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Final ed480

  1. 1. Technology inMulticulturalEducatoionEducation TechnologyED 480BY: Berry Fredrick
  2. 2. What is multicultural education? the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes which gives a systematic instruction with in ethnic groups in a societies. In today’s classrooms we have multiple groups students from different ethnicity, backgrounds, race colors and social economic situations. The connection between technology and multicultural education is that society is becoming more diverse and so as technology.http://www.multicultural/
  3. 3. Multicultural education continued. Require different approaches to instruction than others; learning experiences of the students in your classroom will be influenced by their culture, their language, and their prior experiences.
  4. 4. 5 critical dimensions of multicultural education: by James A. Bank Content integration Knowledge construction Equity pedagogy Prejudice reduction Empowering school culture and social structures.
  5. 5. Technology, teaching, andcontent integration. content integration- integrating all contents in today’s curriculums. knowledge construction - Equity pedagogy that teachers change their methods to enable kids from diverse racial groups and both genders to achieve. To be realistic, equity pedagogy is simply teaching through multiple intelligences so that learners learns it well and structure. So simply using strategies to teach through the needs of the students. Prejudice reduction –Because all teachers—whether you teach math or physics or social studies— should work to reduce prejudice in the classroom Empowering school culture and social structures.-
  6. 6. Technology as a tool in teaching multicultural education Students are surrounded by various forms of media, and telecommunications Enable students from across the world to interact through text speech and video Engages students around cultural artifacts that has basic bridge to access to language, literacy, math science and art.
  7. 7. How do you or how have you in the past incorporated multicultural education in your classroom . Incorporating multicultural in the classroom would have been require a lot of skills for the teacher to know. This is where technology comes in. Using technology in the classroom makes the life of the teacher much easier. technology helps lessens the stress and hard work that the teacher has to do.
  8. 8. Technology & Multicultural Education : by Chisom 1998 Cultural awareness. Cultural relevance Cultural supportive Equitable access Instructional education.
  9. 9. Multicultural through prejudice reduction: by Neito 2008 How does multicultural education seek to challenge and reform the inequalities that exist in our society? this initiative will focus on concepts of multicultural education as antiracist education, multicultural education as important for all students, and multicultural education as education for social justice. To begin, multicultural education as antiracist allows individuals, students, and teachers to critically analyze societal topics in a historical and contemporary
  10. 10. Several ways technology assists education in multicultural education Web based instruction Online education Computer mediated communication Web quest Educational games & simulations Video streaming
  11. 11. Technology as a tool to reduce prejudice Technology is being used to promote positive self concept and foster positive relationship between students from diverse backgrounds in geographically divers areas.
  12. 12. Technology & empowering the school cultures High quality experiences for all students, many traditional aspects of school will need to be reconfigured By having technology in the school, students that have not been exposed to technology out of the classroom will have the chance to learn.
  13. 13. Conclusion Having technology in the classroom can bring together a diverse group of students Can help students who have never use technology Help teacher teach different content areas in the classroom And much more!!!!!
  14. 14. Resources s_2002 m