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Men\ S Bible Study Oct21 2008


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Published in: Spiritual
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Men\ S Bible Study Oct21 2008

  1. 1. There are three specific areas we must be aware of as we look into Scripture - Heart (preparation) - Head (explanation) - Feet (application) To support the above statement go to this Scripture for further study: Luke 24 - some things to review in detail verse 13 - two disciples of Jesus are going from Jerusalem to Emmaus, on what very day is the text referring to here? verses 14-17 - they are talking (throwing words around), the living Lord Jesus arrives on the scene, they are prevented from recognizing Him and they look sad! OK guys, how much application can we take from these verses? Have you ever had a devotion time, maybe been prevented from seeing Jesus and left not understanding what you read or even somewhat downcast. verse 21 - they obviously had a bad category when it came to their doctrine about Jesus. It was their belief and it was firmly entrenched in their mind that Jesus was going to be a quot;conquering King.quot; Of course a proper understanding of the Old Testament would have told them He would first arrive as a quot;suffering Servant.quot; But Jesus is quick to tell them the real source of their problem. verse 25 - slow of heart to believe Is it possible we have a heart problem and don't know it? verse 27 - Jesus explains (Greek word that means hermeneutics - method for interpretation) the Scriptures to them starting from Genesis through the prophets. The word of God into a heart that is prepared to receive the word can do a miracle. verse 30 - they possibly caught a glimpse of His nail scarred hands as He gave them the bread. All of a sudden they had a category change about this Jesus. And look at the results! verse 31 - Eyes are opened to really see who He is, and with hearts burning they go from Emmaus back to Jerusalem to tell others that Jesus is alive. What a wonderful story for us to see what happens in our lives as we learn who the real Jesus is from the Bible. Hearts need to be prepared Heads need to understand Feet need to apply what we learn Keep reading as Jesus appears before the other disciples in Jerusalem
  2. 2. verse 37 - they see Jesus and are startled and frightened, don't you find that to be an interesting reaction. He told them on numerous occasions that He was going to Jerusalem and would be mocked, scoured and killed but the third day He would rise from the dead. Wasn't this resurrection day? Refer back to verse 13 Therefore they should have been anticipating His arrival not surprised to the point of frightened - right? Did they also have a bad category? How does Jesus fix the problem? verse 39,44 - He shows them who He is by revealing hands and feet then gives them a Bible study like the one for the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. verse 45 - He opens their minds in order to understand the Scriptures Guys, allow Luke 24 to process deep within our hearts and minds as we start back in our Bible study. Is it possible that we have some incorrect categories about the Lord Jesus? Are they related to hearts that are slow or even worse hard? What kind of sin are we recognizing in our lives at the moment? When is the last time we got quiet before God and repented? How can we be thrilled to understand His word if we really don't know who He is? Do you see why we need contact with community, accountability and growing relationships in Christ? These are just some of the highlights from Luke 24:13 till the end of the chapter. Would you study this and pray through this over the next two weeks? My burden #1 is that there are many Christian people today who simply have bad categories when it comes to God. They have little to no understanding of His sovereignty, self-sufficiency, glory, holiness, immutability and so I ask you what God are they really knowing, loving and serving. A half truth, is a no truth! Yes, He is a God of love and according to what I hear and read many churches are preaching that in our culture. But isn't He also a God of wrath? When is the last time you heard a sermon on the wrath of God and the sin of man? Do you know why we aren't hearing those kinds of messages? It will make American Christians feel bad. Everyone wants to leave church comfortable instead of convicted! Burden #2 - many are sitting in church today thinking they are saved when in reality they have never been born again! I know those are fighting words in the Bible belt but just read Matthew 7:13-29 Read and digest the two options that Jesus gives: 1. Broad gate or Narrow Gate 2. Bad tree or Good tree 3. House built on sand and House built on rock
