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  • ur app is gr8 but i have a que about web offline. if my html generate dynamic html means it not a .html file even its a servlet call which base on parameter return generated html content how can we make these kind of sites webapps offline work? any idea?
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  • Apple’s New iPod Touch
    A Worthy Innovation or a High Priced Techno Overload?
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  • This is great information.
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  • Your checklist webapps works well on my iPhone, but if I take all your server files and also having set the mime type for .manifest and run from my own server I get an error message when the phone is offline. The error message is 'Operation could not be complete. Invalid argument' which is the error I get from any document load in offline mode. Any ideas what I need to do - there must be something else for the server.
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  • For making a offline web app you need to start from the new HTML5 and some new javascript functions. A offline webapp only needs the manifest file to work but it is best to save all your user generated content in a local db using javascript. The trick behind the manifest file(needed to save files local) is that you have list up ALL files that you want ot cash in this file. A second remark is that you need to make sure that the server handles the manifest file as a manifest file, you can do this by a simple xml file like in the presentation ;)
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iPhone offline webapps

  1. 1. How to build a offline webapp for the iPhone ... By Bert Timmermans
  2. 2. Bert Timmermans Student Communicatie Multimedia & Design Freelance - Nocus Communication - Hasselt Web design / web development iPhone web development projects: • Keypoint Beta 3 • Checklist • ... Mail: me@berttimmermans.com Twitter: @berttimmermans Website: http://www.berttimmermans.com
  3. 3. Overview Main introduction ✤ Step 1 The interface ✤ Step 2 The database ✤ Step 3 Making it available offline ✤
  4. 4. Introduction Mobile Safari ✤ Html 5 & Javascript ✤ Local database ✤ Caching the webapp for offline use ✤
  5. 5. Example Checklist berttimmermans.com/checklist
  6. 6. Step 1 The interface Mobile interface ✤ iPhone optimization ✤ iPhone codes ✤ <!-- iPhone codes --> <link rel=quot;apple-touch-iconquot; href=quot;image/icon.pngquot;/> <meta name=quot;viewportquot; content=quot;width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0;quot; /> <meta name=quot;apple-mobile-web-app-capablequot; content=quot;yesquot; /> <meta names=quot;apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-stylequot; content=quot;blackquot; />
  7. 7. Step 1 The interface CSS 3 (-webkit-) support ✤ Example #object { position:absolute; left: 0px; -webkit-transition-property: left; -webkit-transition-duration: 0.5s, 0.5s; } #object.class { left: 10px; }
  8. 8. Step 1 The interface Javascript solutions ✤ jQuery, mootools, ... ✤ Fixed header ✤ Rotation detection ✤ Location detection using free appstore app ✤ ... ✤
  9. 9. Step 2 The database Clientside Javascript database ✤ Safari and other webkit based browsers like Google Chrome ✤ An option to sync with a online database ✤ MYSQL commands ✤ User can manage database using preferences ✤
  10. 10. Step 2 The database Example code var db; try { if (window.openDatabase) { db = openDatabase(quot;Checklistquot;, quot;1.0quot;, quot;HTML5 Database APIquot;, 200000); if (!db) { alert(quot;Failed to open the databasequot;); } else{ var highestId = 0; } } else alert(quot;Couldn't open the database. Please try with a WebKitquot;); }
  11. 11. Step 3 Caching the webapp Firefox en iPhone safari ✤ HTML 5 manifest file ✤ Example of a manifest file ✤ <html manifest=quot;main.manifestquot;> CACHE MANIFEST css/main.css images/main.png js/database.js
  12. 12. Step 3 Caching the webapp IMPORTANT ! ✤ The manifest file has to have a text/cache-manifest MIME type Solution a .htacces AddType text/cache-manifest .manifest
  13. 13. One more thing ... tinyurl.com/1morething
  14. 14. Tweetwall Your mobile twitter wall berttimmermans.com/tweetwall
  15. 15. The end
  16. 16. Barcamp Antwerp 2009 was sponserd by