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How to conduct qualitative research dissertation


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How to conduct qualitative research dissertation by

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How to conduct qualitative research dissertation

  1. 1. How to Conduct Qualitative Research dissertation Presented by
  2. 2. A good dissertation is based on extensive research. Adissertation is based either on qualitative orquantitative research. Depending on the topic and thesubject area of study either one will dominate.In this presentation therefore, we explain whatqualitative research dissertation entails.
  3. 3. DefinitionQualitative research entails systematic explorationto discover and understand an issue orphenomenon. This type of research is appliedeveryday in the community and work places. It istherefore a necessary process in our day-to-daycommunities.
  4. 4. Qualitative research to collect primary dataIt is a type of research that seeks to answer thewhat, why, where, who and how through topicalanalysis using interviews, notes, photos, videos,and open-ended questionnaires. It focuses moreon the inside view rather than the outside view.
  5. 5. Qualitative research to collect primary dataQualitative research method lays foundation forquantitative research. Being more humanoriented, it concerns itself with human behavior,culture, and lifestyles.
  6. 6. Choosing qualitative researchWith a myriad of options to choose from outthere, researchers are option for the tested realtime options. These include:Personalized and group interviews at theresearch centers or wherever appropriate.one on one chat interviews via the internet
  7. 7. Choosing qualitative research Telephone interviews using multi-media technologies such as mobile phones and internet. Web-cam made possible via internet and a web-cam enabled computer or laptop.
  8. 8. Choosing qualitative researchA number of researchers find the non real timeoptions quite useful. These include:Using social media to interact with yourresearch population.Online discussions via blogs, forums, onlinejournals, and media.
  9. 9. Qualitative research method has continued toembrace new research options with theemergence of mobile devices such as tablets andsmart phones.These devices facilitate easier penetrationthrough photo and video uploads texting, emails,mobile conference, and voicemail.
  10. 10. Sampling methodThere are three methods of qualitative samplingused popularlyPurposive sampling involves using a particularsample for a specific purpose.Quota sampling involves investigating samplesin different segments.Snowball sampling is used to studyundetermined behavior of a particular group.
  11. 11. When conducting research, it is always importantto remember ethical guidelines. As such, thequalitative research dissertation shouldconfidential and unbiased.Researcher should respect the people and theirculture regardless its autonomy. Participantsshould freely share information withoutintimidation.
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