Law dissertation writing strategies


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Law dissertation writing strategies

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  2. 2. Law Dissertation Writing StrategiesLaw is one of the few admired disciplinesthat deal directly with humans. Whenwriting a law dissertation you are workingwith innocent people through upholdingthe rule of justice while protecting theirrights.
  3. 3. Such a document follows a legal researchprocedure. It should present facts in astraightforward manner. Yourdissertation will attempt to draw factsfrom previous cases whilst comparing thesimilarities and differences.
  4. 4. Keep in mind the following when writinga law dissertation• Organization. It is a project like any other and therefore follows the same organization as a dissertation in any other discipline. It should include a title, introduction, literature review, data collection, results and discussion, conclusion.
  5. 5. • Timeframe. Law dissertations are written on specific timeframe. As such, ensure that you allot realistic time for each activity including researching, analysis, discussion and reviewing.
  6. 6. • Research process. It follows a legal process of researching. Exhaustively examine the dissertation question before you begin to searching for relevant cases and sources to help you answer the question.
  7. 7. • Sources. Locate only the most relevant facts, cases, and statutes in order for you to formulate a convincing argument. Take time to analyze various literature in order to locate facts that support your thesis.
  8. 8. • Analysis. Take time to study the research material. Study all literature you can find on the issue and pay attention to the most specific cases. To craft a convincing dissertation, you must first understand what you are talking about.
  9. 9. • Approach. For you to create a convincing legal argument, you need to identify, clarify and compare literature from different disciplines. You might have to collect information from different disciplines. Ask your professor for guidance.
  10. 10. • Legal terms. A legal document should be authoritative and sound. Find out the legal terms suitable for your dissertation. Remember that your sources must be factual because they might be used as a foundation for further research.
  11. 11. • Be precise. Communicate your points clearly using short sentences. Do not use too many words to explain your ideas. Note that this is a legal document and therefore does not require too much literature.
  12. 12. Law dissertations unlike otherdissertations are based generally on factsand not creativity. Find out theparameters of legal requirements beforeyou begin your dissertation.
  13. 13. Remember that law deals with peopledirectly and therefore it should behandled delicately. Also, remember thatyour facts may vary depending thecountry or jurisdiction.
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