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[get] Fb cash method


Published on no cold calling or harrasing your friends and family on facebook! learn how to prospect the honorable way... the right way! andrew murray, facebook cash method, facebook cash method launch results, Facebook cash method results, FB cash, FB Cash Method

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[get] Fb cash method

  1. 1. THE FB CASH METHOD – Get The Fb Cash Method Today! It will be closing on March1st– Don–t miss out!!Sign up HERE --- > you ever been on FaceBook and was wondering if there was any prospects foryour primary business? You say there–s 500 million Facebook users online sothere has to be prospects but how do I reach those who can use my program?Maybe you tried and tried but you end up getting blocked or you end up gettingthe dreadful NO! But there–s a solution–Bought to you be Jerry Billet and Andrew Murray–THE FB CASH METHODIn this training, we learn how to prospect on Facebook and it don–t matter ifyou have 30 friends of 3000 friends, this program will teach you how to prospectat least 2 clients a day with no money or a list. Your friend don–t even have toknow you for you to start recruiting prospects in your business starting rightafter you finish the 3 modules in The FB cash method. I was astounded on howeasy it was to implement the FB cash method, that I was smiling the whole waythrough the modules. The FBCashMethod is all about staying in honor on Facebookand being a –True– Marketer. No more bugging your friend. No more tagging 100people and definitely no more getting told no and getting blocked. Matter offact using The FB cash method you–ll soon be loved and looked for by people onFacebook prospects looking to join –YOU– in your business.I believe in staying in honor, loving everybody as a brother or sister andstaying positive Not only in marketing on Facebook but in life in general. So,Jerry and andrew has the world class training for everybody in the FB CashMethod. Its method can actually be used in every social seen online or offline.The FBCashMethod keeps your prospective in line in this online marketing arena.Most marketers today don–t have a clue on how to market on not only Facebook,but online period. I was one of them. After watching the Fb Cash method I nowfeel like a real online marketer and not a used car salesmen, if you know what Imean– lol.What make this different from WSO–s or other training programs is thesimplicity. Jerry and Andrew goes on to recruit a prospect live on the module!Okay, You want to know what is The Fb Cash Method? In my opinion it something weall need to effectively market online or offline, but I–ll let Jerry and Andrewlet you know exactly what to expect when you get this WSO–Forget All The Hype – Are You Interested In A Marketing System That ProducesHundreds Of Dollars A Day – Without Any Techie Know-How?The question you have to ask yourself is– Is there really a way for the averageguy or gal to make money online?Because I–m going to be challenging you on this WSO!I–m going to explain how a 2-time Iraq war vet suffering from PTSD found atotally duplicate–s way to make$5K in 14 days online–.without a marketing budgetwithout building complicated websiteswithout knowing how to even make a post in WordPresswithout having an Aweber list at all!But the cool thing – and the thing that makes this WSO different from everythingelse – is the DUPLICATIONJerry has taught this system to people – and within 48 hours they startproducing the same kind of high-volume sales. 6 sales in 1 day. Another personmade her first sale online.Suddenly – for people who have ALWAYS struggled online – making sales andrecruiting reps is EASY!Note: this marketing system was originally designed for network marketers torecruit into business opportunities, but it–s equally applicable to newbies whowant to make affiliate commissions, and it–s deadly effective at getting intouch with industry leaders – so if you need JV support and you know the bigplayers in your niche – this is a goldmine!
  2. 2. My name is Andrew Murray. I–ve been making money online for over 10 years. I–verun seminars, sold over $79k in a single month, and built a steady portfolio ofincome producing properties. I–m the #4 all-time recruiter in a billion-dollardirect sales company – built on the backs of killer webinars that people try tosteal and claim as their own. (And I got an insane knack for lead generation!)But I have a confession to make.I–ve never run a WSO.So I–m just going to shoot straight with you.Let–s face it. You–ve bought a WSO before. Maybe 10. Maybe 20. And I bet everysingle one of them failed you.Why?I–ll tell you the reason exactly.Things are a lot more technical than you thought they–d be. These inferiorproducts lead you down rabbit holes that distract you and dilute your focus.Information is cheap. But quality information – that–s extremely rare.It doesn–t matter how –cool– any marketing system is – if you – the buyer – isnot able to implement it and produce results.That–s why I had to launch this WSO.Some slick sales copy made you think it was going to be easier than it reallywas. A lot of people can–t overcome the technical hurdles to making a FULL-TIMEINCOME ONLINE.That right there – making a full-time income online for the average guy or gal –that–s what this WSO is really about. You don–t really care if they do itthrough Adsense sites or through Facebook – do you? You just want something thatworks!They just have a desperate need to make money online – from home.Let–s take Jerry as an example.Jerry Billett is a real guy, 2 time Iraq war veteran who was awarded an ArmyArcom & Combat Action Badge for his bravery. This wasn–t some guy behind a desk– he was in the heart of the battle to keep America safe.By the time he got back, he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It–s areal problem. (And it–s much more common than you might think!)So suddenly, after exhibiting exceptional bravery in live combat, he–s back homein the States. Abandoned. He has PTSD. He is suicidal. He is living in