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             We deliver successful projects through Project Controls solutions and Collaborative solutions....
Why does ORCAS exist?
How Does ORCAS Do It?
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Why does ORCAS exist?
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Past Projects
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ORCAS Introduction


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An introduction to the ORCAS Project Controls organization.

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ORCAS Introduction

  2. 2. What we do ... We deliver successful projects through Project Controls solutions and Collaborative solutions. Project Controls Solutions To Support Companies The right project controls make projects run smoothly. ORCAS provides ORCAS improves the control of complex projects, programs, and valuable services that leverage our field-based knowledge and areas of operations by performing key functions: expertise. Since all of our projects are complex with critical time-to-market demands, we work closely with clients from day one to ensure the right, ◊ ◊ Project Planning Resource Analysis customized plan is securely in place. Then, we coordinate project controls ◊ ◊ CPM Scheduling Risk Management solutions across all key departments so that everyone throughout the ◊ ◊ Contracts Management Earned-value Analysis ◊ ◊ enterprise is quot;on the same page.quot; Cost Control Issues Management ◊ ◊ Productivity Analysis Claims Analysis/Mitigation ◊ ◊ Change Management Document Control For Critical Projects All our projects and programs share a common theme: ORCAS excels on large, complex projects where time-to-market pressures are intense and risk is Collaborative Solutions high. Although the industries may vary, the project profile remains the same: The establishment and implementation of systems and proper Complex and Critical ◊ technological support tools are critical components of successful project Significant $ Value ◊ management. ORCAS designs, configures and implements project Time to Market Pressure ◊ management software specifically suited to your needs; some are simple High Risk and some are complex. The most effective system optimizes the ◊ processes, the people, and the technology. ORCAS believes in finding the right tools to fit your specific needs. They utilize a incremental roll-out of technology to address critical needs, minimize impact of change, and grows with the team.
  3. 3. Why does ORCAS exist? How Does ORCAS Do It? People Real Project Benefits With ORCAS on your team, you can improve all planning, execution, and ORCAS brings only the right people to support you. We augment your evaluation phases of your project. You will have more clarity and existing team with qualified experts to focus on specific project areas and fill confidence in the management decisions you make. And you will obtain specialized skill sets, or we deliver a complete project controls team. Over many more benefits using ORCAS as a resource on your next project. the years, ORCAS has worked with a full circle of project team contributors, including designers, contractors, construction managers and turnkey system providers. Who better to have on your team than someone who fully understands every side of the game? Optimum Cost Control ◊ Technology Tool Box Early Identification of Problems ◊ Reduced Risk of Claims and Disputes ◊ ORCAS incorporates only the most appropriate Proactive Issue Resolution ◊ technological tools and systems in developing Improved Communication ◊ successful project controls management solutions, Reduced Change Orders from the best software for your particular needs ◊ to unique hosting and delivery options. Improved Project Analysis and Forecasts ◊ Improved Decision Making Capabilities ◊ Effective and Efficient Use of Project Resources ◊ Objectivity Third Party Objectivity and Assessment ◊ ORCAS brings third-party objectivity to every project. Company owners, Enterprise-wide Standards and Solutions ◊ presidents and CEOs are increasingly mandating high levels of accountability Improved Project Delivery ◊ and objectivity on their projects. With the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and an increase in corporate initiatives to improve project visibility, there is even more pressure to create and enact stringent quot;checks-and-balancesquot; systems. Whether reviewing contractor plans, analyzing productivity, or bringing enterprise-wide visibility to organizations, ORCAS delivers critical experience and insight.
