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Walter Disney


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Suporte do trabalho oral de Inglês sobre Walter Disney

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Walter Disney

  1. 1. Cinema
  2. 2. Name: Walter Elias DisneyBorn: 5 December 1901Die: 15 December 1966Occupation: Film producerAwards:7 Emmy awards22 academy awardsSignature:
  3. 3. Roy DisneyUb Iwerks
  4. 4. First series of walt
  5. 5. Walt creat Mickey Mouse to compete with the success of Felix theCat
  6. 6. Main charactersPlutoPatetaDonaldMinnie
  7. 7. Silly Symphonies was the firstseries of disney with Mickey andothers characters
  8. 8. Flowers and Trees was the first serie to win the first Oscar forWalt Disney
  9. 9. the first feature film of waltdisney
  10. 10. With money, walt construction a new studio and creating newfeature filmsBambiFantasyPinocchio
  11. 11. World War II
  12. 12. after the war Walt made new movie "Cinderella"
  13. 13. His first feature film with actors wasThe “Treasure Island”
  14. 14. Walt, produced “Mary Poppins”, a mixture of cartoons withhuman characters
  15. 15. curiosities• In 2001, Disney make 100 years• Company bought Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel• Walt Disney is the person who won the most Oscars at alltimes.• Disney also have many thematic parks
  16. 16. Work done by:• Bernardo Vicente 9ºA nº6