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3 ways to AdWords Success 2015


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Learn an efficient way to boost your AdWords results. Stick to your plans or react to your competitors movements.

The SEM landscape is changing faster than ever before and with ever increasing PPC prices the need to be one step ahead of the competition is bigger than ever before.

In this presentation we give an outline of some of the great inefficiencies that still exist in the SEM space today and how you could shape your plans around them and act fast to get better results.

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3 ways to AdWords Success 2015

  1. 1. 3 ways to AdWords Success 2015
  2. 2. You need a plan! Or your competitors will create one for you.
  3. 3. Budget vs ROI • Most marketers work with monthly budgets for their different marketing channels. • In addition to this there is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) - for example ROI or CPA. • Spending more usually means accepting lower ROI or higher CPA.
  4. 4. Scenario Planning • The earlier in the month you evaluate how to spend your budget, the more options you will have. • Software based forecasting can help you get a quick overview of your options. More Conversions Morebudget Optimized options curve
  5. 5. The world is changing all the time So should you AdWords
  6. 6. Your customers go to work Most people need to be at work around 09:00 People spend their crowded metro ride using their devices ..
  7. 7. Each business have a unique pattern .. Different kinds of customers Prefer doing business at different times and days of the week!
  8. 8. Buy enough Clicks And the patterns will be there!
  9. 9. Outbid your competition
  10. 10. No plan is perfect
  11. 11. It is important to monitor your plan You may have to re-evaluate at any time.
  12. 12. Actuals Forecasted As not all of your users convert straight after clicking, the investment you make on a particular day may have a higher return that shows at a later point when they choose to convert. Consider Conversion lag Is your daily spend in line with budget? Target spend Unspent budget Evaluating your plan
  13. 13. Factors influencing your plan • Changes in supply / demand (for example flight tickets available / people wanting to travel) • Changes in competitiveness (for example discounts offered by you or your competitors) • Changes in ad quality or relative ad quality (if your competitors get a better quality score, they will be able to buy more impression share cheaper) • Seasonality and holidays • Incorrect forecasts
  14. 14. If your plan doesn’t work out. • Go back to scenario planning. More Conversions Morebudget Optimized options curve
  15. 15. Next steps?
  16. 16. Try out Campanja Planner • Campanja have developed an App to be able address the issues that we see for AdWords in 2015. • Feel free to try it out, forecasting and scenarios is free. • Only pay if you enable bidding. • Download on Google Play!
  17. 17. Learn more about Campanja • • •