  4. 4. Why does ORCAS exist? Project Success Creates Business Success A “Pretty Picture” Never Built a Project Real project control is more than hanging a Gantt Chart on your With the increasing pressure for successful projects, owners have asked manager’s wall. Effective control is about planning, risk management, ORCAS to standardize their project management processes, procedures, realistic resource planning, and profit optimization. It is a continuous and systems across the enterprise. ORCAS clients now have an process that starts with the bid and ends when the jobsite trailers leave integrated system to control, optimize, and collaborate on all projects in the site. the enterprise. 600 Contractor 6 Seismic Optimize the Project Team 500 Cleanroom Contractor 5 Resource 400 Num ber of Men Do you want your project manager working the details of a two-week Process Contractor 4 300 Analysis look-ahead schedule or focusing on large-scale opportunities and risks? Electrical Contractor 3 200 On fast-track projects, ORCAS can add just the right resource to your 100 Mech, Dry Contractor 2 team so you can focus on the big picture. 0 Nov Dec 7 Dec Dec Dec Jan 4 Jan Jan Jan Feb 1 Feb 8 Feb Feb Mar 1 Mech, Wet Contractor 1 30 14 21 28 11 18 25 15 22 Week Ending Trust Goes a Long Way Industry leaders trust ORCAS with their confidential cost, resource, Schedule profitability, and risk information. We take the confidence they place in us very seriously. It is through this high level of trust that ORCAS thrives Analysis and is able to work with a variety of companies. and Turnaround Plan
  5. 5. Our Path of Successes Project Control Pays: $560 Million The $2 Million Report At one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers, ORCAS implemented ORCAS was recently commissioned to create a one-page report depicting an enterprise-based project management system. A great deal was at the basic relationship between construction, commissioning and validation stake for this this project and company; if they weren’t successful their for a scaled-up biotechnology project. According to the Executive Vice operations could move oversees. They did not only deliver their first tool President, this report alone was worth the $2 million budgeted for the ramp on-time, they were EARLY! Due to the tools ORCAS implemented, entire project controls initiative. Next step: to present the report to the the team successfully delivered the project 8 weeks early. Since each Board of Directors. day of production is worth $10 Million in revenue, this equates to $560 Secretary’s Project Management Awarded Million. Project Control does pay! The Terascale Simulation Facility (TSF) project won the Secretary's Project Facility of the Year Award Management Award of Achievement. This large construction project provided power and space to accommodate two simultaneous 100- The new Genentech facility (NIMO) in Oceanside, CA received this teraOPs-class computer systems operations. TSF became the home for prestigious award sponsored by ISPE, INTERPHEX and Pharmaceutical next-generation supercomputers. ORCAS represented Lawrence Processing magazine. The Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) competition Livermore National Laboratory in scheduling and project controls. Our recognizes state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing projects that team also supported the Lab’s project controls team in achieving EVMS utilize new and innovative technologies to enhance the delivery of a Certification. quality project, as well as reduce the cost of producing high quality medicines. The NIMO project team quot;delivered the base project on time World’s Largest Laser Facility and under budget.quot; ORCAS managed the master construction schedule for this successful project. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) is a 192-beam laser facility the size of Constructech Vision Award a sports stadium. The system is so powerful it produces 1000 times the electrical generating power of the United States. ORCAS supported a ORCAS received the Vision Award as a technology enabler to MannKind variety of companies to control and manage the complex schedule on this Corporation for their successful capital project in the Industrial / Mfg. $3.4 billion project, including contractors representing the disciplines of category. ORCAS supported MannKind Corporation by implementing an process-piping, beam path and steel installation, electrical and general enterprise-based project management solution based on Primavera as construction. well as performing project controls for their successful $250M+ Project.
