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Rachel Clacher - Moneypenny


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Moneypenny - Rachel, the driving force behind the Moneypenny Foundation, describes how the initiative is bringing new opportunities in life and work to unemployed young people who are currently limited by choice and circumstances. In so doing, the Foundation brings the benefits of Monneypenny’s unique approach to people development to a whole new cohort in the local community.

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Rachel Clacher - Moneypenny

  1. 1. Enter slide title
  2. 2. Rachel Clacher Co-founder and Director, Moneypenny
  3. 3. WELCOME Rachel Clacher Co-founder Moneypenny
  4. 4. MONEYPENNY FOUNDATION Giving unemployed young people new opportunities in life and work
  5. 5. May 2016 moving into landmark 100,000 sq.ft HQ Offices in Wrexham, UK Auckland, New Zealand Charleston, USA Dedicated teams for Small businesses Larger businesses Legal Property Canal & River Trust Healthcare Motor industry 450staff and staff turnover of less than 2%
  6. 6. What could young people, who maybe haven’t had the best start in life, achieve with the right support?
  7. 7. Best practice:
  8. 8. What would I want?
  9. 9. 8 trainees + 6 months + work experience + coaching + mentoring + skills + role models + care Pilot: 2 June – 28 November 2014
  10. 10. Who will help?
  11. 11. How do we find our trainees?
  12. 12. From costing the state £330,000 per annum * to contributing £90,000 per annum in 6 months… *our estimate *
  13. 13. University of York study: Lifetime cost of our 5 2014 trainees would have been £800,000 *
  14. 14. The cost of the traineeship? £12,000 per trainee within a sponsor organisation Total cost incl. staff for 10 trainees £130,000 *
  15. 15. What now? 1. Secure funding for 2016 and beyond 2. Find other employers to deliver this traineeship in their own towns 3. Create the ultimate public/private sector partnership *
  16. 16. MONEYPENNY FOUNDATIONGiving unemployed young people new opportunities in life and work Join us