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Historical recall-of-the-nature-saga-saturday-june-30-2018-2 (2)

Jacques Benveniste and the historical recall of the Nature saga

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Historical recall-of-the-nature-saga-saturday-june-30-2018-2 (2)

  1. 1. Historical Recall of the Nature Saga Bernard Sudan, France and Switzerland
  2. 2. The Human Basophil Degranulation Test (HBDT) of Benveniste was used to demonstrate a biological activity at high dilutions in « Nature, June 30, 1988 »
  3. 3. The Human Basophil Degranulation Test (HBDT) of Benveniste was widely used for diagnostic purposes over the world in allergology since 1978 ! (in Encyclopedia Britannica) “Benveniste’s work was his hypothesis (first published in the journal Nature in 1988) that when dissolved in water, a substance acts like a template, altering the electromagnetic properties of the water. In subsequent dilutions these properties would be transferred to newly added water; the water would thus retain a “memory” of the substance dissolved in the initial solution”
  4. 4. Editorial reservation in Nature 1988: an unfair method to discreditate the research of Jacques Benveniste ! « There is no physical basis for such an activity » …John Maddox Unique in the history of research publications !
  5. 5. « I assume that you used the standard version of Benveniste’s test in your work, the value of which is not disputed » !
  6. 6. « I assume that you used the standard version of Benveniste’s test in your work, the value of which is not disputed » ! = a non sense and fatal mistake ! Jacques Benveniste et l'erreur fatale de John Maddox, éditeur de Nature... •20 DÉC. 2013 PAR BERNARD SUDAN BLOG : LE BLOG DE BERNARD SUDAN
  7. 7. The causes of editorial reservation and discreditation…for research on high dilutions of Jacques Benveniste 192 years after first observations of Samuel Hahnemann…: • Digital biology as a new treatment at a low cost and without side-effects = THE FUTURE • The lobby of pharmaceutical industry has developed drugs for business but with a lot of side-effects and deaths (i.e. Vioxx, Mediator, Depakine) = THE REALITY • Biotechnology research has no effective results and applications ! (i.e. Telethon) = THE REALITY • Human genome decrypted did no bring any advance for human therapies ! = THE REALITY
  8. 8. Editorial reservation in Allergie et Immunologie 1978: an unfair method to discreditate the research of Bernard Sudan for « Nicotine as a hapten in passive smoking » ! “We can avoid building a house of cards that will collapse in the wind of common sense”
  9. 9. The causes of editorial reservation and discreditation…for research of Bernard Sudan on Nicotine as a hapten in passive smoking and the so- called seborrheic dermatitis since 1887: • Before my publication in 1978, nicotine couldn’t be a hapten ! But after my publication nicotine was a hapten for vaccine, patch-tests, chewing-gums and sprays : a good business for pharmaceutical industry but without results, no double-blind studies and no editorial reservation ! • Research confirmed by A.L. de Weck and S.Lehrer • Widely use of topical corticoids after consultations of dermatologists… (3 – 5 % of population) • A simple and inexpensive solution: dead sea salts !
  10. 10. Samuel Hahnemann : Homeopathy 1796 (clinical observations) And after 192 years…! Jacques Benveniste : Digital biology 1988 (Human basophil degranulation test, isolated guinea pig heart, transatlantic transfert) Paul G. Unna : « Seborrheic dermatitis » 1887 (sebaceous aspect…) And after 91 years…! Bernard Sudan: Hapten nicotine dermatitis 1978 (Human basophil degranulation test, intra-cutaneous test, specific IgE antibodies, Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis)
  11. 11. Nature and the corrrespondence of Jacques Benveniste • The opponents of Jacques Benveniste are under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry: Jean-Marie Lehn was later in board of Ciba, Basel, Switzerland • Not a single experiment in biology is reproducible at 100% • So-called experiments has been organized to discredit reality (i.e. Hirst, Metzger with their own tests…not as sensitive as HBDT) • The electromagnetic environment was not taked into account (see precautions of Luc Montagnier, France 5 télévision, 2014) • Opponents did not apply double-blind placebo-controlled experiments to themselves : i.e. Abelin al. the Lancet 1989 and Letter to the Editor (Sudan BJL) : « Transdermal nicotine and placebo ». Their « placebo » contained 1 mg nicotine ! • We are faced to a censorship of the reality and to a new paradigm !
  12. 12. • 1978: Basophil degranulation test as « Baso-Kit » (Jacques Benveniste) , Stallergènes, Paris Clin Allergy. 1984 Nov;14(6):571-9. Evaluation of the human basophil degranulation test using the commercially available Baso-kit as a test of immediate- type hypersensitivity in hay-fever sufferers. Yeung Laiwah AC, Patel KR, Seenan AK, Galloway E, McCulloch W. • 2018: Basophil degranulation test as « Baso Test Kit » San Diego, Ca, USA Baso Test Kit - Allele Biotechnology Reagent kit for the quantitative determination of the degranulation of basophilic granulocytes in heparinized human whole blood.