Moblie marketing promotion 2012


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Stop looking at Google AdWords as the only way to start generating traffic to your lead generation pages. Please. Here's are some great mobile marketing tips no matter how large your business, no matter how limited your budgets for marketing.

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Moblie marketing promotion 2012

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing 2012Stop looking at Google AdWords as the onlyway to start generating traffic to your leadgeneration pages. Please. Heres are somegreat mobile marketing tips no matter howlarge your business, no matter how limited your budgets for marketing.
  2. 2. Table of ContentsMobile Marketing Promotion.......................................................1Mobile Marketing is the latest and the greatest internetmarketing wave ............................................................................13 Mobile Marketing Tips To Increase ROI .................................45 Marketing tips to help your SMS Campaign ...........................6Why these are the 4 best mobile marketing companies ..........8 The Moblie Marketing Handbook............................................ 13Moblie Marketing Resources and Promotions ....................... 14Mobile Marketing Resource Books .................................... 14-15
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing Promotions These mobile marketing tips are highly recommended.They are to encourage interactivity with your customers in thecampaign. Be creative on how you can utilize these methods.These kind of strategy should be maximized in any campaignssince this kind of user participation is unprecedented since the oldforms of marketing campaigns uses medium that are essentiallyone-sided. These unique mobile marketing strategies will help infamiliarizing your brand to your customers as well as gain theirtrust.Mobile Marketing Is The Latest, and TheGreatest Internet Marketing Wave. Mobile Marketing has become the most outrageous phenomenon inthe Internet marketing business. Because Mobile Marketing is so new, mostmarketing "gurus" simply have no glue how to market to people who are notalways sitting at their PCs. This is the precise reason why Mobile Marketingis the hottest thing going today.This is not a fad that will quickly come and go, these 5 tips will showyou why Mobile Marketing is here to stay and desk top marketing isbecoming a thing of the past. 1
  4. 4. 1. Most of the large computer companies do not want to be in the "computerbusiness" anymore - they have started to move to mobile companies.2. Today there are over 5 billion people walking around with mobile phonesand the number is growing exponentially. So what does that mean? Simplyput, mobile is now nearly five times bigger than the Internet and the numbersare jumping by leaps and bounds every nanosecond.3. One of the largest computer companys Apple sold over 2 million moreiPhones...and Google customers are activating more than 160,000 DroidSmartphone a day! Thats phenomenal.4. According to the latest statistics, more than half of all Internetconnections are from mobile "Smartphones". Think about it this way... whichone do you use the most to connect to your Internet throughout the day?Your mobile Smartphone or your PC?5. There are over 5 billion cell phone owners...of this number 51 million areSmartphone surfers, and they are carrying these pocket size computersaround with them 24 hours a day seven days a week. Talking about a "nobrainer", this clearly speaks to the enormous impact Smartphones will havein the world of Internet marketing.2
  5. 5. According to a study, 91% of Americans keep their cell phonewithin three feet of them twenty four hours a day seven days a week.Your PC cant compete with that. In fact, most people would rather leavetheir wallet at home than their cell phone! If you are a NEWBIE, Mobile Marketing is the ideal thing for you, youdont have to unlearn the old system and you start out fresh without thedistraction of going back to "how you did it in the day". Just think about it,you are able to get on the ground floor of a new industry, this is what most ofus dream about, and its happening now with Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing is the new trend setter, computer companies onthe inside are watching and are scrambling to "reinvent" themselves fromscratch to make mobile their new best friend. Dont let this new wave pastyou by, jump on the band wagon now and learn this new way of doing internetmarketing using your cell phone. Heres why mobile is the best way youll ever find to "break into"affiliate marketing right now - and why Im so sure the "next generation" ofgurus is going to jump on this wave before it EXPLODES. 3
  6. 6. 3 Mobile Marketing Tips To Increase ROI Mobile marketing is extremely popular and only growing, butsurprisingly it hasnt completely caught on to the point of saturation - whichis good news for you. In the past few years, there has been a strong growthin the smart phone market such as the iPhone and Blackberry, which hasopened many avenues for marketers. Plus the ever-growing numbers of people who love to use the smartphones only means even larger markets to leverage. For any IM marketerwho has been hesitating to "do" mobile marketing, now is the absolute besttime to do it. Given below are a few mobile marketing tips that you can put touse right away to see considerable results. If youre new to mobile marketing, then from the very beginningcreate your own system for storing the contact data of your customers andprospective customers. You can keep your records either on your computeror other means; there are probably a ton of different methods. Try to use allthe contact data you have on your prospects and keep that for further usebecause you can use it in a variety of ways. You can also learn some valuable information by watching yourcompetitors, who are trying to reach the same audience as you are. See how4
