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© 2018 Bernard Marr, Bernard Is This The End Of Blockchain?


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© 2018 Bernard Marr, Bernard Marr & Co. All rights reserved
The Future of Blockchain
Bitcoins, Ethereum and initiatives such as Kodak’s venture into the world of
blockchain may burn out and fade away. But the fundamental concept of a
shared ledger technology secured by encryption may become more appealing if
new technologies (for example quantum computing) can make it a more viable,
and less environmentally damaging, proposition.
Whatever the eventual outcome, it's clear that blockchain, in general, is taking a
less significant position in many commentators’ predictions for where tech will
take us in 2019, than it did in 2018. Time will tell whether this means the
beginning of the end of blockchain, or merely the end of the hype that fuelled
blockchain’s beginning.

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