  6. 6. Ongoing Projects ExxonMobil Valero FMI Torrance, CA Benecia, CA Phoenix, AZ ORCAS provides support in the creation and Our team supports the $1 Billion Program at this site, The Tenke Fungurume Mine Project in Africa entails the administration of a detailed schedule for the which comprises of several small projects. ORCAS is development, construction and operation of a copper/ construction of the world’s largest Electrostatic primarily responsible for scheduling one of the cobalt mine. This is a significant size project, estimated at precipitator built. This impressive project consisted on specific projects. $1Billion. the construction of 2 modular ESP units measuring a Orcas performed an assessment on the schedule to total of 175 ft long x 85 feet wide and 135 feet tall. In addition, ORCAS offers technical support to the determine if there were any areas of opportunity for scheduling team and manager for data exchange improvement. Our assessment and recommendations ORCAS assists Jacobs Engineering in the development and integration, schedule structure. covered the following: of “what-if” scenarios to reduce the projected ♦ Schedule Structure and Architecture completion date of the project, as well as make ♦ Schedule Processes and Procedures recommendations to bring it back into the required Renewable Energy Corp. (REC) ♦ schedule by ExxonMobil. Schedule Components Moses Lake, WA ♦ Schedule Reporting The development of critical paths and a fully The REC Moses Lake facility produces solar-grade integrated schedule allowed the companies to polysilicon for use in solar panels and devices. 20% analyze different approaches to complete the to 25% of the solar cells in the world are produced Amgen project. by REC’ polysilicon. The new facility in Moses Lake is Fremont, CA estimated at $600 Million. Amgen is performing two significant shutdowns. We are ORCAS also assisted in the development of the Orcas provides project controls services to support the supporting two specialty contractors, Therma and Kinetics, Turnaround portion of the project to be able to construction effort. The services we provide include to schedule and monitor all process system, piping, and connect the ESP to the FCC in a duration of 28 days the following: HVAC work activities. and be able to start the unit on time. ♦ Cost Control ♦ Productivity Management Our team works closely with Fluor to ensure these high Conoco-Philips exposure scopes are successful and the shutdown plans ♦ Document Control Rodeo, CA meet the business needs of Amgen. Wyeth The capital project is a $300M Hydrogen Plant for Conoco-Philips. Air Liquide is the turnkey provider Collegeville, PA Bayer and is contracting all the construction work. Air Liq- Berkeley, CA ORCAS is implementing a portfolio-based scheduling uide is the largest supplier of gas in the world. system for this owner As part of Enterprise Solutions, ORCAS supports the owner on developing the integrated ORCAS has supported this organization for more than our team is delivering the following as part of this project schedule for this multi-year program. The team 10 years in providing project controls services. implementation: works closely with each department of this organization ♦ Design as well as the external general contractor, service ORCAS supports Air Liquide on several aspects of organizations, and consultants. ♦ project controls; ORCAS represents Air Liquide on the Implement integrated schedule, some cost, and project admini- ♦ Train In addition, ORCAS is working with Bayer to evaluate the stration support as it relates to document control, RFI benefits of implementing a “Collaborative Scheduling ♦ management, and general project support. Roll-out Solution.” This system will increase the visibility of all Portfolio Schedule Systems are used to successfully project team members, provide one focal point for the schedule, and empower non schedulers to participate in manage multiple projects across different project the schedule process. portfolios.
  7. 7. Past Projects Lawrence Livermore National Lab MannKind Corporation BioMarin NIF Project, Livermore, CA Danbury, CT Novato, CA ORCAS provided project controls services for the Mannkind is a biopharmaceutical company focused on BioMarin is executing several key projects during their National Ignition Facility (NIF) Project. NIF is the the discovery, development and commercialization of shutdown. These projects require detailed planning largest laser in the world. This 192-beam laser therapeutic products for diseases such as diabetes and scheduling to coordinate the activities of all facility is the size of a sports stadium and the system and cancer. trades. is so powerful it produces 1000 times the electrical Orcas provides both project controls solutions and Orcas directly supports the construction manager for generating power of the United States. project management enterprise solutions to this this critical project. The scopes covered in this Our services directly supported the process-piping dynamic company. Our team has implemented a shutdown schedule include architectural, process, contractor, beampath and steel installation contractor, Primavera-based scheduling solution as well as electrical, instrumentation & control, and mechanical. electrical contractor, and the general contractor for project cost management system. several phases of the NIF Project. ORCAS provided The “real” integrated schedule ties together all the following services for this dynamic project: departments, from procurement to construction & ♦ Schedule Development facilities, to regulatory. Our team also supports the NOVO Nordisk Delivery Technologies hands-on scheduling role to support the project team, ♦ Schedule Progress and Updates Hayward, CA as well as providing estimating and general project ♦ Resource Analysis management support. NNDT is a world leader in diabetes care. Orcas is providing their critical inhaled insulin (IS) project with ♦ Invoice Management turnkey project controls solutions. Our Team provides ♦ Change Proposals the following services to help keep this project on Air Liquide America schedule and on budget: ♦ Project Management Coordination ♦ Planning and Schedule Management Rodeo, CA ♦ Cost Control Coordination ♦ Air Liquide is the largest supplier of gas in the world. Cost Control ORCAS has supported this organization for more than ♦ Document Control 10 years in providing project controls services. Skyworks Solutions ♦ Project Management System Deployment Newbury Park, CA The current project is a $300M Hydrogen Plant. Air ♦ Project Administration Liquide is the turnkey provider and is contracting all Skyworks is an industry leader in radio solutions and the construction work. ORCAS represents Air Liquide precision analog semiconductors servicing a diversified on the integrated schedule, some cost, and project set of mobile communications customers. Texas Instruments administration support as it relates to document con- Orcas was asked to return to this facility and support trol, RFI management, and general project support. New Fab Project, Richardson, TX their critical project: 4” to 6” Conversion Project. Our role is to support the three major phases, 1. Process ORCAS provides master scheduling, cost support, change Development, 2. Process Qualification, and 3. Facility management, and document control services to support Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Conversion. Our team will manage the overall master the construction of all bulk gas, specialty gas, and schedule, which encompasses all department activities to Systems Implementation Project, Palo Alto, CA chemical distribution systems for this multi-year $3 Billion ensure the entire project team is on the same page. Project. ORCAS provides technical services for a major hospital Skyworks has also requested assistance in project Our services provide all facets of systems engineering. system implementation. This multi-year project includes all management to facilitate the success of the process infrastructure upgrades, software, and hardware. development and process qualification phases. ORCAS is providing all facets of systems engineering.
  8. 8. Past Projects Lawrence Livermore National Lab NEC Electronics Amgen TSF Project, Livermore, CA Various Projects, Roseville, CA Global LIMS Project, Boulder, CO The Terascale Simulation Facility (TSF) is being ORCAS has supported the NEC facility since 1991. The constructed to provide power and space to original charter was to assist the construction management ORCAS provides consulting services to the Information accommodate two simultaneous 100-teraOPs-class team with installing more than 1,000 pieces of Technology Project Team. We support the project computer systems' operations. TSF will become the manufacturing equipment. We provided the scheduling with the following services: home for next-generation supercomputers. and progressing support, managed issues tracking Our services directly support the LLNL Management systems, and developed budgets for the seven main Team, and include the following: subcontractors. ♦ Conduct Constructability Reviews Our services have extended to directly benefit the owner. Over the years we have supported several departments ♦ Coordinate Project Master Schedule including Equipment Engineering, Facilities, Line ♦ Maintenance, Manufacturing Engineering, Production, Develop Earned-value Cost Reporting Infineon Technologies Process Engineering, and Line Maintenance. Services for Richmond, VA ♦ Provide Monthly Progress Assessments the owner have included: ORCAS is supporting the Owner to self-manage their ♦ ♦ 300mm Facility Design Support Provide Claims Avoidance Review and Analysis $1 Billion dollar project. The project includes a base ♦ ♦ Assist with Change Order Review and Analysis Equipment Layout Management building portion to finish out the construction of all mechanical, electrical, and architectural systems. It ♦ ♦ Prepare Monthly Reports to DOE Usage Analysis of Facility Utilities also includes the tool hookup portion to install all ♦ ♦ Coordinate Activation and Commissioning Issues Equipment Performance Analysis manufacturing process equipment. Our team developed the project management ♦ Production Scheduling and Analysis processes and procedures, implemented enterprise- Stanford Hospital and Clinics ♦ Manufacturing Engineering Support wide project tools, and support in all aspects of Various Projects, Palo Alto, CA project control. Specifically, we are providing the ♦ Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) System following services to this fast-track manufacturing ORCAS supports a variety of key information ♦ Project Controls Support Services project: technology projects at Stanford. These projects range ♦ Process and Procedure Development from security to wireless implementations. Utilizing our expertise in project controls, the team is ♦ Planning and Scheduling Aviron successfully delivering the following projects: General Philadelphia, PA ♦ Computer Infrastructure Remediation, HIPAA Security Enterprise-wide Project System Improvements, Wireless Network Design through ORCAS developed a Cost Control System for ♦ Training and Support Implementation, IT Change Management Project. Aviron’s Engineering Corporate Services ♦ Integrated Project Scheduling Department. This system improves control via establishing standards, implementing procedures, ♦ Cost Control and Reporting and providing a database tool for managing cost ♦ Change Management information. The system includes invoice management, project With the enterprise-wide project systems and progressing, standardized Requests for Information, integrated schedules, this owner has gained an forecasting methods, and management reporting. unprecedented level of project control and visibility. These tools enable them to be proactive and correct problems early in order to keep the project on-track.
