St Georges Revitalisation Plan


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St Georges Revitalisation Plan

  1. 1. St. George’s Economic Revitalisation Plan
  2. 2. Background • St. Georges, once a thriving tourist destination, has fallen into disrepair and neglect due to a downturn in tourism, the economic recession and a lack of planning resulting in missed opportunities.
  3. 3. Background • St. Georges town has not evolved with a changing world. Still stuck decades in the past, this lack of change has resulted in an exodus of local business sector, a crumbling infrastructure, lack of buy-in by local consumers. Due to this, St. Georges has failed to attract new entrepreneurs. • St. Georges has received very little in the way of assistance from Government in terms of economic revitalization; being completely over looked for many projects which would benefit the town.
  4. 4. Background • Bermuda must maintain a reputation as a fiscally prudent and financially sound jurisdiction in order to remain attractive to the international business community.
  5. 5. Problems • St. Georges has fallen into disrepair due to a lack of vision or plan on how to revitalize the economy as well as incent business’ to invest back into the town.
  6. 6. Problems • Failing or below par infrastructure • Fall out of tourism dollar, even during the recognized tourist season. • Many business have shut down or relocated, thus further strangling St. Georges income. • Criminal element has taken root, with many simple crimes being ignored (Traffic for instance) • Demoralized residents.
  7. 7. Strategic Objectives The Alliance believes there are several strategic objectives that must be undertaken to revitalize St. Georges. – Repair and upgrade the infrastructure – Incent local business and I.B. to relocate in St. Georges – Attract local consumers to spend money in St. Georges – Redesign the town taking advantage of it’s close proximity to the water and marketing it accordingly. – Increase security throughout the town ensuring a feeling of safety. – Increase transportation to, from and around St. Georges – Create new lines of income
  8. 8. Solutions • Infrastructure – Data/Voice lines upgrade • Fiber ring? – Adequate Cellular / Wireless coverage – Adequate and stable power grid – Water piping • Include filling station for truckers – Upgrade sewage facility
  9. 9. Solutions • Security - Improved policing with a permanent presence of officers - CCTV - There is a solar powered wireless solution available on the market. - Raised speed bumps with pedestrian lights on crosswalks - St. Georges Rangers - Establish neighborhood watches - Establish town watch
  10. 10. Solutions • Economy • Incentives for new business to start in St. Georges • Payroll tax break for the first year • Startup loan with low interest, payback starting after first year in business • Decentralise Central Government to the East End to encourage new private enterprise to service the Civil Service on a weekday • EEZ Zone – Payroll tax break for all business • Payroll tax break for all established hotels and guest houses • Providing that funds be applied to upgrade and modernizing.
  11. 11. Solutions • Transportation - Examine solutions for Causeway bridge, elimination mechanical solution, while increasing it’s strength - Examine an alternative to the causeway (I.e. Coney Island/Ferry Reach – draw bridge?) - Make Ferry service more reliable and available - Bring in ferry via ferry reach instead of going around. - Make St. Georges a hub instead of a destination - Create water taxi stand - Airport, Southside, Tuckers point
  12. 12. Solutions • Tourism • Locate smaller ships for berth in St. Georges • Create a first class marina for: • Fishing tournaments • Mega Yachts • Long term sailboat travelers • Public Access berths for locals • Local rental • Hire a P/R firm to improve market nights
  13. 13. Solutions • Work with land tour guides for improved and more consistent tours • Sedgeway Tours • Horse and Carriage • Nature Tours (Coopers Island) • Scuba / Snorkeling tours around Fort St. Catherine • Create an international event revolving around World Heritage Status (Working with other World Heritages sites)
  14. 14. Solutions • Incent local fishermen to buy into St. Georges tourism product to be run from Marina. • St. Georges based deep sea fishing • Inner water fishing (Opens market for smaller boats)
  15. 15. Solutions • Business • Work with a developer to create a business complex at various locations (I.E. Tiger bay) • Incent I.B. to relocate to St. Georges • Create a service brochure for all St. Georges business and market appropriately. • Create a boardwalk from the ferry terminal stretching along the entire waterfront. • Stagger store hours, opening later conveniencing locals.
  16. 16. Additional Ideas • Incent high end stores catering to Tuckers Point and Tuckers Town residents (I.e. Meat/Seafood market) • Harness renewable energy to power St. Georges, thus creating excellent P/R world wide for a heritage site. • Take advantage of St. George’s location to the water and develop water themed activities. • Develop a reward/incentive program for locals to purchase in St. Georges • Dine Around Card • Local night with percentage discount for Bermudians
  17. 17. Summary • While St. George’s is a far cry from the town it once was, it is salvageable if action is take soon. • St. George’s must take advantage of it’s natural resources and focus on local consumers. Creating opportunities for new business increases revenue for the town.
  18. 18. Summary • The Bermuda Government must allow concessions so that the town will attract business back. • St. Georges must shake it’s mentality of being a one trick pony.