  7. 7. they stay in touch with their customers, and if you see something thatimpresses you, try to find an even better way to implement this yourself. You can locate your competition through the search engines, andyoull find theres quite a bit you can find out. If they havenewsletters/ezines, sign up for them to keep yourself updated. Never send unsolicited texts to people if youre marketing to them;they will need to give you their permission. That is the classic n00b mistake,and its a doozy, too. Dont do it. Trust us, you will really make people angry ifyou send someone a text that is an ad. Nothing else really matters at all onthis one because so many people will react negatively to you. You may find mobile marketing a little confusing at first, but applythe tips weve discussed here and you will soon feel at home with it. If youwant to make your campaigns as profitable as possible, just keep thesetechniques in mind. When you begin with a new type of marketing, itsespecially important to stick to the proven principles so you dont make poorchoices. There is little doubt that mobile marketing is going to be a hugeforce in the near future, so make sure you are here to take advantage ofthis. 5
  8. 8. 5 Marketing tips to help your SMSCampaign There are many aspects that go into making your mobile marketingcampaign a success. There is no reason your small business can not run atext campaign that will increase your brands awareness, increase customerfrequency and loyalty, and drive your business to higher sales even in thisdown economy. Here are 5 mobile marketing tips that will maximize your ROIand make this new marketing medium work for your business. 1) Promote your call to action. You can have the best offers beingsent to your subscribers but if you do not promote the mobile call to actionyou will have no one signing up. Add the call to action on your existingmarketing materials, your Facebook page, Twitter, print and direct mail andmost importantly have your employees tell every customer in store aboutthe new campaign. 2) Reward your customers for signing up. Sometimes all it takes isa little reward or bounce back coupon to get more subscribers. If you are apizza place consider promoting, "FREE 2 liter soda with your next Large 2-Topping Pizza purchase for texting PIZZA to 83936." Customers are giving6
  9. 9. you their mobile phone number and thanking them for doing so will raiseyour opt-in rates. 3) Limit the amount of offers you send. Dont send offers every fewdays. Best practices and highest redemption rates result from text offersonly being sent once a week or even better, 2 to 3 times a month. This waywhen customers get the messages they know if they miss taking advantageof this offer, the next one is not right around the corner. Businesses whosend text offers to frequently will drive down redemption rates and increaseopt-outs which is the opposite desired outcome of mobile marketing. 4) Reward your customers. Send great offers that are differentfrom your regular specials and other coupons. If you reward people whohave taken the time to opt-in to your campaign with offers they can only getfrom their cell phone, you will have much higher sales and profits. "Buy One,Get One" "FREE" "Dollar Amount Off" are the three highest converting offersfor text message marketing. 5) Help your customers spread the message. At the end of eachtext blast message include the words" FWD 2 a friend." People like sharing indeals with their friends and sharing in the offers they are receiving. This hasthe capability to make your offer go viral and spread much further than justyour own database list. 7
  10. 10. Why these are the 4 best mobile marketingcompanies Black Friday always excites retailers, but this year BlackFriday and the new Cyber Monday brought a new wave ofpurchasing never before seen. Purchases using mobile phonesskyrocketed 310% this year! The new trend of marketing and purchasing from mobilephones has taken the market by storm and there are severalcompanies making huge strides in developing advertising andapplications for the mobile world. When mobile marketing first began, it focused solely onSMS or text messaging. Many consumers and companies alikefelt the texts were spam, and unwanted. Since then cell phonetechnology has improved exponentially and mobile applicationsare the wave of the future.1. MobileStorm is a leader in the mobile marketing industry.The company has been around since email marketing began(about eleven years ago) and has fared well amongst theircompetitors. MobileStorm provides a hosted mobile and emailplatform for companies eager to expand their advertising market.MobileStorm offers world class technological support andguarantees a nice return on investment. Although email marketingis a huge part of MobileStorm, they also provide:8
  11. 11. * SMS Messaging * Voice Messaging * RSS, and * Video and Fax Broadcasting. The best part of MobileStorm is that they recognize thatall companies are not in the position to pay for large scalemarketing efforts and therefore provide two different options. TheMobileStorm Go system is ideal for businesses simply looking toreach their audiences quickly and cheaply, while the MobileStormPro focuses on larger marketing strategies, integration, and brandprotection. While MobileStorm may to be the largest mobilemarketing company, it does have some pretty reputable clientslike Nascar, Hard Rock Cafe, American Idol, and Ashley FurnitureHome Stores.2. Millennial Media is one of the largest of all mobilemarketers and has been in the business since 2006. According toNielson research studies, Millennial Media reaches 80% of themobile web and has several hundred different advertisers on thenetwork every month. Millennial Media boasts entertainmentpowerhouse clients such as Time Warner, MTV, Disney, and Fox.As one of the largest of the independent mobile marketingcompanies, Millennial Media exceeded $9 Billion in advertisingrequests in 2010. Millennial Media sets itself apart from othermobile marketers by focusing on creativity, first-to-marketsolutions, and being the only company to offer specific andscalable audiences. 9
