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Swiss Watch International


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Initial Presentation for Swiss Watch International

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Swiss Watch International

  1. 1. EDI…as easy as 1, 2, 3
  2. 2.  22 years in the EDI business  We have seen it all  We have a established reputation in the industry.  Relationships with trading partner community  Interested in building long term relationships  Perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses  Lot’s of added value  We can be your EDI department  Support  Local In-house staff  Personalize, Responsive and accurate  Numbers  150 active customers  1.2M annual revenue  5 Employees Welcome to 123 EDI
  3. 3.  Translation  Software or hosted EDI  Provide with maps (end to end solution)  Communications  Centralize communication via our EDI Communication Hub  Including ftp, AS2, HTTP, etc.  Professional services  Compliance  ERP Integration  Customizations and add-ons (including business rules)  Retail Industry Add-ons  Manage Purchase cycle including drop ship scenarios  Integration with parcel systems  Print compliant labels and packing list  Streamline inventory updates Detail of our services
  4. 4. This is what we do Retail 75% Transportation 10% Health 5% Solution Composition Industry Composition
  5. 5.  Proven ability to provide solutions quickly and accurately as your needs evolve.  Assigned Project Team to implement your project from start to finish.  Surprisingly responsive technical support – your Project Manager continues with you post- implementation.  Proactive approach  Support Desk  SLA  Escalation process  Knowledgebase  User’s forum Service: the backbone of our success
  6. 6. ERP Interface Strategy Our interface methodology is based on a database repository:  data is standardized no matter who the trading partner is  data is cross-checked with related documents in the database for an easy interface  complete documents with information from related documents and validations (including business validations) File transfer possibilities include but not limited to:  EDI X12 and EDIFACT  XML  JSON  CSV and other forms of flat files  DB Exchanges
  7. 7.  Profound knowledge of the industry  On budget and on time implementations  Robust platform  Knowledge transfer  Hands on support by staff located in the US  Cost/effective Why 123 EDI ?
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention! Q&A