-1 Deluxe Travel System doll. The set includes a tray whereis a must have for any child’s collection snacks can be kept and a large storageof toys, as, besides representing an basket underneath, for your little girl to G R AC O 3 - I N - 1excellent means of transport for your carry her toys or personal things.little girl’s dolls and toys, it is also a wayto teach her traffic rules, responsibilityand everything related to pushing a real You can use the stroller to play with your child by pretending she is the littlestroller. doll, on the condition that your littleFeatures and Main Advantages of the girl does not weigh more than 40Graco 3-in-1 Deluxe Travel System pounds, the stroller’s weight capacityBefore getting into details, we cannot limit.overlook the fact that this toy strollerresembles in every detail, from the PINT-SIZED VERSIONdesign to the actual functioning, itschildren’s correspondent. It can easilyturn from an infant travel seat to a GRACO 3 IN 1 DELUXEstroller and a reclining baby seat, TRAVEL SYSTEM. PINT-depending on the dolls’ dimensions and SIZED VERSION OF“age”, but also on the weather, the GRACOS POPULAR TRAVELlocation of the stroll and your little SYSTEM. OFFERS THREEgirl’s preferences. WAYS TO TRANSPORT BABY DOLL IN COMFORT AND STYLE. SWIVELING DOUBLEThe carriage comes with two double FRONT WHEELS C AR SEATfront wheels that facilitate directionchanges, a sun canopy that can beadjusted depending on the time of theday and on the angle the sun rays fallunder, large enough to protect the little BIG STORAG E B AG SNACK TRAY
  21. 21. Main Drawbacks of the Graco 3-in-1 Deluxe Travel SystemThis product is recommended to children above 3 years, and there are no foreseeable dangersassociated with its use. Just like all the Graco products, it successfully passed all safety tests, so nodrawbacks can be associated with it.Client FeedbackAll of the customers were pleased with the wonderful colors available, the attractive but sturdydesign, flexibility and durability of the stroller. Some of them considered the price a bit spicy, butthey admitted that, overall, it is worth paying and fair compared to the prices and quality of theother similar products on the market.The best reviews were written by parents who had the same stroller model for their little girls,being impressed with the resemblance between the two items.All in all, the Graco 3-in-1 Deluxe Travel System promises to help your little girl have the time ofher life carrying her dolls around and playing mommy. Pint-sized version of Gracos popular travel system great for little girls, for more reviews CLICK HERE