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How to write a dissertation questionnaire

  1. 1. How to Write a Dissertation Questionnaire Presented by
  2. 2. How to Write a Dissertation QuestionnaireThere are many ways used to collect researchmaterial and questionnaires are suitable forprimary research. In order to collect relevant datayou need to design a comprehensive dissertationquestionnaire.
  3. 3. Information. Decide on the kind of informationyou wish to ask the interviewees. Take time todesign questions that are relevant to yourresearch. A good question should enable youachieve your research objectives.
  4. 4. Target Population. Decide on the subjectpopulation to be interviewed. If the samplepopulation is massive, you can break it downsmaller groups according to age, sex, andgeographical location.
  5. 5. Interview. Decide on the best way to approachthe respondent and collect data. You may preferpersonal interviews, group interviews, emailedquestionnaires, telephone interview and so on.
  6. 6. Question. How you phrase the questions affectsthe kind of information you collect. There aretwo ways you can phrase a question; open-ended and close ended arrangement. In theopen-ended arrangement, possible answers arenot suggested.
  7. 7. Format. A dissertation questionnaire follows aspecific format. Questions should be arranged ina psychological order. As such, the questionsshould flow naturally to the next from thesimplest to the most complex.
  8. 8. Length. A dissertation questionnaire should belimited to not more than an hour answeringperiod. The questionnaire should contain shortand precise questions. Remember that most ofthe respondents are busy and may not havetime to devote to five page questionnaires.
  9. 9. Pre-test. Before you start using thequestionnaire on the real respondents, taketime to test it. Check on the wording, format,and order. Pose the questions to a friend anduse this opportunity to determine the strongand weak areas.
  10. 10. Final survey. A dissertation survey contains well-organized and presented questions that producerelevant responses. Make your dissertationquestionnaire sound simple, clear, andinformative.
  11. 11. A good questionnaire poses that trigger interest.The questions should not be leading as they canillicit wrong responses. Use a conversationalstyle because this makes it easy for therespondents to understand the question.
  12. 12. For more tips on how to write a dissertation quickly and easily Visit
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