  3. 3. And what we covered this morning, it is important that Jesus knows you! Getting saved is not something you do but rather it is something that Jesus does. We looked briefly at John 3 and the story of Jesus and Nicodemus. Even if you are the teacher in all of Israel you will not be able to see Jesus unless you are born again. The verb occurs 4 times in the New Testament: John 3:3 - born again in passive voice John 3:7 - born again in passive voice 1 Peter 3:23 - born again in passive voice The passive voice conveys the idea that the SUBJECT is being ACTED UPON by an OUTSIDE force or power. SUBJECT is the RECIPIENT or the RECEIVER of the verbal action or effect. The verb born again is in the ACTIVE voice in the following verse and it is the fourth use of quot;born againquot; in the New Testament. 1Pet. 1:3 ¶ Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, As you look closely at this verse doesn't it match up with the passive voice uses of born again in the other Scriptures. In this verse we can plainly read in the English with no Greek help at all. God the Father because of His mercy caused us to be born again! Where are you in this equation when it comes to being born again? Answer - you are nowhere to be found because all glory and honor for this miraculous act goes to God alone! Guys, I have been burdened in these two main areas of the Bible for several years. 1. Incorrect Christian learning that eventually leads to incorrect Christian living 2. Unsaved people who think they have been saved from a decision to receive Jesus, or a prayer, or walking an aisle, signing a card, or joining the church. I want you to give me a one Scripture where Jesus ever said quot;make a decision, and pray a prayer to ask me into your heart.quot; There is no verse in the Bible to support this kind of evangelism. But do you know what is all through the Bible? REPENT AND BELIEVE - REPENT AND BELIEVE - REPENT AND BELIEVE Philippians is the epistle of joy but what joy can we have if we are ignorant of God's grace? Therefore as we did on the two retreats we head back to the basics before we dive into the verses of any more books of the Bible. 1. Overview of God's word 2. Doctrine of God 3. Doctrine of man 4. Doctrine of Christ 4. Doctrine of faith
  4. 4. In two weeks an overview of the Bible and yes there will be homework. Whoa Professor Brimbo is going to put this group to work as these last days draw to a close. Other verses for study from this morning: Genesis 3 - The original sin of Adam. Even though Adam is scared and hids it is God that initiates and saves. Remember the example of Adam and Eve covering themselves inadequately and then God providing a sacrifice and covering them with animal skins. This story points to the blood of Jesus that covers us at the cross. As Jesus explained the Old Testament He said these things we written about Himself. John 8:31 - a litmus test for genuine salvation is our relationship with the word of God. According to this verse no one is a true disciple if they don't abide or continue daily in His word. The verb quot;continuequot; is written in the PRESENT TENSE, which means daily or habitually. If you trace that verb you will also find it in John 15 as the word abide in the NASB. Read these verses about the vine and the branches and see if it helps give you a better understanding of what continue really means. Last thing, here is the 52 week Bible plan and I am going to tell you where to start in order that we all follow the same schedule for now. Start on Monday - Genesis 20-23 here is the LINK for this website. In Summary: Changes in store for our men's study as follows: 1. Contact for relationships and accountability to God's word. What is God saying to you and what are you saying to God? 2. We need to understand that without hearts prepared, we will not understand nor apply God's word. It is time to be honest with self, do an accurate evaluation of sin and repent. If you are having any trouble in this area then go humbly before your spouse and ask them. I am willing to bet they will come up with at least one or two items, the question is are you blind to your own sin? 3. If we don't have correct categories when it comes to God, man, Christ and faith it will be difficult to live out the Christian life in a correct manner. 4. Is it entirely possible that we are trying to feed and water goats? We need to understand what saving faith looks like in the life of a genuine Christian, first examine ourselves and then be fruit inspectors of others. This is not to be done with an attitude of superiority or in a judgmental way but rather to encourage others in the faith. 5. Don't compartmentalize Sunday and Monday as Bible days. Every day is a Bible intake and output! Alan Redpath once said the Christian life is not the up and down life but rather the in and out life. 6. Look again and take heed to Amos 8:11 - we may be in the midst of a famine of the hearing of God's word. PRAY-PRAY-PRAY! Ask God humbly to keep you desparate before Himself and His word daily. 7. Come prepared for dialogue, questions and testimonies of what is happening as a result of God working in your life during the week