  12. 12. 3. Jumptap, another major player in the mobile marketinggame, is unique because it focuses on letting the consumercontrol the advertising. Jumptap finds that customer control leadsto better targeting, more relevant ads, and high click through andconversion rates. In September 2010 Jumptap added video,making it the only company to offer all mobile solutions in onesingle platform, including: * Search * Display * Rich Media * Video, and * In- app Advertising. Mobile Marketing companies often do much more thanthat as well. Jumptap stays competitive by developing innovativeIP ( intellectual property) protection on many of their solutions.Jumptap has received over five United States patents on theirdevelopments in the past year and will surely remain a force to bereckoned with among the competition. Recently, Jumptappartnered with Cyber Communications, Inc. (CCI). As Japans leading media representative company, CCIwill be the only partner in Japan offering Jumptap advertisingtechnology. CCI is owned by Japans Dentsu, Inc., and plans toinvest heavily in Jumptap. Jumptap is aware that mobile apps aremaking it possible to reach targeted audiences more effectively,and have initiated their Passport to Freedom initiative10
  13. 13. orchestrated to provide increased revenue possibilities for themobile app developers. As mobile applications become more prevalent, it willbecome increasingly difficult for the developers to compete withlarge companies substantial developing budgets.4. It should come as no surprise that Google has a footholdin the mobile marketing game. Googles Admob was started in2006 by a developer looking to remove the roadblocks toengaging users. Now, Admob has become one of the largest players inmobile marketing by investing in cutting edge technology andsnatching up the most talented developers. With Googlesnotoriety, it is understandable why companies like Ford,Paramount Pictures, and P&G have used their marketing tools.Admob provides business models for companies looking tomonetize and serves over a billion ads per month! Compared to MobileStorms 3 billion ads total, you cansee why Admob is the ultimate front runner in this race. Admobalso provides monthly mobile metrics reports that allow clientsand partners to recognize the trends in the market and strategizeabout their advertising accordingly. Like MobileStorm, Googles Admob allows companieswith varying advertising budgets the ability to reach consumers 11
  14. 14. worldwide. Never to be outdone by Google, Microsoft also offerscutting edge technology making them a preferred choice by manycompanies looking for mobile solutions. Microsoft Advertising hasenormous resources and outlets for their advertising campaignsand claims to reach over 688 million customers per month. The sheer size of Microsoft and Google insure theirpositions in the mobile marketing arena, but the smallercompanies highlighted above may offer more personalizedapproaches and be better equipped to reach specialized niches ofcustomers. The increase in mobile phone applications signals thedeveloping trend for companies focus on reaching consumerswherever they are. Future advancements will focus on local advertising andtracking users interests. These techniques will make mobileadvertising even more effective. There is a growing trend to startreaching customers through their cell phones and you will start tosee more mobile marketing companies.12
  15. 15. The MobileMarketingHandbook The Mobile Marketing Handbook Mobile marketing is beginning to overtake internet marketing and you want to make sure that you are on board from the very beginning. Any type of business can use mobile marketing tips to use this style of marketing and you can see some really great results in a very short time frame. You may want to make sure that you have a mobile version of your site and this allows your cell phone visitors to be able to navigate your site easily with the use of their phone and they will not become frustrated and leave. This can be very easy to do and you may find that this can increase your traffic. You should still cater to your internet users and make sure that you do not neglect this population of visitor. Mobile marketing tips can help you to find success using this type of marketing. If you are new to this type of marketing, you will want to learn everything you can and this can help you to reach an entirely new population of people that many other business owners have not even thought about yet. 13
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing Resources 1) QUALIFIED LEADS 2) MOBILE OPTIMIZE YOUR PROMOTIONS WEBSITE AND CONVERT LEADS INTO PAYING Your website is paid for... CUSTOMERS Your hosting is paid for... Its ready to take orders! 3) MOBILE MONEY 4) Run Your Own Daily MACHINE Deals NO PPV, CPA, PPC- NO email marketing The Online Store For Local- NO social media Businesses- NO Joint Ventures- NO Mobile Marketing- NO "tricking" Google. 5) Email Marketing 6) Email Marketing Brand New Email Constant Contact Marketing Tool Grow Your Business In One Easy Step.SimplyCast Email MarketingTools. 7) Custom Facebook 8) Adknowledge PPC Pages Drive Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Site In Seconds!Unlock The Power Of Facebook Secrets toMobile Selling Your iPhone and iPadMarketing Apps (2nd Edition) (QueResource Biz-Tech)Books14
  17. 17. How to UseOnline Video, Marketing, Apps,Mobile Apps, MobileBlogs, and Viral Optimized AdMarketing to Campaigns, 2DReach Buyers Codes and OtherDirectly Mobile Strategies MKTG (with Marketing CourseMate with eBook Printed Access Card)Supercharge The MobileYour Brand in Revolutionthe ExplodingWireless Market Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile Mobile Marketing:Finding Your FundamentalsCustomers No and StrategyMatter WhereThey Are 1
  18. 18. Developing A Step-by-StepMobile - The New Powerful Content Guide to CreatingEconomy for Web and Dynamic Mobile Mobile Marketing CampaignsDiscover How AchievingMobile Marketing CompetitiveWill Transform Advantage Android AppsYour Business! Through Wireless Marketing: Technology Secrets to Selling Your Android App (Que Biz-Tech) 101 Inexpensive & Profitable Ideas for Small How Social MediaHow to Delight Business and MobileYour Customers,on Facebook Marketing is(And Other Social Changing theNetworks) Way We Do Business & Market Online