Exacaster. Analytics and customer dialogue automation platform


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Exacaster. Analytics and customer dialogue automation platform

  1. 1. Understand. Predict. Act. Predictive Analytics and Customer Dialogue Automation Platform Available as a Cloud Service Product Brief Jolita Bernotiene, Sales Director www.exacaster.com
  2. 2. Our Vision To create data-rich workspaces where marketing can easily manage it’s data, generate profit-making ideas, put them to rapid validation via campaigns, learn and put best ones into automation. We do this by ‘fusing’ 3 concepts – the Data Warehouse, the Predictive Modeling System and Campaign Management – into a single software suite designed for marketers, by marketers. Data Warehouse Predictive Modeling System Campaign Management Focus on the right customers, right offer, right time. For marketers, by marketers
  3. 3. Use EXACASTER To … •Reduce churn. Exacaster finds the best target groups for retention by analyzing historical customer behavior and identifying the most risky customers. Then, Exacaster measures the impact of different retention offers and allows selection of the best ones for each customer group. • Up-sell additional products/services. Exacaster creates a sound data-driven and statistically rigorous basis for all up-sell decisions by predicting customers with best conversion rates for a particular product. • Identify the optimal additional products/services for a target group. Exacaster selects which offers should be sent to the desired target group, optimizing for conversion rates, revenue increase or other goals. • Test the business case of new products/services by distributing an offer to a random group of customers, measuring the impact and establishing the potential in the remaining customer base. • Measure branding activities. By comparing customers who are exposed to branding activities vs. control group, clear value of brand activities can be established.
  4. 4. Calculating ROI Churn: by retaining just 10% more customers than now, you’ll enjoy a 2% annual revenue increase. * Calculated assuming a 2% (industry standard) monthly churn rate ** Exacaster internal study of client campaign performance before and after. Campaign tracking: save by eliminating inefficient campaigns that lose money today. 2% Gain in Annual revenue* 50%Of campaigns after first measurement shown to be money losers**
  5. 5. Calculating ROI Missing products / up-sell focus only on relevant up-sell campaigns, and see 20x-50x increases in offer take rates. 50x Gain in offer take rate* - 25%Of branding spending saved with little measurable impact** Branding/loyalty activities: identify and discontinue non-value- adding branding activities. * Exacaster client’s offer take rate benchmark ** Exacaster internal study of client campaign performance before and after.
  6. 6. How “Big Data” Revolutionizes Marketing The key is machine learning The combination of large volumes of raw data with automated analysis provides marketers with the possibilities to identify regularities not easily discoverable before. By constantly analyzing your current and historical data, the system becomes very good at spotting patterns in data – much better, in fact, than human analysts. More about machine learning ML is a class of mathematical algorithms capable of “learning” from their own “experience”, such as neural networks, SVM and more. They are often used by well known brands, such as Amazon product recommendations; Google AdWords targeting; Apple voice recognition, credit card fraud detection and elsewhere.
  7. 7. Model and Rule Driven Campaigns How does it work? Raw CDR level data is loaded daily to Exacaster. Data files are split by brand to support multiple brands on the same application. Algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns and automatically learn from experience. Manual business rules are also suported. The algorithm calculates a score for each subscriber. Score is updated weekly or monthly. A target group + control group is made available for retention or up-sell activities. Campaign results for target and control groups are tracked automatically.
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  9. 9. Using Exacaster: Screenshots
  10. 10. Segment Customer Base Main menu Analyze behavior differences between different segments Segment customer base by any number of selected variables
  11. 11. Visualize Segment Behavior via Charts Create multiple data dimensions based on any variable Use total or average values for the indicated period of time
  12. 12. Visualize Segment Behavior on the Map High-level geographical overview using heat-maps of any data point Geographical overview of any data point: churners, revenues, intake and etc. Street-level visualization of churners, campaigns, sales and other data points
  13. 13. Anticipate Customer Behavior by Creating Predictive Models – Easy as 1, 2, 3 Create and run predictive models with a few mouse clicks Examples: • Churn prediction models • Product recommendations models • Usage/purchase moment prediction models
  14. 14. “One-click” Predicted Target Base Selection Pick the customer segment that contains your potential churners, up-sell candidates Instantly see how many customers you need to contact to successfully target desired number of customers. Create campaigns and obtain target base as an Excel file, send the target list to CRM systems, DWH, API, etc.
  15. 15. Create & Manage Campaigns Easily adjust the desired target group by specifying rules, prevent target group overlap Align the control group with target group
  16. 16. Easy Tracking of Campaigns Timeline with map campaign calendar Instant evaluation of the success or failure of a campaign Ad-hoc campaigns allow you to run campaigns towards manually selected target bases.
  17. 17. Easy Campaign ROI tracking General information about the campaign See the differences between target group who received the offer and the control group who did not Analyze every possible impact & the ROI the campaign
  18. 18. Let’s get started! Jolita Bernotiene Sales Director jolita@exacaster.com +370 636 06360 www.exacaster.com