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10 SEO Tips for Your PDFs


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Learn how to optimize content like brochures, case studies, white papers, manuals, guides, etc. - all in PDF format.

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10 SEO Tips for Your PDFs

  1. 1. Most marketers know it’s important to optimize web pages, landing pages, emailcommunications and blog posts. But it’s important to optimize content like brochures,case studies, white papers, manuals, guides, etc. in PDF format.10 Tips to optimize your PDFs for search engines:1. Make sure your PDFs contain text. Search engines read only text. . Write your text for humans, not auto-bots. . Include keywords in the title of your document, just like a web page. This title will be displayed in the search engine results page (SERP). If you don’t supply a title the search engine will use the file name. . Use keywords in your file name also. . Include the metadata. Take advantage of all the fields when authoring your PDF. Standard fields: author (include your company name), keywords, title and subject. Additional metadata fields are accessed via Adobe Acrobat’s authoring menu. Google doesn’t use the “Description” field, but it will help with indexing your content.(continued)
  2. 2. (Page 2)10 Tips to optimize yor PDFs for search engines:6. Protect your document. Use the “Security” feature to prevent others from editing your content and/or links.7. Create links from your web site, blog, and social media accounts, and from other sites, to your PDF.8. Host your PDF document in the root directory of your web site. Do not bury it in multiple folders.9. Reduce the file size of your PDF with the Adobe Acrobat tool. Don’t publish large PDFs.10. Research keywords BEFORE authoring any documents. Learn what keywords are driving traffic and leads to your site and your competitors sites. Keyword research tools: Google (free),,,,, and