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How To Create High Value Content



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How To Create High Value Content

  1. 1. 85% of marketers publish branded content, but only 36% do it effectively. – Forrester Research Content is the foundation of every successful online marketing plan but it’s not easy. Understanding that content is king is one thing. Knowing how to create successful high value content is entirely different. Here are four content marketing tips to help you increase revenue. 1. Develop Your Keyword Strategy Perform your keyword research. Find out what keyword phrases and questions you believe potential clients search for when looking for your products and services online. Then establish a list of 30 keywords. There are many strategies and tools. One such tool is the Google Keyword Planner. Paste your keyword list into the tool and Google will generate more ideas. Review the list and select the most relevant keywords with the highest search volume. Analyze the ranking position, number of web site visits, and leads generated by each keyword. Select the most important topics to write about and develop your content strategy for the next six to 12 months. 2. Hire The Best Agency/Writers Use your in-house talent and resources to create content if you are lucky enough to have them. If not, hire professional writers that have experience in your industry. It’s best to use an marketing agency or, if you are so inclined, hire and vet the writers yourself. Vetting writers yourself can be daunting and time consuming. Not only do writers need to be experienced in the subject matter, they’ll need to adhere to deadlines and provide a style that is consistent with your brand. 3. Develop Your Titles and Topics Prior to developing your title ideas, you’ll need to understand what types of titles or headlines generate the most clicks. Then it’s time to brainstorm. Look for the latest industry trends, tips, and what people are talking about. There are numerous tools to help in your search, such as:,, Twitter, and Uber Suggest. Continued
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  3. 3. 3. Develop Your Titles and Topics (continued) 4. Optimize Your Content Upon receiving the content from your writer, you’ll need to optimize it, then publish and distribute it. Implementing these processes will provide a solid foundation to create successful high value content, and more importantly generate leads. For help developing content marketing that generates leads call 877.447.0134.