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31 Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing


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31 Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Creating new ideas for engaging, relevant, and high quality content on acontinual basis isn’t easy. New content not only helps your search engineoptimization (SEO) strategy, it provides valuable information to current andpotential clients, and helps keep your company top-of-mind. Plus, it positionsyou as a thought leader.You should be using an editorial calendar to plan your upcoming content, withspace for coverage of current and unexpected events. This helps ensure you have asteady flow of new content, with backup to use when needed.31 ideas to inspire new content and promote your business:1. Recap and add your opinion to local newspaper articles.2. Monitor questions on social media sites. What are people telling you or your competitors they want to know?3. Listen to conversations that are happening around your product, service, or industry on Answer questions asked by clients in-person, in a blog post.5. Write about annual community and/or industry events. How you plan to participate and where potential clients can meet you.6. Write about unique ways your product or service has been used - something different or fun.7. Disspell myths or misconceptions.8. Curate a list of newsletters, videos, websites, etc. from your industry that your readers will find helpful and interesting. Do not include content from your competitors.9. Use Google Alerts to receive relevant headlines that you can post.10. Write abut how your product or service solved a problem.11. Talk to your vendors to learn if they have new products or if they’ve made improvements to existing products.12. Check out LinkedIn Groups in your industry for hot topics.13. Share your customers’ success stories.14. Profile a vendor or a key industry figure. Tell people more about the people and companies you do business with and why.15. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find terms and phrases related to your website and blog visitors. Find out how they are reaching your site and create content around those keywords and phrases.(continued)
  2. 2. (Page 2)16. Revisit hot topics or popular industry figures from years ago and write a “Where are they now?” article.17. Research and offer an overview of a recent study or white-paper relevant to your business.18. Find and list quotes from major players in your industry.19. Write about how you are improving your service.20. Align your topic to a celebrity. For example: “What Katy Perry can teach us about ....” or “10 things I learned about great food from Ben Affleck.”21. Share the best take-aways from an industry event you attended.22. Check out Digg or Reddit for the top news in your category of interest.23. Write about something you learned this week or this month.24. See what others are writing about in your industry.25. Use Google to search your own most popular blog titles and see what other related ideas come up.26. Visit competitor websites. Use their meta keywords to see what they may be targeting. You can access this through the “View Source” function within your browser.27. Re-purpose content from video or other sources.28. Read competitor product/service reviews around the web. Pick out complaints, and write about how your product/service solves that problem. Don’t mention the competitor’s review.29. Summarize complex and long blog posts into shorter, more digestible posts and link to the longer version for more information.30. Tell a fascinating story by relating the lesson of your post to one from a famous story. Use the famous storyline, but adapt it so it’s relevant to your topic and audience.31. Ask for feedback on new features or services you are considering adding.You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Get inspiration and be creative and withexisting ideas and content!No time? No resources? Not sure where to start?Outsource to BersonDeanStevens. Contact Lori 877-447-0134, x111.