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14 Types of Blog Posts Visitors Love


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Here's a checklist to provide inspiration!

Published in: Self Improvement
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14 Types of Blog Posts Visitors Love

  1. 1. Blogs help grow awareness and perception of your brand, while establishinga warmer tone of voice. They help your organic (unpaid) search placements onGoogle and provide social media managers with fresh content to feed into socialmedia channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.We’ve all experienced writer’s block from time to time.Here’s a checklist that will provide inspiration.14 Types of Blog Posts Visitors Love1. Interviews - Ask experts a few questions about a news story to provide more details and insights.2. Reviews - review industry reports, research articles, web sites, etc.3. Ask a question - readers comments can be a good source of information.4. How-to posts - are informative and useful, and potentially time saving.5. Infographics - create visuals to help people understand something.6. Videos - curate ten top videos from YouTube.7. Slides/presentations - aggregate ten top presentations from SlideShare.8. Post about your own products/services to help drive interest. Include links and related keywords to boost your search results.9. Productivity posts - useful tips to help people become more efficient.10. Resources - create a compilation that links to new tools.11. Definition posts - explain a subject or term. This works best with new topics.12. Case studies - provide facts and figures that support a main course of action. Share results from a specific campaign or strategy.13. Checklists - try to make these unique.14. Polls - create a poll on Twitpoll or Survey Monkey and share the results.Need help developing your content marketing strategy?Contact Lori 877-447-0134, x111.