Land of Confusion: eBooks License Negotiation Demystified


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Presentation at the CALL/ACBD 2013 Annual Conference 8 May 2013. Montreal

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Land of Confusion: eBooks License Negotiation Demystified

  1. 1. Land of Confusion:eBooks’ License Negotiation DemystifiedUn monde de confusion:démystifier le processus de négociationdes licences pour les livres numériquesCALL/ACBD 2013 Conference8 May 2013Bess ReynoldsTechnical Services ManagerDebevoise & Plimpton LLP
  2. 2. What is an e-Book?Presented by Bess Reynoldse-book, n.Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈiːbʊk/ , U.S. /ˈiˌbʊk/Forms: 19– E-book, 19– e-book, 19– eBook, 19–ebook.Etymology: < e- comb. form+ book n.A hand-held electronic device on which the text ofa book can be read. Also: a book whose text isavailable in an electronic format for reading onsuch a device or on a computer screen; (occas.) abook whose text is available only or primarily onthe Internet.Source: Oxford English Dictionary online2
  3. 3. Law Firms Are DifferentPresented by Bess Reynolds Primarily dealing with a few vendors Top 5 vendors = 70% of annual budget Library collection vs. “desk book” Great need for ancillary titles on anoccasional basis Business Financial Medical/Scientific Historical legal information My firm borrowed 424 books via ILL last year3
  4. 4. A Loose-leafPresented by Bess Reynolds4
  5. 5. And in eBook FormatPresented by Bess Reynolds5
  6. 6. Original eBook ModelPresented by Bess Reynolds One book One device One reader6
  7. 7. eBooks with DRMPresented by Bess Reynolds7
  8. 8. Three Vendors in TrialPresented by Bess Reynolds LexisNexis Purchase from the Lexis store or Contract with Overdrive Thomson West 7 steps to use Proview Some older titles via Amazon for Kindle Wolters Kluwer WK eReader is still under construction – They’ve gone back to the drawing board Some titles available via Amazon or International8
  9. 9. Thomson Proview PlatformPresented by Bess Reynolds9
  10. 10. Thomson Proview Sample TitlePresented by Bess Reynolds10
  11. 11. Lexis Digital LibraryPresented by Bess Reynolds11
  12. 12. Lexis eBookPresented by Bess Reynolds12
  13. 13. Legal Vendors’ Market Shares Of those law libraries that boughteBooks: 46% bought from LexisNexis 23% bought from ThomsonReuters 15% bought from Wolters KluwerPresented by Bess Reynolds13
  14. 14. Presented by Bess ReynoldsPrint is Not Dead*Of 125 law firm libraries:– 45% will provide eBooks in 2013– 29% purchased eBooks in 2012– 40% have tested eBooks from legalpublishers*Based on a survey of law firm librarians I conducted in April 2013 forpresentation at the CALL 2013 Annual Meeting.Complete results here: responses were discarded.14
  15. 15. IN CASE YOU MISSED THAT:Presented by Bess Reynolds15
  16. 16. Presented by Bess Reynolds16Survey of Law Firms
  17. 17. Presented by Bess Reynolds17Why do we need a single silo?
  18. 18. Presented by Bess ReynoldsCartoon by Bess Reynolds18
  19. 19. Presented by Bess Reynolds19ILS Vendors’ Share of Law Library Market5 Vendors Represent 85%**After SydneyPlus acquisition of Inmagic99 of 125 libraries in the survey use an integrated library system
  20. 20. Some Questions about an eBook License:Presented by Bess Reynolds20 Do you have perpetual or limited access? What is the time period of the license? For multi-year licenses can you swap titles? What are the terms of renewal? – automaticrenewal should not be assumed Is there a library management tool? What is authorized usage & does it include?: Printing Copying ILLs
  21. 21. More Questions about an eBook License:Presented by Bess Reynolds21 How are resources discovered, are MARC records ormetadata available? Are you required to use proprietary software orplatform to access? Are you allowed to archive a copy if you own theresource? Usage statistics – How are they captured? What are the terms for dispute resolution?See: “Principles for licensing electronic resources.” American Association of Law Libraries.Web viewed 16 April 2013. <>
  22. 22. Just in Time Not Just in CasePresented by Bess Reynolds Access not ownership Partnering with New York Law Instituteto provide seamless access to anenhanced collection including 54,000+eBooks22
  23. 23. Law Librarian ManifestoPresented by Bess Reynolds Libraries should own the eBooks they purchase Vendors should recognize the role that librariansplay in collection development, acquisitions &distribution Vendors should work to simplify the procedures forobtaining and managing eBooks Legal publishers should work with ILS vendors tomake the eBooks available directly in the OPAC,eliminating the need for multiple silos of discovery23
  24. 24. SURVEY DETAILSPresented by Bess ReynoldsMore survey results can be found here: Survey was conducted in April 2013 Librarians from 125 law firms andprivate law libraries participated Some librarians did not answer allquestions24
  25. 25. Selected ResourcesPresented by Bess Reynolds “An open letter about ebooks and Douglas County Libraries.” Douglas County Libraries. Web. 24Jan. 2013 <> Comparison of e-book formats. Wikipedia. Web accessed 1/24/2013:<> Kelly, Michael. "Top Ebook Distributors, ILS Vendors to Have Sitdown With ReadersFirst LibraryCoalition." The Digital Shift. 3 Jan 2013. The Library Journal. 24 Jan 2013.<>. O’Grady, Jean. “Checklist for the negotiation of Internet subscriptions.” American Association of LawLibraries. Updated Spring 2011. Web accessed 26 April 2013. <> “Principles for licensing electronic resources.” American Association of Law Libraries. Web viewed 16April 2013. “Procurement Toolkit and Code of Best Practices for Licensing Electronic Resources.” AmericanAssociation of Law Libraries, April 2013. <> Reynolds, Bess. “The Challenges of e-books in Law Firm Libraries.” The New Librarian, AALL-ILTAWhite Paper: <> Thomson Reuters Proview License:<> Various articles about Douglas County Libraries. Evoke. 24 Jan. 2013. <>25
  26. 26. Presented by Bess ReynoldsThank YouContact me:breynolds@debevoise.comFollow me on Twitter:@bibliobess(Personal tweets, my opinions, not related to my POW)26