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    1. 1. FOH• Service Objectives • To have a zero-accident operation during the whole event. • To get an average score 4 of guest satisfaction with service. • To have a zero-complaint operation during the event. • To achieve 80% of guests’ intention to return to Bistro 1979.
    2. 2. Organizational Chart
    3. 3. Operation Plan: grooming All★ Uniforms are needed to be clean and well- ★ Hands and fingernails are needed to keep pressed. clean★ Perfumes or fragrances are not allowed, only ★ Jewellery is not allowed accept light deodorants ★ Plastic watches are not allowed Female Male★ White shirt, black vest, bow-tie (we will provide it), black skirt, black low-heeled court shoes (polished), black stockings, name ★ White shirt, black vest, bow-tie, black badges trousers, black shoes (polished), black socks,★ Hair: must be off shoulders at all times and name badges tied back as a bun and pinned up away from ★ - Hair: must be tied neatly face★ Discreet make-up is needed
    4. 4. Costume
    5. 5. Floor Plan
    6. 6. Operation Time Task PIC/ Staff Remarks15:15 - 15:30 Arrival of Staff -Please be punctual and get changed! UNO - Check attendance15:30 - 15:50 1st Briefing - Job allocation (Mise-en-place) - Schedule of the event Chester - Floor plan (Cover setting)15:50 - 17:30 Mise-en-place (Customer Service Area) UNO Table Clothes Ruby -Make sure using the correct side of table - Unfold table clothes Christine clothes to cover the table - Iron table clothes Fold Napkins - White napkins for iced water x 8 Jackie/Ruby - White service cloth x 20 - White napkins (Three-waves style) x 80 Polish Cutlery -Use HOT water - Starter fork x 80 -Add one lemon slice - Starter knife x 80 -Use a towel - Soup spoon x 50 -Fingers never directly contact with silverware - Joint fork x 80 Sa/Michelle/Echo -No fingerprint on cutlery - Joint knife x 80 - Korean chopstick x 80 pairs - Dessert fork x 75 - Dessert spoon x 75 Restaurant Set-up -Divide the work in advance Ruby/Jackie/Melody/ - - Refill condiments Refer to sideboard setting list and floor plan Shawn/Mia/Sa/ - Set up sideboard & trolley -Use table clothes to cover the trolley Michelle/Echo - Set covers Reception Set-up - Refer to floor plan and reservation list - Reconfirm the bookings before 1630 Chester - Reception setup Hansoo Cashier Set-up - Handling cashing and safe box - Turn on POS system Christine - Supply of guests checks and patty cash
    7. 7. Operation Time Task PIC/ Staff Remarks15:50 - 17:30 Mise-en-place (Bar Area) Brenda Checking Refer to requisition form - - Check stock and suppliers Brenda Setting-up -Both Bistro 1979 and Vinoteca - Check and switch on bar equipment - Prepare ice for service and glass racks Karolyn - Clean all bar surfaces and implements - Prepare round tray x10 Production Brenda/ - Prepare ingredients Karolyn Polish Glassware - To clean them in the kitchen by using the - Water glass x 40 steamer - Red wine glass x 5 - White wine glass x 5 Melody/ - Rock glass x 35 Shawn/Mia - Martini glass x 40 - Highball glass x 20 - Beer glass x 20 Mise-en-place (Other Area) Bobo Decoration - Table decoration UNO/Bobo - Wall decoration In-house Devices Checking - Check operation of projector and sound system UNO/Bobo - Play and check music and video Dinner Activities Rehearsal Chester -Check the time for each activity and microphone Prizes Handling - Check and store prizes in a safe place - Set up lucky draw box Chester - Prepare prizes list and record of winners
    8. 8. Operation Time Task PIC/ Staff Remarks17:30 - 18:00 Checking - Cleanliness of all glassware and cutlery UNO/ - Cover setup Chester Break Time ALL -Refer to Uniform & Grooming standards - Make-up and costume18:00 - 18:10 2nd Briefing - Remind service sequence - Targeted sales of promotional drinks UNO -Ensure two-way communication - Note guests’ special requests Grooming Checking UNO18:10 - 18:30 1st Round Rehearsal (FOH) Role-play key steps and tasks - Runners Christine - Captains and servers UNO/Bobo - Hostess Chester - Bar Brenda18:30 - 18:45 Final Rehearsal (FOH + BOH) ALL18:45 - 19:00 - Standby & Clean up ALL
    9. 9. Operation Time Task PIC/ Staff Remarks19:00 Dinner Begin19:00 - 20:15 Meal Period ALL - Assorted Korean Cold Dishes19:15 - 20:30 Meal Period ALL - Appetizers19:30 - 19:35 - Acknowledgement of sponsors and Welcome Speech Chester performers (On-going service) - In Cantonese (if no foreign guests)19:45 - 21:00 Meal Period ALL - Main Courses20:15 - 21:30 Meal Period ALL - Desserts20:30 - 21:45 Meal Period ALL - Production in Vinoteca - After-dinner drink service21:00 - 21:15 Live K-pop Dance Performance Chester (On-going service)21:15 - 21:30 Lucky Draw Chester (On-going service)20:30 - 21:35 BOH Thank You Speech BOH Team (On-going service)21:30 - 22:00 - Deliver when guests having after-dinner drink Deliver comment cards ALL - Get from cashier21:45 - 22:00 Farewell ALL22:00 - 22:30 -Station serving staff are responsible for the cleaning tasks of their own station Clearance ALL -Please kindly stay behind until the debriefing finished22:30 - 22:45 Debriefing + Group Photo UNO+ALL - Thank you everyone
    10. 10. Service Sequence Service Utensils/Stage of Service Details Staff Remarks Style Tools -Greeting by saying ‘How are Meet and welcome guests Hostess / / you?’ in Korean Pen/TMS/ - Check with reservation list Hostess / Address guests by last name Reservation list Re-confirm if any special Hostess / / /1. Guest arrive requests(Vegetarian, birthday etc.) Escort and seat guests Hostess / / / Introduce station servers and captain to Captains/ / / / guests Servers Captains/ Ask guests if their coats need to be handled / / / Servers2. Unfold napkin Pick up the folded napkin from the table and Captains/ - Serve in ‘Lady First, Host open it with right hand / Napkins Last’ sequence and from Servers guests’ RHS Place it across the guest’s lap from guests’ - Refold the napkin (triangle) right hand side (RHS) and place on the table (RHS) Captains/ / Napkins when guests leave table Servers
    11. 11. Stage of Utensils/ Details Staff Service Style Remarks Service Tools Present promotional drink, beverage and - Suggestive selling wine list to the guests (the tent card) Captains/ Tent card/ - First recommend promotional / Servers Wine list drinks and wine on tent card Take the beverage orders - Record order in ‘Lady First, Host Captains/ Captain’s Last’ sequence and from guests’ / Servers Order/ Pen RHS Transfer orders to Cashier and Bar - Keep 1 copy (Pink) of order sheet Captains/ - Give 1 copy (White) of order / Order sheet Servers sheet to Cashier - Give 1 copy (Yellow)of order3. Take andplace order of sheet to Barpromotional Input POS Cashier / POS /drinks Prepare the beverages Beverage - Record sales Bartender / sales list Serve beverages; and Offer iced water to - Double check the table the guests without ordering any drinks number and quantity before serving - Serve in ‘Lady First, Host Last’ Captains/ sequence and from guests’ RHS / Tray Servers - Collect the glass when the guest finished and ask if he/she would like to order more - Transfer the glasses to the Glass Return section