  9. 9. Past Projects Wyeth BioPharma TriQuint Semiconductor ST Microelectronics St. Louis, MO Hillsborough, OR Phoenix, AZ ORCAS assisted TriQuint to develop a standardized Cost ORCAS provided support to two major players on the This is state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility is poised to make a significant contribution towards Control System. This system provides standard methods project; the process piping contractor and turnkey the treatment of hemophilia A. The advanced 115,000 and procedures in the following areas: bulk gas supplier. square foot biopharmaceutical campus is undergoing a ♦ Request for Proposal to Contractors The team developed and progressed schedules, as significant expansion. ORCAS supported the Construction well as managed project issues for the equipment ♦ Manager with planning, scheduling review, analysis, and Contractor Price Evaluation installation project. The Master Project Schedule inte- development. ♦ grated the activities of project so issues were identi- Contractor Selection fied and resolved early. Specifically, our team prepared a critical shut-down ♦ Contractor Invoice Review schedule for the facility, facilitated the compilation of ♦ executive reports, reviewed and analyzed construction Lawrence Livermore National Lab Cost Analysis and Forecast schedules and assisted training of new project management NIF Project, Livermore, CA personnel. With the first phase of system design completed, the next ORCAS provided project controls services for the phase will expand into a fully integrated database National Ignition Facility (NIF) Project. NIF is the Baxter Hyland system which shares information with TriQuint’s largest laser in the world. This 192-beam laser Glendale, CA established purchasing and financial systems. facility is the size of a sports stadium and the system is so powerful it produces 1000 times the electrical ORCAS developed the plans for the process piping generating power of the United States. work on this Blood Fractionation Project. The team Our services directly supported the process-piping assisted the contractor with the following: Schering-Plough contractor, beampath and steel installation contractor, ♦ Schedule Development Mexico City electrical contractor, and the general contractor for ♦ Progressing and Analysis several phases of the NIF Project. ORCAS provided Orcas developed the baseline schedule for the process- the following services for this dynamic project: ♦ piping contractor on the purified water system “green Claims Avoidance ♦ Schedule Development field” project. This schedule was used for resource plan- ning and management. ♦ Schedule Progress and Updates ♦ Resource Analysis Leading Edge Semiconductor Company ♦ Invoice Management National Semiconductor Boise, ID Portland, ME ♦ Change Proposals ORCAS supported Air Liquide America on the Base Build Orcas developed the base-line fit-up and hook-up sched- ♦ scope of work at a new Photo Mask Facility by providing Project Management Coordination ules for the process piping contractor at Building 18. All the following services: ♦ Cost Control Coordination schedules were fully resource and cost loaded. Progress ♦ Scheduling Services reports were developed on a weekly basis to provide Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) ♦ Issues Management status to the general contractor regarding materials, fab- Hudson, MA rication, installation, and testing. ♦ Cost Control and Change Management Orcas supported the mechanical contractor on their We also implemented our Labor Tracking System to track ♦ Project Reporting and Customer Feedback equipment installation project for FAB 6. Our primary all labor costs associated with tool hook-up. Payroll and role was to develop and progress schedules, in addi- Surveys billing were automatically generated as a result of the on tion to tracking project issues. -site labor tracking system. ♦ Final Project Compilation Report We also set-up systems to automate the extraction of facility requirements from the design drawings for use in facilities planning and management. The design group requested our assistance in this effort.
