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Re thinking your association sponsorship model


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When it comes to sponsorship development, too many associations are still stuck in the signs and banners and "metal level" era. The sponsorship environment has changed and associations need to get on board or become irrelevant from a sponsorship perspective.

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Re thinking your association sponsorship model

  1. 1. Re-Thinking YourAssociationSponsorshipModel
  2. 2. what we do Strategic Marketing Planning Sponsorship Valuations & Strategies Social Media / Digital Marketing Revenue Development Social Marketing Partnership Marketing Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing
  3. 3. May 27-29, 2013Ottawa Convention Centre
  4. 4. Associations need to innovate or become relics
  5. 5. What we see in• Variety of models our work…• Overuse of “metal levels”• Tendency to sell in silos• Lack of understanding of “fair market” value• Reliance on the same sponsors year-over-year• Sponsor “clutter”• Little effort on renewal strategies 5
  6. 6. Activity / Event Based Sponsor Model Pros Cons• Appealing to companies • Resource intensive (selling with specific / short-term and delivering benefits); objectives; • Focus on tactical selling vs.• Ability to offer lower-priced strategic selling; sponsorships; • Tends to “commoditize” sponsorship program;• Easy to explain. • Can be frustrating for companies; • In a constant state of renewal / difficult to grow revenue.
  7. 7. Hierarchal Based Sponsor Model Pros Cons• Easy to package and present • Overuse of “gold, silver, to prospects; bronze” metal levels;• Easy to deliver benefits; • Generally characterized by,• Can appeal to corporate “cookie-cutter” benefits; egos. • Minimizes customization and creativity; • Can work against corporate egos.
  8. 8. Bundled Benefit Sponsor Model Pros Cons• Takes a more strategic • Requires advance planning (long-term) approach to to ensure that all sponsor sponsorship development; opps. are up-to-date;• Can draw from various • Typically, a longer selling period; marketing budgets; • Requires experienced sales• Allows for customization of staff and conversations; benefits packages; • May not appeal to• More efficient use of sales companies that are keeping resources. their marketing budgets “under the radar”.
  9. 9. Integrated Benefit Sponsor Model Pros Cons• Allows companies to choose • Requires advance planning from a “menu” of opps. and to ensure all pieces in place; receive value-added benefits based on spend; • Typically, a longer selling period;• Shifts from “commodity” to strategic partnerships; • Requires experienced sales• Can draw from various staff and conversations with marketing budgets; prospects.• If properly implemented, can generate better results.
  10. 10. Key Considerationsfor Re-thinkingYour SponsorshipModel
  11. 11. The First Step in Re-Thinking Your ModelInternal Analysis• Audience• Assets• Sector (prospects)• Competitive Position• Your Brand• Internal Culture• Resources
  12. 12. old school…one dimensional view of our customers 13
  13. 13. New School…Understanding our audience at all levels
  14. 14. old school…Uninspired “vanilla” marketing
  15. 15. New School…a clearly defined competitive position
  16. 16. old school… Sponsor clutter + “metal levels”
  17. 17. New School…
  18. 18. old school…
  19. 19. New SchoolAbout them
  20. 20. Top 5 Challenges of Businesses Right Now Maintaining Customer Loyalty 36% Price or Service Demands of Customers 35% Identifying New Markets / Expansion Opps. 32% Cost Control 28% Finding New Workers 26%
  21. 21. old school… Sponsor Sponseedisregard of the customer
  22. 22. New School… SponsorEveryone Sees Value
  23. 23. old school…“cheesy” messages to customers
  24. 24. New School…Where the sponsor is part of the conversation
  25. 25. old school…all the focus on logo placement
  26. 26. New School…Integrated marketing
  27. 27. New School…
  28. 28. old school…Anyone’s Name Here
  29. 29. New School…Focusing on “Sponsor Fit”
  30. 30. We need to deliverbrand messages in more innovative ways
  31. 31. Questions?See next slide…
  32. 32. where to reach meBernie Colterman: berniecolterman@cepsm.caBlog: www.berniecolterman.caTel: 613.731-9851 ext.15Websites: 34