a placewith only 2 sets of spoons and forks. This is a raw life. Life on the edge.And You Won–t Believe What Happened Next–But before we get to his story, I want to tell you that Jerry found a simple,duplicate–s system for generating hundreds of dollars a day on Facebook –without spending a dime on advertising.In fact, Jerry made $5k in just under 14 days selling a low-ticket businessopportunity and some affiliate sales.But Jerry has a secret weapon–He–s been able to fully TEACH others how to do it – and those people are able toimplement.If there–s one thing different about this WSO – it–s that – the ability forpeople to take this method – and implement it to create CASH – is high. So highI thought Jerry was pulling my leg. But I–ve seen it proven so many times byPEOPLE WHO HAD NEVER MADE A SALES ONLINE EVER!And that–s the real value here. Taking you from where you are now – reading thison your computer screen in the warrior forum – andJerry was born in the mean streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Grew up around crime.Moved to Boston when he was 9. A few years ago, after earning his awards in themilitary for direct combat – he got shot in the head and arrested for a crime hedidn–t commit.For 90-days Jerry was locked away for being a suspect of a crime he didn–tcommit – without evidence – just the fact that he was black and in the wrongpart of town. Can you imagine how desperate that would make you feel?Are you feeling desperate about anything right now?And it got so bad, that one night Jerry turned to suicide.Listen To Jerry Now:And then he had a revelation.
  3. 3. HE CHANGEDAnd that–s when it came to him in a flash – this method that requires NO MONEYand produces results that are SUPERIOR to expensive lead generation.He called it–The Facebook Cash MethodAt first, he had a couple false starts and wrong moves. But Jerry had anadvantage. His background in psychology helped him understand what was working –and why.But the proof of any system is in the testing.I–ll tell you a secret – most of the WSO–s you see are untested. Somebody findsa little temporary loophole and they ramble on about it without really knowingif what they are teaching actually works!Read that last sentence again. That–s NOT what you–re going to find here.Most WSO–s are pure insanity!Let me tell you about this requires NO moneythere are NO additional products to be boughtit takes an hour a dayyou can do it more than that or less – but the baseline we used was 1 hourit works if you are a complete newbieit works if you are a network marketerit works if you have less than 30 friends on facebook!This method is prefect for someone who wants to make money online without evertalking to anyone on the phone. No cold calling here.Here–s What You GetWe documented with over 6+ hours of streamlined content – no fluff and no filler– exactly how to use this method – and proved it with actual SALES directly liveon the webinar we recorded to teach this method.We made sure to cover the why – I think a big missing component of marketing isthat some people need to understand the WHY before they can implement. So we gotthat.We got the essential sales psychology that marketers naturally get – and nobodyknows how to teach correctly.This alone is worth more than the cost of this course. Just listening to thepsychology and marketing tactics we drop in the course is invaluable.You also get our PDF where we explain a basic workflow to use and re-use againand again.Plus, you get our recommend reading list.BONUS: Just AddedYou get our Facebook Search Graph Secrets video – where we explain how to usethe new Facebook search to to close sales quicker and find the easiest prospectsto target and sell. (I–ll write a blog post on the new FB social Graph searchsoon– It–ll blow you away)How This Method WorksYou simple spend an hour a day chatting on Facebook.And it produces income. Every day. Like clockwork. We show you LIVE in real-timehow this works – this is not theory. This is proven. We actually make salesLIVE in the course!(No 3-6 months to see a profit here, folks! You should be banging in sales inless than 48 hours from now!)Even If You Have Never Made A Commission Online Before!Ask yourself – do you have a good marketing system that is producing results foryou? If you don–t, I want you to use this.Network Marketers:If you are not bringing in at least 1 new rep a day – you need to grab thismethod. It–s so easy to be banging in sales like a gem.And we have proof. We originally did this produce for a small group ofmarketers. We had 143 register for the webinar.We sold OVER 60 units – and a lot of these sales were people that were ON thewebinars. Yup – we have buyers who were watching live who picked up the coursefor $35 – who already KNEW the method.Why? We just had so much good content. Our hearts and souls are in this course.We gave it everything we had – and more. Because we don–t do a WSO to make money
  4. 4. every month – we just want to help as many people as possible.We have a passion to help that guy or gal who is struggling out there – to startmaking money.And we did those sales – without a salesletter. Just a 2-minute video thatbarely explained anything. Why? Word got around.The only thing that travels faster than light? Incredible results. (And baby, doyou we got that in spades!)But since this is a WSO, before we flip this sucker into a big-ticket product –because hey -this has aI also wanted to mention this has a real short implementation time. You don–tneed to do research or create a product or build hundreds of autoblogs.You can get into action with this method and make sales THE EXACT SAME DAY.PS - Look Jerry and I aren–t Pro-WSO–ers. We just have a great method thatreally works.Forget all the hype. Look at the results – many from people who have never madesales of any kind online.If you want results this year – then get started beforewe pull this WSO.We have real testimonials from people just like you. This method flat out works.You WILL make money with this method if you apply it.Join us today and get the Bonus Grapgh system --- >