  10. 10. Past Projects Lawrence Livermore National Lab WhiteOak Semiconductor Amgen Bldg. 155 Seismic Upgrade, Livermore, CA Richmond, VA Helix Project, Seattle, WA ORCAS provides claims analysis services to the ORCAS developed the baseline schedules for several University of California for the Seismic Upgrade base building sub-projects including the Fab, IWT, Cub, ORCAS provides project analysis services to a Project of Building 155, a two story building housing Glegg Systems, Slurry, and Specialty Gases. mechanical contractor on the Helix Project, a $650 chemical research laboratories and offices. Seismic We customized our Labor Tracking and Material Tracking million research and development campus on Elliot strengthening of Building 155 will occur on both the Systems to effectively monitor these base construction Bay in Seattle, WA. The analysis effort focuses on exterior and interior of the building. The structural projects. reviewing the schedule plans, documenting the key scope of work includes all work required to upgrade To improve document control, we developed a system to issues and delays, and representing how each of the the performance of the building in a PC-2 basic track project drawings. All project issues and RFI’s were delays impacts the contractor’s schedule performance. earthquake. entered, managed, and reported using our Issues Various types of delay impacts are reviewed, Our services directly support the LLNL Management Tracking System. including design changes, constructability issues, and Team, and include the following: owner directed changes. The delay impacts are ♦ Detailed Reviews of Project LSI Logic analyzed to quantify the resulting effects and inefficiencies in design, detailing, and field Greshem, OR ♦ Assessment of Delay Claims made by Contractor ORCAS developed system and service databases to ♦ Development of the “True” Critical Path Schedule identify scope, resources, and linear footage for the ♦ Recommendation to Disapprove/Approve process piping systems. Conexant We generated a schedule template to be utilized for Contractor’s Claims Newport Beach, CA scheduling each of the services in addition to performing resource analysis for the design efforts of the process ORCAS has supported Conexant on tool hook-up piping contractor. TriQuint Semiconductor projects since 1995. Our services over the years have Richardson, TX expanded to include a variety of facilities-related projects, including seismic, emergency generator Lawrence Livermore National Lab ORCAS managed all project controls for Air Liquide upgrades, and other major system and building America on Phase 1 of the Oregon Tool Set. ORCAS Bldg. 151 Seismic Upgrade, Livermore, CA modifications. contributed in all phases of the project to assist in ORCAS provides project controls services for the Seismic Our team supports the owner with a variety of planning, control, and close-out. The following ser- Upgrade of Building 151, a two story building housing services, including the following. vices were provided: research laboratories and offices. Seismic strengthening ♦ Project Website ♦ Request for Proposal Preparation of Building 151 will occur on both the exterior and ♦ Schedule Development and Management interior of the building. The structural scope of work ♦ Contractor Bid Evaluation includes all work required to upgrade the performance of ♦ Issues Tracking ♦ Invoice Management the building in a PC-2 basic earthquake. ♦ Project Reporting ♦ Our services directly support the LLNL Management Issues Management Team, and include the following: ♦ Develop and Maintain Project Databases ♦ Change Order Management ♦ Schedule Progress and Updates ♦ Developed Document and Drawing System ♦ Schedule Management ♦ Resource Analysis ♦ Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Analysis ♦ Cost Analysis and Forecasts ♦ Claims Avoidance ORCAS also supported the process-piping contractor ♦ Executive Project Summaries in managing schedules, tracking labor and materials, ♦ Protocol Specification Development and project issues. ♦ Final Report and Analysis
  11. 11. Other things to know about us ... Professional Certifications How to find us? ORCAS team members maintain certifications in project management organizations, Our office is the job-site. The projects take us to cost management, and leading project technology. We are committed to the locations throughout the United States. For information advancement and use of project controls to make projects more successful. about our project sites, contact us. Industry Associations On the telephone ORCAS is actively involved in the industries associations we support. We are proud Bert Rangel, Project Development participants of ISPE and SEMI organizations. Our team contributes to association 800.422.6722 x133 events, seminars, and training programs. brangel@orcasnetwork.com Certified DBE and SWBE On the world wide web At the request of our government clients, ORCAS obtained certifications to formalize www.orcasnetwork.com our status as a woman-owned business. ORCAS is certified with the U.S. Small Business Administration as an 8(a) DBE business. We are also certified with the State of California as a SWBE. Via email Questions or Requests: info@orcasnetwork.com By postal service ORCAS Project Controls 11048 Coast Highway One P.O. Box 133 Jenner, CA 95450-0133